Scalefocus Took Part in First Youth StartUp Fest Burgas

Challenges in entrepreneurship are not something anyone looks forward to - but inspiration often comes exactly from them. Оn the 12th of August, International Youth Day, Scalefocus took part in the First Edition of Youth StartUp Fest Burgas where startups and modern up-and-coming organizations met. Read more below.

Youths Lead The Way

The event took place in the newly established Congress Center in the Port of Burgas, on the International Youth Day. All young people, new startups, and presenters were invited to share their ideas, their potential, and show their plans for growth in today’s dynamic environment.

Companies and developed brands were invited to share their experience and expertise in specially-crafted workshops and lectures and Scalefocus took part in the mix to support the cause of inspiring young minds to think ahead in the future.

Milena Georgieva, a Technical Lead in Scalefocus’ Burgas office, took the lead as a presenter for the company with a topic on Data Science in front of around 30 attendees. Milena’s presentation prompted some of the young people to approach her with questions on the specific usage of data science in their own projects.

Presenting: Data Science

Besides а Java specialist, a mentor, and a TL, one of Milena’s “side passions” is data sciencе - it was the focus of her Ph.D. Data science, she says, is something that can influence and change lives. Even with the current pandemic, it is still one of the essential instruments that can be used after it is all over. “Its effect on the world is going to change everything we know – hopefully, for the better.”

The presentation Milena gave on the Youth StartUp Fest included more general points on data science - its purpose and usefulness, the steps for identifying data-analytics problems and opportunities, determine the variables, and after collecting sets of structured and unstructured data, interpret it the right way to gain value.

Milena also covered what skills does a person needs to have to be able to call themselves a data scientist and which specifics in the data science world are the milestones to build a consistent experience in it. She also showed a demo and spoke at length about the incorporation of data science in a startup with several hot points - ad performance, web traffic, app tracking, e-commerce data, CRM and marketing automation data, customer support, net promoter score, financial data, and app database.

Тhe Importance of Collaboration

At Scalefocus, we have always believed that innovative and entrepreneurial thinking is something to be cultivated. “Each future big idea steps on the shoulders of giants - or so they say”, shares Milena. “Тhat would mean that we can do something big and innovative together and each person from a company like Scalefocus can be useful with their knowledge and experience”. Тhe end result is what motivates people and that is the main purpose behind such initiatives and participation.

“At the end of each presentation, you see people eager to know more and in their bright eyes - the interest and inspiration that give you the motivation to continue to share your knowledge and know-how.”

Milena says that for every mentor, not only at Scalefocus, is motivated “by personal contact” and it is what makes them keep making the effort to take part in such events.

As for why she would recommend more people take part in such festivals - “Such initiatives create an environment in which like-minded people can easily cooperate - and those festivals can turn into hubs for generating ideas and collaboration. In a moment like this, when many of us can feel disconnected from colleagues and like-minded people, those are the places they can find inspiration and support.

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