Dyanko: The Doctor Who Became An iOS Practice Lead

Dyanko Yovchev is one of those people at Scalefocus you would call varicoloured. And it's easy to see why. Dyanko's been with the company for four years and currently occupies the shoes of a Practice Lead for the iOS Team.

However, the IT sector has not been his first destination.

The Shumen-born 29-year-old has a medical degree and is a certified physician. "I am an M.D. by education, this had been a childhood dream of mine, and it led me to around seven years of pretty exciting education."

After his training and graduation, however, Dyanko chooses to rush after the next dream - IT. "I've always been tech-savvy and my interests in mobile devices and technology led me to try and learn a coding language. This was back when Imperia Online was holding their IT Talents Academy. It was funny how it all worked out -

I started thinking about it, and this opportunity kind of popped up."

By going into IT, Dyanko says that he quickly found out that it needs a certain "paradigm-shift" of thinking. He started from scratch, and the secret to succeeding, he says, lies in the effort. "There were difficulties in the absorption of the new material. You need to change your way of thinking at several moments in the learning process, but if one is passionate about it, you just get ahead -

you don't think about it, it just happens."

Mentorship, he says, is a vital part of the process for anyone starting on this path. Dyanko himself finds himself at moments in this role, but he never stops learning, too. "The more you know, the more you want to learn, and in technology, you need to stay in the lead with every innovation. And at one point, you start feeling the need to give back what you've gotten. It's a great pleasure to see how people try and understand something, and then it just clicks. I like ambitious people who strive to develop. “

As for the most important quality that someone who is not starting on his part would need, Dyanko says it's "persistence".

"You need to have your own initiative that drives you forward.

This self-initiativeness and hunger for knowledge, as well as curiosity, are basically the most important qualities in our sector."

And since he is a doctor by degree, he can say that there are certain similarities between medicine and programming. "Actually, a lot of similarities, because in both sectors, you need to constantly educate yourself and learn the newest, most modern trends. In both professions, you need to keep learning to stay relevant and give a lot of time and effort to call yourself a professional. The way of thinking is also really similar.

The best thing about his team at Scalefocus, he says, is their ability to work together as a unit and their diversity. Almost all of them, like him - have a different type of educations (like sound-engineering, for example) and, he says, that's what makes the team unique. As for favorite projects, Dyanko shares that you can "find the positive and the useful" in each one.

Outside of Scalefocus, he is currently finding the joys of fatherhood with his 10-month-old daughter and is super exciting by his new priorities. The work from home has been another way of connecting with his family and together finding the most efficient way to live in the new normal. He loves the sea and books like " Rich Dad Poor Dad " by Robert Kiyosaki and "Predictably irrational" by Dan Ariely. "Both books shed interesting light on important aspects of life that each of us encounters at some point. They make me think about things that are not taught in school".

He also likes the movie Forest Gump - "I like his attitude towards life that basically says: don't stay in one place, do what you feel like doing, don't overthink and things will fall into place for you."

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