People of Scale: Violeta, a Senior Software Engineer By The Sea

She loves dogs and hiking. And skiing, in spite of living by the sea. She bakes and makes healthy variations of traditional recipes. Meet Violeta, a Senior Software Engineer from ScaleFocus’ Varna office.

Like many other ScaleFocusarians, she is extraordinary - not just because she is a woman who is an experienced software engineer. It's mostly her way of thinking and interacting with the world. “The first time I felt my life really changing was when I left my hometown, Sliven, to come study in Varna. I studied something related to economics and went into the IT field later. But it was in the university, 10 years ago, I met my now-husband.”

"The globe is a wedding gift - we were saving to go to Australia. The card is from colleagues from when we moved into the new Varna office."

Violeta has been with ScaleFocus for a little over 6 months now. “I am part of the Front-End practice in the company, at a senior position, working on a big project that entails many different technologies and challenges.

I feel constantly evolving as a professional here

and at the same time, I am able to use my experience every day. I started in the field around 7 years ago as a full-stack developer. Later, I found out I am much more interested in front-end.”

Violeta starts working at ScaleFocus “by accident but also by choice”. The Varna office quickly becomes like a second home. Her team is diverse and dispersed - because she is in the Varna office, she works remotely with colleagues with Sofia, too. “We are pretty united, though,” says Vili, “and everyone is helpful. It’s important to feel needed and appreciated and I think we all feel that way towards each other in the team.”

"Some books that inspire me."

Challenges, says Violeta, are common

but that it is usual “in a field that is constantly evolving and changing”. She says every developer who wants to stay “on top of things” needs to stay in touch with new technologies and not be afraid of change. “It’s really important to have a supporting team, though. Lately, I am grateful for their support that I’m receiving while implementing some project management and SCRUM skills I’ve been training in.” With SCRUM, Violeta says, she’s feeling a little closer to a childhood dream she once had - to be a tutor, a teacher, and a mentor.

Inspiration is important, too

and that is why she draws it from a lot of places. She travels with her husband (“We’ve been to over 20 countries so far”), she likes skiing and hiking in the mountain and reading - especially biographic books. The last one is “Shoe Dog”, the memoir of Phil Knight. What else? “I love our dog, the french bulldog Frank. And I love baking and interpreting popular recipes in their healthy variations”*

"Because at our house, the dog is KING."

When asked about love and success

Violeta says that love is “sharing and support” - those two things become the foundation for long-term happiness. Success to her is “giving and receiving the respect of your peers on a daily basis in your profession”. If she would give one piece of advice to someone who is now starting in her field, it would be to “never give up”, because “there will probably be many moments when you will want to”.

And, of course, to always keep the love - personally and professionally - alive. Because that is the ScaleFocus way. And the human way.

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