Business Recovery: SAP Technologies For Success - A Webinar Recap

In the first week of December, Scalefocus organized and moderated the webinar “Business Recovery: SAP Technologies for Success”, where we hosted experts from SAP and Microsoft as special guest lectors. The goal was to provide advice for SMEs in Bulgaria on the most effective use of ERP systems, of the SAP S4HANA solution, and the flexible deployment that lends a helping hand against the challenges in the current situation. In other words: we wanted to try and provide a kind of a metaphorical vaccine - against at least some of the challenges and problems that arise in the progress of the world crisis.

With Emilia Vasileva, Head of Business Solutions EMEA at Scalefocus as moderator and the expertise of Ralitsa Vassileva, a Business Architect at SAP, Uros Beocanin, Solution Advisor Cloud ERP CoE at SAP and Jan Tretina, SAP on Azure Architect at Microsoft, we focused our attention to the needs of local companies, who in this unprecedented times face hardships of all kind - and offer them the help of tech solutions that raise their revenue and minimize losses.

Watch the whole video below or keep reading for the highlights.

The Unprecedented Role of Technology

In a year when businesses faced unique times and odd challenges, Scalefocus again stood in the role of the trusted technology partner. But what does this mean exactly? Emilia Vassileva shared that to create a roadmap for going out of the crisis; first a business must raise its competitiveness and flexibility, the predictivity of the business, and "go on a really exciting journey called digitization."

“We are not just the huge tech stack we offer our clients, we are not just contractors for our clients, we are the people who help with the optimization of processes and thus we make businesses more successful than ever”.

And when auditing and checking for the possibilities for implementing SAP solutions within a business, we go into whole integrational projects because an ERP rarely remains a singular solution. Emilia gave a lot of perspective on the Scalefocus role in the process and how to create a true roadmap for 2021 digitization in many sectors for SMEs.

The Flexible World of S4/HANA

Ralitsa Vassileva, a Business Architect at SAP, took the online stage as the first speaker in the webinar, to give insights on the flexible and functional solution S4/HANA in the smart manufacturing world. “Throughout the years, SAP have done a lot to improve the so-called basic ERP. The new version of that, from a whole new generation of products, is S4/HANA”

For those who are now hearing of this solution for the first time, Ralitsa explained that it’s a solution with amazing improvements on the user interface called FIORI. It has integrated intelligence automation and robotic automation, as well as machine learning that teaches the system how to conduct routine operations instead of doing them manually.

“Security compliance and database protection is also at a whole new level, with a compilation of new technologies, flexibility, and analytics.” S4/HANA can be used in the cloud or hosted locally by SAP.

Ralitsa spoke also about Industry 4.0 - the so-called 4th industrial revolution. Experts are making the prognosis that SMEs can raise their productivity by 30% if they conduct their work around Industry 4.0. ERPs are a big part of that. With such a system, an organization can make all processes flow in an intelligent symbiosis - all machines and the workshop (in the case of manufacturers) are connected in a database, through a console that is at the heart of S4/HANA.

“You can follow the whole process easy - from the first to the last step of the process, from manufacturing to sales. The whole roadmap is clear”.

With industry 4.0, companies focus their strategy on digitization, combining automatization of manufacturing with automatization of business processes. Ralitsa gave examples of those two things being inseparable for business success and give the perfect dynamic to fulfill the new requirements of today so that challenges can be easily overcome.

Why The Cloud?

Uros Beocani is a Solution Advisor Cloud ERP CoE at SAP and logically took the time to give insights to what is the motivation behind the cloud deployment of the solution S4/HANA for businesses. Uros noted that there are predictions made by Gartner research-wise, identifying the changes for businesses in regards to how processes are built and workloads are processed. According to Uros, “the drive to the digital transformation is shifting protesting priorities to the cloud” for S4/HANA and this makes “traditional data center centers less relevant for conducting the business”.

In the Covid-19 situation impact on businesses, the trends tend to shift towards work in the cloud, and that, Uros says, is driven by the companies - changing business models as a result of this pandemic. The trend to move S4/HANA in the cloud has to do mostly with the benefits from:

  • Real-time processing

  • Combined transactions

  • Analytics and simplified data model

As S4/HANA is an ERP system built from the ground up, it uses in-memory technology and gives the customer options for accurate decision support, an adaptive model of work, and enabling of new business models that do not depend so much on manually tracking processes.

“The challenges of today and tomorrow, cannot be solved by the technology process in the tools from the past so companies need to innovate”, added Uros. “With S4/HANA there is a built-in beautiful user experience and so many options for those businesses who seek higher revenue and sales.”

With the cloud deployment, he explains, customers can start their S4/HANA journey from different points - replace their legacy system or move up from premise ERP. The transition is painless and seamless and over time, more and more customers will deploy will come from on-premise versions of S4/HANA. “New customers actually want and seek to implement a new modern ERP system in the cloud, which supports their business growth and takes it to the next level”. S4/HANA for cloud gives customers a higher level of individualization and flexibility for their core business processes - also, bigger safety in terms of data breaches.

For SMEs, especially in Bulgaria and other smaller European countries, there is a huge need for overpass during and after the lockdowns, having to do with the running of online businesses. “

The modernizing of the ERP solution of your organization can be handled with this approach to ensure excellent services and support experience, as well as mitigating any possible process.”

Scenarios For Implementing SAP on Azure

In his portion of the webinar, Jan Tretina, SAP on Azure Architect at Microsoft, talked about the benefits and different scenarios of implementing SAP systems on Azure for SMEs in Bulgaria. First, he gave a little perspective on the cooperation between Microsoft and SAP throughout the years and now, in “the ERP era”. Аccroding the Jan, ERPs will soon become the main goal for many businesses to keep afloat and stay on top of things, even raising revenue.

“The most relevant SAP on Azure scenarios and benefits: once you move SAP on Azure, you can gain access to all different types of solutions and advanced data analytics, big data for transforming and loading (for example through IoT) and rapid deployment”.

Other points made by Jan were:

  • How SAP on Azure improves security (Microsoft spent over $1 billion per annum and we have more than 30,000 security experts)

  • Issue reduction and cost savings and increasing availability

  • Microsoft Azure platform is supporting and certified for any kind of SAP system

In his presentation which you can see in the video, with clear examples and a percentage of the long-term perks of implementing the solution. “You can lift, shift or lift and migrate your existing environment to Azure and then migrate to S4/HANA. The parties to help with this journey are here in this webinar - Scalefocus, SAP and Microsoft”. Jan also made a point that if you are an existing SAP customer, you can very quickly have full access to the best practices of the system, quick deployment and accelerate the journey to the digitization and successful innovation in the new era. Don't forget to follow our Facebook page to stay tuned for more webinars and events from Scalefocus that turn the tables on the challenges businesses face today by introducing the best tech solutions. Check out some of our previous webinars to see what's becoming of last-mile logistics or how to get ahead with digital health.

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