Insurance goes mobile - Get closer to your customers

Embrace Mobile Insurance with GoINS

GoINS is a cloud-based mobile application that makes insuring better, faster and more efficient

End-to-end mobile insurance

  • The application is an end-to-end solution for vehicle insurance, supporting life insurance, re-insurance, property insurance, health insurance and others.

Simple to use and integrate

  • Inspired by years of experience in the insurance industry, GoINS makes mobile insurance processes flexible, efficient and simple while improving communication with your customers.

Award winning

  • GoINS is the winner of SAP’s first annual startup challenge. It completely overhauls the way insurers do business by connecting them directly with their customers.

Cloud based

  • GoINS is based on SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform which provides unique and lightning fast in-memory database, giving you an unparalleled information security and complex analytical options.

How does GoINS work?

It empowers both you and your customer. You can communicate directly with your customers through notifications and customized offers while also receiving detailed behavioral data analytics. Your customer can use all insurance related services remotely such as filing a claim, checking claim’s status and can request individual offers which saves time, effort and leads to customer loyalty.

Features for your customers

Create and dispatch claims

Check traffic conditions

View and manage user policies

Locate authorized repair shops

Review insurance payments and history

Locate insurance company offices

View the status of current and past claims

Communicate with you in real time

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