January 24, 2017

ScaleFocus was recognized for excellence by the Forbes Business Awards with 4 awards


For a fourth consecutive year ScaleFocus was recognized by the Forbes Bulgaria Business Awards as one of the successful companies in Bulgaria.

After having outstanding excellence ten recognition so far (2015, 2014 and 2013), the company was awarded for the best Business Development Strategy and Performance, overachieving its goals for 2016 and expanding its business across 21 countries in the world. The company grabbed additional three awards for Client policy (2nd), Quality of Services and HR development (3rd).

The awards stand to promote the outstanding business practices in our country. The opening speech was held by Boyan Petrov, famous Bulgarian zoologist and mountaineer, who have spoken the truth which each and every business should meet and challenge itself to answer:

Everyone wants “the tops”… but who is ready to embrace “the downs”?

For 5 years ScaleFocus have shared determined commitment to the customers and strive for excellence. Since last year we managed to have already four international sales offices in Washington, D.C. and Zurich (both established in 2016), Munich (2015) and London (2013). The company built a team of over 340 professionals. ScaleFocus managed to boost an enviable client roster and develop deep experience across various sectors such as IT, telecom, financial, insurance and logistics.

The awards and recognitions illustrate that ScaleFocus is setting the foundations to be one of the driving forces in the IT sector and share the success on the worldwide stage. All these achievements, encourage ScaleFocus to keep on providing high-quality IT solutions for sustainable business growth.