ScaleFocus' team is a Holiday Hero | ScaleFocus
December 15, 2016

ScaleFocus’ team is a Holiday Hero


Throughout the year we have been supporting various causes and brought smiles together. We teamed up with Holiday Heroes, hoping we can make a stronger impact for those who can not cherish the holidays with their siblings.


What was needed to become a Holiday Hero was:

  • Our employees to open their big hearts.
  • On Sunday, December 18th – pack goods and toys in Holiday Heroes warehouse.
  • On Tuesday, December 20th – deliver packages to the people in need.

Our team of volunteers in the Holiday Heroes charity campaign helped more than 2000 people in need to experience a better Christmas! Thank you for the inspiration guys!

Happiness is real only if shared! Let’s share our holiday spirit with those who need it most. 🙂

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