Roni, a Front-end Technology Manager With Love For Snowboarding

In our People of Scale rubric, we show you the people behind the IT curtain of Scalefocus – the professionals and awesome individuals who give their all every day and are the heart and soul of the company. This month, we are happy to introduce Roni – a Front-end Technology Manager, born by the sea but in love with snow (and snowboarding). Keep reading.

On who she is

I’m Veronika Stoyanova (Roni for most people) and I am a Front-end Technology Manager at Scalefocus. I was born in Varna (the best city in Bulgaria!).

At first, I wanted to become an architect because it is a mixture of mathematics and arts. However, I ended up studying at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University. There I took an additional class where we learned HTML, CSS, and JS and I decided that I really wanted – and liked – to work with these technologies.

On her journey at Scalefocus

I’m currently a Front-end Technology Manager.

I’m responsible for a team of 40 people. Their professional development, project placement, and monthly feedback are some of the things that I’m mostly occupied by. Interviewing new people for the team and participating in management meetings also takes a lot of time.

It’s been 3 years since I’ve been a part of Scalefocus – I was already a part of Upnetix when the merger between the companies occurred.

On her team

I really like my team. I had the chance to work with most of them as a developer. I even have mentored some of the people as a senior developer. We grew up professionally together and now I see them helping each other and striving to improve on a daily basis.

On the most needed quality in her line of work

Definitely composure. Working with so many people on a daily basis that have numerous different issues that need solving requires the manager to be calm and focused.

On dealing with doubt

Talking with my peers at work and my life partner always helps me get through rough times.

On the biggest risk ever taken

Going into the managerial position so young and inexperienced.

On her favorite technologies

Even though I am not an active developer I work a little with the JS major frameworks like React and Angular. As Technology Manager I need to keep up with the trends.

On her inspirations

I must say that I do not have a person that has inspired me so vastly that I should mention it here. Throughout my time in Scalefocus I have met and worked with a lot of people that I have been influenced by and have helped me a lot with my personal and professional development.

On the small joys

I love to travel, travel, travel. Somehow it brings me freedom and happiness. I love to learn and explore new things – built both by man or nature. For now, I’ve been only to Europe and Asia but I really want to visit North and South America. Also, I love food – trying new food on my trips is a must. My favorite is the Thailand dish – Pad Thai which I can eat every day.

On her hobbies

I would say I am an active person – snorkeling and diving, visiting the mountains, different sports, yoga, and gym. As I used to live by the sea, I only discovered snowboarding about 4 years ago and since then I can’t wait for the first snow of the winter.

I love to paint since I was a kid. Most of the paintings at home are drawn by me but I do not have time lately. I like playing board games and games in general and I’m very competitive. Like a lot. I might be one of the most competitive people I know. I just love winning.

On advice for young developers

Don’t judge yourself too harshly.

On her daily routine

My days sometimes differ a lot one from another. I strive to manage my time really carefully because I participate in a lot of meetings every day. I communicate with my team on a daily basis and have monthly 1:1s, other colleagues, and executive management members. In the remaining time, I need to get other things done such as: getting acquainted with the team members’ personal development or working on the technological growth of the team.

On the most important lesson from 2020

Communication is the key. And I do not mean communicating through the internet or phone.

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