Aleksandra, a Software Engineer Who Loves Kickfit and Progressive Metal

At the beginning of 2020, Scalefocus invested in a new development center in Skopje, Macedonia. So we’ve decided it’s time to share with you some of the awesome people from our Skopje team in the People of Scale rubric. Keep reading to learn all about Aleksandra Shumkoska.

On her journey so far

My name is Aleksandra and I work as a Software Engineer at Scalefocus, Skopje. I grew up in Slavej, but after high school, I moved to Skopje.

I didn’t always imagine becoming a Software Engineer when I grow up. It was a set of circumstances that made me pursue that path. From an early age, I was very good at both natural languages and technical disciplines such as Maths and Physics. However, I realized that it won’t be an easy task to get a job in either of those fields, especially in my country. In a way, programming languages combine both natural languages and tech, so it made sense to go for it. Hence, I ended up in IT.

On her path at Scalefocus Skopje

I joined Scalefocus’ Skopje office about 2 years ago as a Software Engineer. Currently, I am part of the Data team. When I first heard about Scalefocus, I imagined it as a place of many opportunities and that is why I decided to join. I was not wrong!

Mainly I work on projects related to Data Engineering and Data Science. My daily activities include software design and development, code reviews, data analysis, planning as well as daily meetings and discussions. However, those responsibilities vary depending on the client or the project that I am assigned to.

Whenever I have the time, I get involved in some of our internal projects. Right now, I am helping with the Data Analytics within Scalefocus Academy. Last but not least, I actively participate in organizing different events and activities as part of the Spirit of Scale initiative.

On her team

My team is full of kind and smart people that are willing to share their knowledge and always give you a hand when you need it. They are good drinkers too. How can one not like them?

I am a relatively new member of the Data team and so far, I am happy to be part of it. I believe I will grow to like the