January 18, 2016

Vote ScaleFocus for Bulgaria’s public champion in European Business Awards 2015/2016


ScaleFocus looks for your support now. Starting 11th of January EBA 2015/2016 has entered into voting stage. Support ScaleFocus and cast your vote.

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ScaleFocus previously announced that it has been recognized as a National Champion for Bulgaria by the European Business Awards for 2015/2016. After a challenging first round, judged by international jury with high criteria and expectations ScaleFocus was chosen as one of the best performing Bulgarian companies.

Your support last year lead to ScaleFocus winning the final stage of the European Business Awards and becoming the National Public Champion for Bulgaria for 2014/2015. ScaleFocus challenges again its ecosystem in proving again that it has the best partners, colleagues and friends which support the company in every competition.

Earlier in 2016, ScaleFocus received quadruple recognition from Forbes Business Awards in four categories – 1st award in “Client Policy” category and 2nd awards in “Business Development”, “Human Resources Development” and “Quality of Services”. This was a great start for 2016 and a natural continuity to ScaleFocus’ strive for excellence after the 22 awards in 2015. The company was recognized with a gold medal for fastest growing company in Europe by the International Business Awards Stevie. ScaleFocus was awarded with the Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year’ at the 2015 National Outsourcing Association Awards. The company was awarded Risk Analytics partner of the year for 2015 by IBM. A division of ScaleFocus, Amexis was awarded Microsoft Country Partner of the yearfor 2015.

The ScaleFocus team has grown rapidly in both size and expertise. For almost 4 years we work with more than 100 companies in 18 countries across three continenrs and have achieved year-to-year revenue and employees growth exceeding 100%.

Please take one minute of your time to vote for us! Your time will be highly appreciated!

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