January 30, 2020

ScaleFocus Wins Twice at Forbes Business Awards 2020


Last Tuesday, ScaleFocus was received two prestigious awards at the Forbes Business Awards 2020. We were recognized as “Company of the Year” for our role as one of the most innovative, progressive and successful companies in Bulgaria. The jury’s decision was based on our fulfilled ambitions and goals, connected to the development of the IT ecosystem in several Bulgarian cities outside of Sofia, expanding our presence and operations, providing interesting and exciting opportunities for talent development, as well as our unique client excellence policy. 

Furthermore, the “Company of the Year” award is another proof of our strive to build and grow great teams, while maintaining a culture of open communication and transparency. We are happy to be seen as a company that successfully develops and trains people in IT, offering free knowledge in different technological areas via our ScaleFocus Academy and at the same time, giving our employees a chance to grow and thrive. And because of the many diverse projects in the dynamic IT environment, our employees are becoming more experienced, collaborating with clients from all around the world gives them a chance to explore new cultures and different ways of working, which further enriches their experience.

Our CEO, Plamen Tsekov, was also recognized by Forbes – he received the “CEO of the Year” award. More than 100 leaders gave their votes and chose him over others. The category gives praise and celebrates the achievements and can-do attitude of prominent leaders and their role in the success of their organization. Congratulations to Plamen!

Last Tuesday’s wins make a total of 19 recognitions for ScaleFocus in the Forbes Business Awards throughout the years. Forbes Business Awards is one of the most honorable competitions, encouraging people and companies to pursue their dreams and seeking out the champions among the best.

ScaleFocus’ journey has once again become the focus of the awards and we are even more motivated to continue climbing new peaks and going forward.

We thank our team for the inspiration and hard work – ScaleFocus would not be the same without your energy and dedication. We are firm believers that the best is yet to come!