June 20, 2018

ScaleFocus successfully conducts its Innovation Management Assessment for a second time


As a technology and research and development solution provider it is very important to make sure innovation is deeply intertwined within our daily activities. We strongly executed the assisted IMP³rove Assessment, compliant with the European standardization documents (CEN TS 16555-1 and the CEN Workshop Agreement CWA 15899). The company continuously invests into and incorporates a strive for excellence strategy for its innovation solutions, processes and service offerings. The team has achieved tremendous results in the assessment of an overall 77 percent score, which is a top performing one.

As you may probably recall, we had conducted the assessment three years ago again in the Innovation Management segment.

IMP3rove Academy provides Innovation Management benchmarks indicating the enterprise’s competitiveness compared to the growth champions and the average. “We hope this certification serves as motivation for you and your team to further expand and improve the innovation management and go through a recurring assessment assisted by Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to measure your success.” shared the Academy’s team.

In only 6 years, ScaleFocus has proven an outstanding performance in its innovation processes and has delivered fully running solutions to clients in more than 24 countries in Europe, USA and Asia. ScaleFocus’ team is now looking forward to provide even more ‘give back to the society’ projects, such as the work in the collaborated SAAM project.

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