Project Management

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Each project is a unique journey that aims to deliver a positive change and bring benefits to an organization. Managing change is often challenging, especially in complex environments. Project management best practices help companies effectively manage transformations and new implementations by providing the tools and techniques for optimal execution.

Project Management plays a key role in the delivery lifecycle of every project. Our professionals are adept at managing complexity and planning for success. We have extensive experience in project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Whether you want an always up-to-date project status, coordination of day-to-day activities, risk identification and monitoring, stakeholder management, and reporting, the project manager is the focal point of contact.


Project Planning

We create a general project plan, including execution and product scope with the respective quality measures, schedule and budget for the realization of the project and product. We also plan with risk management in mind, resource management, and involve all stakeholders in the process.

Scheduling & Budgeting

Regardless of the implementation methodology for your project (waterfall or agile), our project managers create a detailed schedule and budget for its realization, which ensures successful execution each time.

Risk Management

Every endeavor has a certain level of uncertainty, which brings risks. Our Project Management Team creates a clear plan for identifying, managing, monitoring and controlling project risks, aiming to avoid or at least mitigate the negative impact of the potential risks, as well as to explore and apply any opportunities.

Monitoring & Control

By creating a detailed project plan, including the project and product scope, schedule, budget, risk management, our project management establishes the foundation for proper monitoring and control of the project. This allows us to identify any discrepancies in advance and take corrective measures on time.

Program Management

Our program management team’s expertise and flawless collaboration transform our client’s goals into reality every time by providing proficient program planning, schedule & budget management, risk management, monitoring, and control.

We focus on applying a mix of globally recognized best practices and innovative new project management approaches that we tailor to meet the requirements and business needs of our clients.

The project management approaches outlined by the latest standards of Project Management Institute (PMI) and scrum practices highlighted in the Scrum Guide are employed throughout the whole project lifecycle to ensure successful delivery and provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

Our project managers work closely with each client’s representatives to set a solid foundation at the start of the project, during which product discovery, requirements analysis, and decomposition are conducted. Our dedication and skill continue throughout the entire execution, monitoring, and controlling stages of the project lifecycle.


Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, and Energy & Utilities.

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InTime Logistics Achieves 14% Revenue Growth Through Innovation

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