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eCommerce and Digitalization Framework

Scale and optimize your business with our Framework. Lower TCO by 75%, engage your audience through various channels and get ahead of competitors by building strong online presence. Our solution will give you full control over all products in your portfolio from one place. Scale your business operations easily. Our framework deploys on private or public clouds, standalone, as PaaS or in app servers. Choose your preferred type and let the journey begin.
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GoINS – Mobile Insurance

Go one step ahead in insurance with our cloud-based mobile application. Eliminate heavy back-office costs, be in touch with your customers in real-time and bring them the ultimate convenience. GoIns is based on SAP’s HANA Cloud Platform which provides a unique and fast in-memory database, giving you opportunity to bring your insurance business to the next level with a powerful solution, which enables various features.
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Focus Deployer

Improve quality and reduce complexity of business processes. Deploy and configure TIBCO BW 5 applications automatically and achieve a seamless transition from development to test to production. Our Focus Deployer is suitable for various industries, which are experiencing difficulties with time-consuming deployment and complex configuration procedures.
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IBM UrbanCode TIBCO Plugin

Enhance the effectiveness of your TIBCO applications by introducing the IBM Urbancode TIBCO Plugin. Achieve better business results and deliver higher quality of services to your customers.  Achieve faster turnaround times, reduce system's downtime, improve quality and reduce complexity of your business processes. Our solution is a Ready for Rational software.
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Web Scraping Framework

Get access to all data you need from the web. Our Web Scraping Framework is here to help monitor your competitors to enable you to position better in the online space. Our tool was tested with simultaneous scanning and extraction of over 1000 websites in intervals of a half a second to 2 seconds. Give us the parameters, sources, your competitors' names, targets and output format and let our team take care of everything.
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Retail Cloud Analytics

Find hidden insights in the data with our pre-defined and ready-to-apply Experiential Shopper: Retail Cloud Analytics. Our solution will optimize your business by giving you a real-time overview of reports and dashboards. The ready-to-use retail models let you access the reports and dashboards real-time, which will let you make informed decisions on how to grow and develop your business.
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