October 12, 2018

ScaleFocus with a Patent Pending Technology in Assisting Visually Impaired People


We have been working continuously towards making a bigger impact in the personal care (health and assistance) domain. This is mostly because our work for the “Supporting Active Ageing through Multimodal coaching“ and SoFit* systems, both performed under funding by the European Commission.

We are proud to announce that we have obtained a registration of an utility model for our other innovative project in personal care SoundVision – e-gadget for visually impaired people. This model secures our intellectual property over the innovative device. In addition, we have successfully moved for a broader intellectual property coverage by filling in for a patent.

The goal of the device, with code name SoundVision, is to enable visually impaired people to ease their daily activities at an affordable price. We have worked on two main versions – a stand-alone gadget and one, which pairs with a smartphone to enable advanced features.

SoundVision currently supports objects distance measuring, color and light recognition. The more sophisticated version provides a framework, which our development community is starting to use to enable features like multiple currency bills recognition, GPS and compass assisted navigation and assisted shopping with real-time brands detection.

SoundVision prototypes are already in use, being tested by initial users. We are gathering critical data for the device to make it easy to use and adjust to the needs of a wide group of users. We are gradually planning mass production.

Our company steadily invests into developing innovative software solutions to serve such important social causes. ScaleFocus’ aim is to make an impact in healthcare and support all people who can benefit from our technology solutions.

* An innovative and integrated physiotherapy/ kinesiotherapy system. Industrial research in the field of ICT and Informatics. The system covers the process determining individual schedule for physiotherapy/kinesiotherapy, the provision of the necessary hardware and software for the home therapy practice without direct therapist supervision.