October 22, 2018

ScaleFocus Opens its Fourth Software Development Center – Varna


Over 60 professionals will be working on projects using diverse technologies, including SAP, by the end of 2019

It took ScaleFocus only four months to establish its second Black sea software development center. This time the city of choice is Varna. By the end of 2018, we will open-up 20 positions, and by the end of 2019 – another 40.

“Customers, who are in need of SAP solutions, are ready to entrust their projects to the IT specialists in Varna.”

Plamen Tsekov | Chief Executive Officer | ScaleFocus.

Varna New Office Opening



The choice in opening the fourth software development center of ScaleFocus in the city of Varna is a result of the huge influx of candidates, willing to work in the city. After opening the third software development center in Burgas and organizing local software events many software developers from Varna visited them and expressed their interest to work from Bulgaria’s sea capital for ScaleFocus. Through its presence in the city, the company aims to help the local IT ecosystem to advance and improve in terms of knowledge and experience.

We are looking for software engineers with diverse technical backgrounds and skills. The events between opening Burgas’ office and now happened so fast we couldn’t take a breath, but decided to open another office at the seaside. We are extremely excited to meet so many software talents in the city, some of which already accepted to join the ScaleFocus’ family.

The IT industry can keep talents within the borders of Bulgaria. Our main goal is to “bring-in” high-tech projects from around the world, not to the contrary – to “export” IT professionals outside our borders.

Plamen Tsekov

The mayor of Varna, Mr. Ivan Portnih, was one of the special guests at the event. Other guests at the official ceremony of opening our fourth software development center in Bulgaria included university representatives, other municipality officials, candidates for software development positions, local media and friends and colleagues of ScaleFocus.

We are really happy to welcome everyone in our home in Varna. We’ve already started solid work with the municipality, with the universities in Varna and other various institutions for a more solid software footprint, coming form our sea capital. With opening our fourth software development center in the city of Varna we are not only looking to diversity our delivery portfolio, but looking to strongly invest into the community here. ScaleFocus works closely with students, universities and other educational institutions in order to better prepare the people interested in, studying and being about the enter the IT workforce. We are in Varna to make a difference and invest heavily into developing the local software community.

Aleksandar Stoimenov | Varna Site Lead | ScaleFocus

ScaleFocus has invited its employees, who want to change their current office location to join the Varna team. The company offers to help each volunteer with the whole relocation. Nearly a dozen expressed interest to relocate and some of them are already doing IT, which makes people smile from Varna.

Earlier this year we at ScaleFocus started an initiative “Return to Burgas“, targeting software developers in Sofia as well as Bulgarians living abroad to relocate back to their home city (or city of choice). This initiative is valid for the office in Varna as well. We have secured software projects, which allow us to offer work from Varna for great software developers, who are willing to move to the sea capital. No matter if software developers are moving back to their home city or it is Bulgarians from the software industry working and living abroad or simply software engineers, who want to continue their career in the great city of Varna. We can assists with an entire relocation package in terms of various administrative and life necessities as well as a financial aid. To find-out, how to relocate and craft premium software from ScaleFocus’ software development center in Varna visit this link. 

Varna is the fourth development center of ScaleFocus after Sofia, Plovdiv, and Burgas. The city attracts more and more technology companies to invest due to its favorable business environment.

Are you looking to kick-off your software career or are you in pursuit of a better challenge in developing your career? Check out our positions opened in the Varna office here.