Teams of Scale: Focusing the Force with Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the best CRM cloud software in the world and its main purpose is to manage business relationships with customers. It’s a platform for applications that can manage any business process. Now we wanted to share the team who at Scalefocus works hard to implement Salesforce solutions and to advise clients.

Because it’s not easy being the go-to people for any Salesforce project - but it certainly is exciting and rewarding. Here’s a little peek into the team, who say their motto is “Scale the Sales, Focus the Force”.

The Force Behind

The team currently consists of programmers, consultants, technical and solution architects. Тhe consultants are at the helm at the start of any Salesforce implementation project and become the link between our customers and the dev team.

Those are the tech-savvy, problem-solvers, process minded people who are handling the project first before turning it to phase two - involving the team of Salesforce developers, whose task is to turn the customer requirements into a working solution.

To do so, they use configuration, process automation, and Apex programming language and they have to be “a mix” of both technical and business experts. The Solution Architect is the face of Scalefocus in front of the client and is responsible for creating the solution design and the overall implementation.

Focusing The Scale

The team’s biggest project right now is Apttus. Apttus is Salesforce's main technical partner for quote-to-cash applications. This is the Apttus team in Europe who holds technical, business, and architectural positions. Apart from Apttus, they are currently very focused on expanding the team's expertise in the Salesforce modules of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud.

The team constantly has to deal with the specific challenges of the platform. One of the challenges is to always keep up with the latest developments - learning is an ongoing process in the team.

Another hurdle that the team has to deal with is the different business cases of the clients. They continually learn from the clients’ best business practices. This helps them build broad business expertise and improve the capacity of Scalefocus as a Salesforce consulting partner.

But Who Is The Salesforce Team?

They are not only great professionals - they actually like each other. “Everyone in the team is very different from one another but we are very united as a team”, says Tanya Marinova, a Salesforce Consultant.

“The team is a unique combination of warmth, smiles, high spirits, jokes, and good energy”, adds Irina Ivanova, a Software Engineer. Other people from the team share that one of the best things about it is the proactivity spirit and the fact that they keep constantly learning from each other. “

Our team is like a Salesforce Cloud - we have a lot of everything and whenever you need us, we are here. Whether you need a good listener, a piece of advice, someone to boost your mood - or even have a quick confrontation to take the edge off - you have a colleague at your disposal.”, says Mariya Ivanova.

And how do they deal with stress? Well, there are a lot of options. “Strong music and а good deal of complaining from time to time”, says Mariya. In those tough times and since the start of the pandemic, they have made sure to keep the bond strong by meeting online and sometimes playing computer games after the end of the workday.

“At the beginning of the lockdown, we applied the Niko Niko technique - each person in the team shared how they have felt during the past week and told a story that doesn’t have to do with work.”, shares Nikolay Bizev.

Some of the new team members, like Irina, still haven’t seen the others “live” and are very excited to do so when things calm down.

Turning Hardship Into Success

The team shares that initially, they have started their work as a closely specialized division for quote-to-cash applications of Apttus. Then, in less than 6 months’ time, most people from the Salesforce team gained certificates to broaden their expertise: with a mentorship program, knowledge-sharing sessions, etc.

“We always count on each other”- that is the common answer when asked how they deal with difficulties.

“The most valuable and at the same time the most difficult thing is paving the way ahead and choosing the way to go. But it’s most valuable because the opportunities are endless. Our focus is on success and for us, it’s inevitable”. Тhe team describes themselves with this song.

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