May 10, 2019

ScaleFocus Joins InnoCenter Bulgaria


ScaleFocus is a member of InnoCenter Bulgaria

We at ScaleFocus strive to find synergies between our and other organizations to create sustainable long-term partnerships. As of today, we are an official partner of InnoCenter Bulgaria, an organization, which serves as a mediator to bring together suppliers, developers and customers to generate new opportunities, innovative solutions or facilitate the transfer of proven best practices. InnoCenter Bulgaria helps its partners solve technological challenges. ScaleFocus’ well-established technological expertise fits very well within this endeavor and we strongly believe this partnership will help businesses excel in today’s dynamic environment.

ScaleFocus is a member of many organizations such as the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the American Chamber of Commerce. We recently joined Automotive Cluster Bulgaria and the Holland Fintech cluster. We have well-developed partnerships with some of the leading tech vendors in the world – Alibaba Cloud, IBM, TIBCO, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and VMware.

About ScaleFocus

ScaleFocus delivers premium technology services and solutions to clients from various industries in over 25 countries. Enabling our global customer base through technology excellence, R&D and innovation, we are focusing on advanced engineering services and bespoke consultancy in the domains of Digital, Data and Cloud.

About InnoCenter Bulgaria

One of the main tasks of InnoCenter Bulgaria, located in Sofia Techpark, is to support Bulgarian industrial enterprises in their digitization on the road to Industry 4.0. InnoCenter has no legal personality, it is an open community, a network of adherents aiming to solve specific problems. InnoCenter has won a participation in a European Commission’s Digital Innovation Hockey Program, competing with 137 Central and Eastern European candidates. In order to achieve the goals set forth in the vision, InnoCenter relies on the support of its participants, advisors and partners.