July 16, 2019

ScaleFocus Partners with Apttus to Enable Business Growth with Quote-to-Cash Solutions


ScaleFocus is the new trusted strategic partner of Apttus, a world leading provider of Quote-to-Cash solutions (QTC) and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions, based on Salesforce.

What is the greatest and most important challenge for every business? To generate greater sales and thus revenue. Apttus has the right products for that and now with this next level strategic partnership with ScaleFocus both companies will be able to give highly customized sales and quote client solutions, based on the Salesforce platform. With them, businesses will be able to streamline and optimize their sales processes, especially when it comes to quote-to-cash automation, in order to reach its full potential.

ScaleFocus and Apttus in a strategic partnership

As a trusted strategic partner, ScaleFocus is not only integrating Apttus’ solutions for core product implementation, but we are building a high-added-value engineering and consultancy capacity in an in-house Center of Excellence that will continuously grow and develop the sales and Quote-to-Cash business.

“Our strategic partnership with Apttus is extending our portfolio of high value-added services. Building this in-house Center of Excellence is а key part of our strategy to understand the specific problems and needs of every client and deliver business solutions through technology. We are excited to leverage the vast experience that Apttus has and we are eager to work with their trend-leading clients, finding new challenging opportunities together”.

Vladimir Kamenov | Delivery Manager | ScaleFocus

Our well-developed expertise in the Salesforce platform and the industry-leading position of Apttus as Quote-to-Cash (QTC) and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) provider is yet another opportunity to continue our constant thrive for developing high value-added services, based on the specific needs of every client.

According to Gartner, the market for CPQ services was worth almost 900 million U.S. dollars in 2016 and is expected to grow with 20% every year to 2020. We are happy to position in this industry with Apttus as our perfect partner to reach new opportunities and to work with the industry-leading businesses among which are ABB, Healthwise, LinkedIn, Motorola, PayPal, HP Enterprise, Olympus, RedHat, and Thomson Reuters.

Interview with Martin Veldhof, Director Professional Services, Apttus

During his visit at ScaleFocus headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, we had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Veldhof about our strategic partnership. This interview has been edited for clarity and concision.

the quote-to-cash solutions leader apptus partners with scalefocus

Hi Martin, it’s nice to have you here. We already know you, but can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us the most important thing that we must know about Apttus?

Hi, thank you for having me! My name is Martin Veldhof and I’m a Director Professional Services at Apttus, heading our partner management in EMEA.

We are a business software solution provider, focused on the Quotes-to-Cash process. So, think of configuring price enquires, contract management, eCommerce, and so on. Those are the solutions that we are focusing on and I’m happy to say that we are one of the leaders in that industry. And we continue to grow fast. Among our customers, there are many Fortune 500 companies and we are eager to keep building great partnerships across the globe. Like this one with ScaleFocus.

We can’t miss the opportunity to ask you about the reasons that made you chose ScaleFocus as your strategic partner?

For us, it was a clear decision. ScaleFocus was the best option for Apttus’ partner here in Europe. Of course, we assessed other companies as well, but ScaleFocus came on top on every aspect. In ScaleFocus we found everything that we were looking for our partner. Even the culture that you bring to your employees here. We think that ScaleFocus is very different in that aspect compared to some other companies.

Additionally, you have a lot of expertise in the services area and software engineering. A lot of good in-house knowledge and qualities that we can leverage as a partner.

The combination of those two was the main driver for us to go with ScaleFocus. We’ve been in this partnership for a few weeks now and the start is very promising. It’s great to see that the team that we have here is very happy. We are already seeing the first good results.

As you mentioned we’ve recently started our partnership. What challenges do you see on the road ahead and what are your expectations for the future?

I think that we have an excellent team of Apttus experts here at ScaleFocus, so I’m not concerned with any challenges on the delivery side.

Usually, at the beginning of a partnership, there are some challenges that you can expect on the communication side or synchronizing the different processes. We’ve already tackled these challenges and now I don’t see any major hurdles for the future – we’ve covered everything in the first stages when we were thinking about the best ways to optimize all the processes.

My expectations are that the team will be our cornerstone, our strong foundation for the successful delivery of our full portfolio of Quote-to-Cash solutions in Europe. This team will play a crucial role in making Apttus and our customers successful. That’s my expectation and I’m absolutely sure that we are going to meet that. The same way that I’m sure that we are going to have a long and happy partnership with ScaleFocus.

About Apttus

Apttus was founded in 2006 and quickly evolved to a CPQ and QTC solution provider, valued at 1.86 billion dollars in 2017. The company’s Quote-to-Cash software solutions are based on the Salesforce platform and in the last couple of years it successfully ported them to run on the Microsoft and IBM platforms as well. Their solutions are powerful and very customizable, which makes them preferred choice across many different types of businesses.

The core products of Apttus are:

  • Apttus Configure Price Quote software – on one hand, Apttus Configure Price Quote software is a useful tool for the sales teams to create, customize and make highly customized offers for the client. On the other, it provides the business the tools for their customers to select the best mix of products and services from a universal catalog. The customers can personalize and to generate the optimal for them offer.
  • Apttus Quote-to-Cash solutions are created to help the modern business to streamline the processes from the client’s intention to buy to every step the company’s different departments have to do to generate revenue – pricing, quoting, contracting, invoicing, payment checking, contract renewal and so on.

About ScaleFocus

ScaleFocus is a European IT solutions delivery center. Enabling our global customer base through technology excellence, R&D and innovation, we are focusing on advanced engineering services and bespoke consultancy in the domains of Digital, Data, and Cloud. Through team care and customer success obsession, we are engaging in fulfilling partnership journeys of open communication, respect, trust and drive for tangible business outcomes.