Unleash the Intelligent Middle Office Platform

Deliver highly customized sales and quote client solutions, based on the Salesforce platform, to streamline and optimize your sales processes.


We are a trusted strategic partner of Apttus, a world leading provider of Quote-to-Cash solutions (QTC) and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solutions, based on Salesforce.

Apttus Solutions

Standing between the front-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and back-office Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the Apttus Middle Office Platform covers the whole process starting from when a customer expresses a desire to purchase your product or service all the way through to the acquisition of revenue.

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Bring excellent customer experience by automating your contract management processes, which take most of the time of your legal and sales teams. The CLM platform of Apttus serves as a single, centralized and secure repository for both buy and sell side contracts. You can easily find critical information, through all types of text search and detailed audit history of all contracts. CLM can also integrate with any CRM system to generate contracts from quotes.

Your business needs the CLM solution if:

  • You want to quickly find critical contract information
  • Contract Management is disconnected from other processes
  • The time to create and approve contracts is too long
  • Your business lacks contract standardization
  • Still experience contract mistakes and errors



Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Empower your sales team and sell more effectively in less time with the CPQ solution. The Configure Price Quote software helps you scale your sales process and makes it more effective. Quote complex products and services faster and more accurately, which would ultimately lead to closing bigger deals at higher win rates. Benefit from a centralized view of quotes, contracts, and orders for more accurate sales forecasts.

You should consider the CPQ software if:

  • Your company offers a variety of products, which can be customized per client needs
  • You want to seamlessly combine separate products and services in a single quote
  • You want to make the sales process more efficient
  • You want to make accurate predictions and sales forecasts



Revenue Management

Bring-in flexibility in placing orders, managing, terminating, and renewing your customer relationships. The Revenue Management software creates an integrated approach from sales to fulfillment. Get a full overview on order, invoice, and revenue quickly and easily from your preferred CRM solution or customer portals. Automate billing processes, generate renewal opportunities to scale your partnerships with clients.

Consider the Revenue Management software if you are experiencing these inefficiencies:

  • Your Sales team lacks visibility into client purchase history
  • Your information is not up-to-date, and this causes harm to the business
  • The time to create and approve contracts is too long
  • You need to be compliant with all current and upcoming regulations
  • You find it hard to plan incoming revenue with 100% accuracy