Quality Engineering

Through advanced Software Quality Engineering we help you improve agility, productivity and ROI


Software Quality Engineering is a pivotal aspect of the software development life cycle. It plays an integral part in effective solution development, especially today when technological advancements roll out at an astonishing speed.

In this context, Innovative Quality Engineering services have become vital in addressing the demand for delivering software solutions faster due to the increasing complexity of the technological landscape.


Modernization of Quality Engineering

We work towards the modernization of all quality assurance related activities. We achieve this by applying innovative quality engineering practices in all processes, tools and approaches related to the specific project or solution we deliver.

Continuous Testing

We adopt and advance continuous testing to achieve sustainable results. This approach is embedded within the entire development process - crucial in achieving a faster time to market. Our dedicated teams evaluate each architecture layer to tackle problems arising at the earliest possible stage.

Automation and Test Virtualization

Our engineers integrate testing into every development and operations activity as part of the software delivery pipeline, using testing tools and automation on all levels throughout the entire software life cycle. We ensure that all test levels are covered, preventing risks, limited access, and third-party dependency.

Production Monitoring

We’ll analyze your existing solutions, identify any areas for improvement and performance-reducing aspects and assess reliability and longevity. We will then integrate new features by extending our understanding of your product and its codebase, adjusting requirements and specifications on the go.


Our Software Quality Engineers check the compliance of any software solution by following effective and transparent processes and techniques. We have solid experience using various tools, technologies and business domains over the years and are excited every time we apply this know-how to our projects.


​We measure test coverage, test reusability, test effectiveness, data value and plotting defects per build in addition to unique specifications from our customers. Along with all these KPIs, there are several other aspects that we consider to make sure we have done our job: team effectiveness, software quality (reliability, performance, maintainability, customer experience). We also evaluate testing and NPS costs. We believe that NPS represents a comprehensive view of customer satisfaction.


Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities.

Remote Delivery Center for Global Leader in Quote-to-Cash Solutions

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Remote Delivery Center for Global Leader in Quote-to-Cash Solutions

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Premium Video App Development

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Mobile Solution for Geospatial Activities

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