November 17, 2017

Growing the excellence in ScaleFocus – awarded ISO 14001 Certificate


We successfully passed the certification audit for ISO 14001

This year is filled up with diversity of opportunities for innovative projects. ScaleFocus took on new specialized software projects, along with recognitions for Innovation and  Top Technology Employer. Parallel to our strive for excellence in these domains,  one of our corporate goals as a caring enterprise is to reduce the negative environmental impact. This strive is an integral part of our business strategy. We encourage customers, suppliers, partners and key stakeholders to do the same.

Our company is involved in many initiatives, which aim to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Some of them are  internally focused on diminishing all paper, plastic and electricity usage.

As a first step towards realization of the process, we decided to support ‘Lazar Radkov’ foundation. They hosted an initiative named ‘Caps for future’. Our office gathered and donated 12 kilograms of plastic bottle caps. All gathered funds were used to purchase baby incubators for the hospital in Cherven Bryag.

Our eco-friendly IT solutions spread the green approach on a global scale as well. All of this logically led to obtaining our fourth ISO certification – ISO 14001. We will continue to follow and promote the environment-friendly approach.