February 14, 2013

ScaleFocus joins Bulgarian Outsourcing Association


ScaleFocus joins the professional and enthusiastic family of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA). The main mission of our BOA membership is to enhance Bulgaria’s world-wide image as a prominent outsourcing destination through the joint efforts of the leaders of the Bulgarian IT industry.

ScaleFocus is primarily an export-oriented company, continuously attracting business to the country by offering high-quality near-shore and offshore services. Our team shares and strives to further define the Association’s values, commitment and goals. We are ready to face together the international competitive challenges and continue to prove Bulgaria is an outsourcing hub, where promises are delivered.

BOA is focused on forging strong international relationships with the aim of promoting Bulgaria and its talent. ScaleFocus embraces the membership and will contribute for the national and global recognition of the Bulgarian outsourcing industry and its many faces.