May 21, 2019

ScaleFocus Recognized as Software Company of the Year at the First SEE IT Summit


The Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) and the Bulgarian Association of Software Companies (BASSCOM) organized the sixth annual outsourcing conference. It was held on May 17 at hotel Imperial Plovdiv. For the first time, the event was announced as “SEE Innovation, Technology, and Sourcing Summit”. Its focus was extended and many corporate representatives from Southeast Europe attended.

“We have been participating in the oursourcing events of BOA since the first one. Naturally the summit had to cover the entire region of Southeastern Europe and build upon the existing outsourcing excellence that has been reached in the region in the past decade. We are talking about the SEE region as an innovation and technological hub, which will take a solid part in steering worldwide projects and influence. We’ve reached a point, where our footprint is global and many innovative companies deliver solid innovations to leaders around the world from the region. We have seen multiple players enter the global area from the region as technology leaders, but started with the outsourcing model.”

Metodi Amov | Marketing Director | ScaleFocus

The main idea behind the Summit was to boost the development of the SEE IT ecosystem and position the region as a leading outsourcing destination on the world map. It was a high-profile meeting for numerous C-level decision makers

Latest outsourcing trends and opportunities were extensively discussed. Topics like SEE Business Climate, The Future of Transformation and Industry Growth Fuel were separated and discussed in three main panels. Key-note speakers like Dr. Daniel Susskind and Martin Wezowski shared food for thought among the summit attendees.

“The summit felt like a union of the outsourcing and technology leaders in SEE. We discussed partnerships, joined initiatives and positioning. We identified our key competitive advantages and really started talking using the same long-term goals and outsourcing objectives for the region. This summit is aiming at bridging the companies and governments in the region and shaping a winning SEE outsourcing and technology strategy.”

Veselin Kirev | Digital Marketing Manager | ScaleFocus

The Conference finished with an Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner to honors the efforts of top regional performers, investors, and local governments, for leading best practices and business excellence as well as for creating a favorable business environment for the growth of the SEE ITS ecosystem.

ScaleFocus: Software Company of the Year

We are happy to announce that ScaleFocus was recognized as “Software Company of the Year” at the First SEE IT Summit.

The recognition is due to ScaleFocus’ significant business and software development achievements. This category was open only to companies which claimed that a minimum of 50% of their activities are software development related. Judges compared how well each submission has performed in the domains of Innovation, Human Capital, Talent Management, Geographical Markets and Customers, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Consistency with the organization’s long-term objectives.

The competitive organizations were very strong and well positioned. Companies with large international presence and historically proven track record. This is why there were several rules that all participants and the jury committed to prior submitting entries and voting for one or more Awards’ Categories. More about the awards, the jury, and the summit rules, read here.

We’ve had our share of recognition in the past seven years on both local, European and global level. We won multiple awards in customer excellence, quality of service, business development, etc. But being recognized as the best in the region is a valuable milestone, considering our expansion and efforts to build delivery hubs in the SEE region. We are looking forward to expanding our SEE presence both in terms of customers and employees. We believe that the SEE region will really take a key part in Europe’s digital transformation, but also be competitive in the global market.

SEE IT Summit 2019: Key Moments and Awards Ceremony