IT Parents From Home: The Scalefocus Experience

There were times not long ago when specialists in the IT industry had the order of their day all figured out. Тоday, during the still present different types of lockdown and home office because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the arrangement of their workday is a little bit different, especially for those who are also parents.

For some, it was a cause for concern as to how the workflow will continue. Remote working is today's reality, so for the people with kids, it needed to go hand in hand with something else - being in a crisis mode with the same level of productivity while your children are also staying at home from kindergartens and schools.

To share experience on the matter, four Scalefocus specialists - and parents - gave their perspective on working from home with kids around - two months after the beginning of the pandemic. Read below.

Ilia Pchelarov, Java Senior Engineer, two boys (10 and 8 years old)

"My day is certainly different now. The organization is strict because of the need for all of us to have our own space. The workday cannot stay the same length; it sometimes needs to be longer, because of the interruptions. As for what the kids bring to the table - the daily routine is more exciting and challenging. We are together learning the true meaning of teamwork.

Kids teach us to have patience - probably because they have almost none of it. From them, we learn that solving a problem is not easy - but sometimes it could be obvious if you look at it from another point of view. And the variety of situations around them can actually bring more productivity at work.

The most challenging thing is keeping the focus at times, but it's manageable. Micro-managing the time is crucial, as well as having fun in the chaos. To all IT parents working from home with kids around, I would only say: keep calm. You can do this!"

Lubomira Boyadzhieva, Graphic Designer, one girl (3 years old)

"My workday at home with a 3-year-old child is pretty calm right now, but only because I have help at home with a babysitter. For the first two weeks of the remote working, though, I didn't, and I felt the complexity of having to stay focused, have online meetings while someone demands your attention.

What I learned during this period was that it is entirely possible to remain strictly organized and productive. The hardest thing is when your kid needs your attention or is singing loudly, but you need to concentrate on the meeting. But the best thing about this time is the moments together and the bond.

To all parents in this situation, I would say: keep planning, be patient, and have an open mind to the fact that it is an option to work before and after work hours at times."

Vesko Peychinov, Senior Software Manager, two girls (5 and 1 yeas old)

"Being around my kids for a more extended period during the home office taught me that spending even 5 minutes every hour being playful and relaxed can lead to high productivity in the working process.

Yes, it's a little harder to concentrate sometimes, but that, on the other hand, leads to creativity in everyday work and ultimately makes the workflow better.

In this particular time that will inevitably end at some point, I would advise all parents: enjoy your work - just like you enjoy the time spent with your children!"

Mirena Dimitrova, Junior Software Engineer, one girl (3 years old)

"To be a parent is amazing. During the long home office period, though, it can be a challenge. Before the pandemic, my day started at 6 AM, so I could drop my child at kindergarten and go to work after that. Now, I have no fixed start of the workday - I start early before my daughter wakes. One of my favorite (and quieter) moments of the day is her afternoon nap time.

А funny occurrence happened once, when, during a meeting of the team with one of our clients, his kid entered the room, laughing and speaking loudly in German.

Ten minutes later, my own kid burst into the room loudly. It was hilarious and showed today's realities in a positive way because everyone in the meeting knew it was just something every parent deals with and moves on with their tasks ahead.

Right now, I'm working on a complex and intense project, and everyone on the team is giving their best. I realize that sometimes after long hours of work, or after spending time giving a lot of thought on how to do something, a 5-10 minute break with my kid gives me the mental boost I need to finish the work in the best way.

A valuable lesson from our children we can put to practice during this time is: you don't always need to think so complexly - sometimes the answer lies in the simple things."

Surprisingly or not, it turns out that working from home with your child could bring more positivity and even better focus. Scalefocus' parents' experience is proof of just that. We just need to remember - all change, permanent or not, is for the better when you have an open mind. So let's stay with it!

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