Nemesis: Probably the best eCommerce platform in the world

Nemesis is your simple and robust eCommerce transformation and digitalization framework

The Nemesis platform is a next generation eCommerce framework combining digital marketing, artificial intelligence and best-in-class user experience.

Omni-channel customer engagement

  • With Nemesis, you build true continuity of your digital experience extended beyond a single brand’s universe
  • Analyse closely your customers’ moods and preferences

Spend Wisely

  • Lower your TCO by 75% with Nemesis relative to other leading eCommerce solutions, while delivering new initiatives rapidly to the market

Product Management

  • Control all products and brands from one place. Extend easily your promotions and cross-initiatives. Analyze, transform and act on customer data within the Nemesis platform

Open Modular Platform

  • Nemesis is built on open-source technologies. Use only what you need and expand any time with additional modules available on the marketplace

Nemesis is Cloud Native

Be portable and scale your operations easily. The framework deploys on private or public clouds, standalone, as PaaS or in-app servers.

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