March 3, 2016

ScaleFocus sponsors the Bulgarian National Day celebration at Washington, D.C.


For a third year the Bulgarian and U.S. businesses and culture have bridged in Washington, D.C. to celebrate Bulgaria’s National Day – 3rd of March. The event was organized by the Bulgarian Ambassador in the United States H.E. Elena Poptodorova. ScaleFocus sponsored the reception, held in “Organization of American States”.

The event utterly combined the National Day’s celebration with an opportunity to converge the Bulgarian and U.S. business. The elegant reception in Washington, D.C., gathered more than 800 official visitors – Bulgarian and US citizens, administration officials, business representatives and diplomats.

ScaleFocus is investing strategically in the U.S. market, strengthening the relationships with its customers. The company is partnering with IBM, VMware, Hewlett Packard and others, supporting mentioned enterprises in the execution of core business-changing projects. The Bulgarian community in Washington D.C. is passionate, active and willing to do more in bringing Bulgaria and USA closer. Their focused efforts facilitate the achievement of mentioned goal.

ScaleFocus expresses its gratitude to the Embassy and all supporters for making this event possible.

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