April 22, 2014

ScaleFocus reveals new horizons for the outsourcing business at the Bulgarian ICT Watch 2014


On the 22th of April, ScaleFocus’ CEO Mr. Plamen Tsekov took part in the Third Annual Roundtable during the Bulgarian ICT Watch 2014. This year’s roundtable “Cooperation between ICT business and the state for successful ICT export” came to extend last year’s discussion between the ICT industry, the state administration and Bulgaria’s commercial and economic representatives abroad and suggested new ways for business development.

The discussion was focused on policies and initiatives for promoting the Bulgarian ICT export. It included several topics – “The role of Bulgarian ICT export for the economic development of the country”, “Governmental support and incentives to encourage the Bulgarian ICT export”, etc. Speakers were heads of Bulgarian ministries and agencies, representatives of embassies and IT business.

ScaleFocus was recognized as a key player in the software services industry and was given as an example of successful Bulgarian company with outsourcing and nearshoring capabilities. Mr. Plamen Tsekov shared insights on ScaleFocus’ business in the EU and North America and the value of investing in building a global footprint.

Of utmost importance is to position the Bulgarian companies as recognizable brands worldwide, not solely as nearshoring or outsourcing partners. We should focus on expanding our businesses abroad, instead of attracting foreign companies to open delivery locations in Bulgaria. For that purpose, it is crucial to have strong governmental support for Bulgarian companies to step into foreign markets, same as we have the Invest Bulgaria Agency that focuses on foreign investors.”

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