February 16, 2019

ScaleFocus with First Prize in Employer Branding Awards by B2B Media


On a special ceremony held on 15thof February ScaleFocus’ team was awarded with another prestigious recognition. This time we grabbed the valuable “Employer Branding project” award in the second edition of Employer Branding Awards by b2b Media.

ScaleFocus’ Goal

The positioning of ScaleFocus as a Bulgarian company and employer with a competitive spot on the international scene has always been the biggest motivation for our team. An expression of this eagerness in 2018 was the accomplishment of the project “ScaleBulgaria”, which has the ambitious goal to support various Bulgarian communities, initiatives, entrepreneurs and regions.

The Steps Towards the Award

During the whole year we managed to organize many activities well aligned with the idea to position ScaleFocus as a brand which supports the development of other Bulgarian brands and ideas. The results of the project are present and one of them is the award for best “Employer branding project” of the year.

Thank you b2b Media for the recognition, we know we are headed in the right direction!