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March 13, 2018

ScaleFocus supports Hack 30xTUES


ScaleFocus is proud to support the upcoming hackathon organized by the E-systems Technical School in Sofia. This year, the school celebrates its 30th anniversary. The competition took place in Sofia Tech Park from 15th to 18thof March.

We are honored that one of ScaleFocus’ top professionals and proven mentor from Plovdiv joined the event. This is Georgi Dimitrov, who previously led ‘Basic and competitive programming‘ trainings to high school and university students.

Due to high amount of registrations, Georgi was one of the mentors to assist all 45 teams during the competition.

Kaloyan Penev, Senior Software Engineer, gave his points to the best teamplayers and tech students at the semi-final stage.

Teodor Stanishev (part of Fluffy Bears team), one of the top performers in Hack 30xTUES won our special prize – an internship in ScaleFocus’ Microsoft Solutions practice.

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