Angel, a Senior DevOps Engineer with a Taste for Yoga and Indie music

Angel Stankovski is a Senior DevOps Engineer from Scalefocus' Skopje office. Read below to get to know him better.

On his background

I am from a small town in the south of Macedonia. A significant influence to going into the IT sector came from my father, who is a computer engineer himself. I was always somehow part of it. I graduated from the specialty Computer Science and Engineering in Skopje, where I still live now. My career first started as a System Engineer working with automation when DevOps was still a young and unexplored territory in my country 😊. I liked the idea of DevOps in the emerging IT world, and the more I explored, the more I liked it. And of course, DevOps is a whole culture in Scalefocus.

On his role in Scalefocus

Currently, I am a Senior DevOps Engineer working in the NA division. I am presently working around Microsoft stack of technologies and using Terraform as IaaC. I am responsible for the release flow in my project and for creating the reinfrastructure needed. Documentation included 😀. I've been with the company for seven months, and I love it.

Initially, I decided to join because I liked the interview I had; I saw the company is significant, and there are enormous opportunities for career progress, which is something I wanted. Scalefocus cares for its employees, and the technology stack is awesome as well.

On his team

I like my team because they are highly skilled individuals with no hesitation whatsoever when it comes to lending a helping hand.

On dealing with doubt

What I do is: take a walk, calm myself and rethink again and again.

On music, hobbies, cats

Lately, I've been into indie music. Khruangbin – "Texas sun" has been my favorite song for a long time. I love animals, and I own a cat called Joe. It is Scottish fold, and it has a BIG character.

On his life outside of work

Right now, my primary focus is getting through the pandemic alive and well and trying to have fun in these trying times.

On the best advice for new DevOps specialists

Be patient and follow the world IT trends. That will show you the way.

On his everyday work life

My day usually starts around 8.30 am. Looking at mails (of course), drinking coffee, and preparing for the internal daily meeting with the Scalefocus team. After the daily meeting, I usually start working on my tasks. Currently, I am working in the NA division, and my role in that team is to automate infrastructure deployment using Terraform and Azure DevOps. Creating pipelines in ADO, creating Kubernetes cluster, deploying applications.

We are still working pretty much only from home, but for me, it is not a big deal since I was working like that even before the pandemic started. I have a nice setup in my home office where I can concentrate on my work, and I like the flexibility.

On the most important lesson in 2020

Take care of your health at any stage of your life. Bad habits bite back at the worst timing.

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