September 20, 2018

ScaleFocus launches its first Scale Camp for SAP ABAP and Java


Summer is now over and it’s time to get back on track. Get ready for Scale Camp! Most camps are for leisure, ours aims to bring people knowledge treasure.

As of October 1st, we will start searching for 24 motivated Java and SAP enthusiasts, who will have the opportunity to firestart their career in IT with us. Throughout a six-month period, they will pass through theoretical and practical preparation in Java or SAP ABAP modules, and get the chance work on a real project. Time, spent in ScaleCamp, will be rewarded, as all selected candidates will receive a monetary scholarship for each month, spent in knowledge digging. Anyone, who has or is pursuing a degree in Mathematics, Software Engineering or other technical-related areas is welcome to apply for the program.

All outstanding performers will be invited to kick off their career within ScaleFocus after the end of Scale Camp.

Highlights and Key Dates:

  • October 1 – Start of the recruitment campaign – send your CV to [email protected]
  • Initial prescreening and selection process (only selected candidates will be called for an interview)
  • October 29 – Unveiling the names of the top 24 (12 – Java and 12 –SAP)
  • November 5 – Start of Scale Camp
  • First module – 2 months – Theoretical prep, tech tasks, demo project and exam
  • Second module – 4 months – All, who have successfully passed through the first 2 months, will have the opportunity to work on a real project. How cool is that?
  • Congrats on your firestart in IT!


  • Interest in Java or SAP ABAP
  • Mathematical or Technical Education – those of you, who are in pursuing one, are still welcome to apply
  • Good command of English

Scale Camp is powered by ScaleFocus. Our worldly recognized client base, consists of global companies, which include respected Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley corporations.

The initiative aims to redefine the approach businesses have towards young talents. Our program will give enthusiasts with little or no experience the chance to learn from the best in Java and SAP and work on a real project. We strongly believe this is the way to support the education system and really make a change.

Our first camp is for Java and SAP ABAP development. This will be the first SAP ABAP camp in Bulgaria. ScaleFocus is a certified Silver SAP partner and successfully integrated the first Greenfield SAP S/4HANA in Bulgaria for Tempodem last month. Our team was the winner in the SAP HANA Cloud StartUp Challenge. Campers will have the opportunity to learn from the best SAP developers, who have built successful careers in Germany, the United Kingdom and Bulgaria.

Java enthusiasts will gain knowledge from lecturers, with strong background and know-how in Java-based technologies and frameworks, gained through working on global projects. Our experts have experience, developing enterprise solutions and various cloud-based applications.

What are you waiting for? Drop us a line and send us your CV at [email protected] and let the journey begin!