September 26, 2019

ScaleFocus London Celebrates 6 Years Anniversary


ScaleFocus celebrates its 6th Birthday and 6 fulfilling years of operations in the UK on September 26th, 2019 with its British entity, fully owned by the HQ in Bulgaria. Since the opening of the company’s first international office in London, ScaleFocus has evolved into a global enterprise with offices also in the USA, Germany, and Switzerland.

As a leading business and innovation center, the presence in London allowed the company to follow closely the trends in several industries and help adjust ScaleFocus’ strategy to the latest imperatives. Being fast and adequate is of utmost importance in the technology world to stay relevant.

Through the London office ScaleFocus has built relationships with customers like Nationwide, ASDA, Jaguar Land-Rover via partners and direct relationships with companies like V-NOVA, Belmond, Motivforce, Grosvenor Technology, Alemba, Madara Invest, Experian, thebigword, Tech Data, and Liverpool University. Always delivering technology excellence, innovation, and advanced engineering via transparency, commitment to tangible results and outcome-based engagements.

Nowadays, after 6 years of strengthening the operations in the UK, the main focus of the company is on enterprise-grade business solutions development, digital transformation, and security services in FinTech and Finance, Healthcare, Telco, Insurance, Logistics, and Transportation.

ScaleFocus has also developed a special offering called – Techxit, Technology Exit. A service offering that is packaged to cover the UK customers’ demands for IT excellence and software product development in the challenging times of the Brexit uncertainty.