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Remote Software
Development Center

Set up your extended offshore and nearshore software development operations from framework to kick-off in just 45 days

Reimagine the way you have been doing offshore and
nearshore software development.

Whether market-driven or triggered by internal needs, companies across industries are turning software development into a core competence. And more and more of them are opting for offshore or nearshore software development services to:

Bridge the talent gap

The global IT talent shortage isn’t going away! The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2026, the shortage of software engineers in the US will exceed 1.2M. Europe is currently facing a shortfall of 600 000 unfulfilled IT positions.

Restrain rising costs for development

When setting up a remote delivery center, businesses can expect a detailed analysis of their current digital landscape and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 

Accelerate time-to-market for new products

To scale their business in the digital world, companies need to accelerate software development and find new ways to innovate. Remote software delivery teams are used to agile development, consolidated way of working,, and innovation management. 

Gain access to the latest technologies

Offshore and nearshore software service providers have vast experience across different industry verticals. The right partner will help you to apply the latest technologies and best practices backed up by a world-class engineering team. 

Offshore and nearshore development services can help you locate the right talent, extend your expertise and reduce risks

Access to top talent

Finding and locking down tech talent takes time and money. Offshore and nearshore development partners enable companies to tap into a top-notch engineering talent pool and the latest software solutions. 

Quickly scale up or down

Offshore and nearshore development centers can easily scale up or down as development projects come and go. Without worries about HR processes, underutilized office space, and IT assets. 

Flexibility in responsibility & control

With a remote development center, you can take as much control and responsibility as you feel comfortable with. From extended teams to consultancy and technology advisory, your provider assumes the risks and continuous accountability from offshore while you focus on your core business. 

Accelerated time-to-market

The offshore and nearshore development center quickly aligns with your strategy, and long-term objectives and mimics the structure of your organization. The adjustable team composition matches varying project needs and accelerates the pace of development to deliver services at high velocity. 

Agile technology adoption

Offshore and nearshore development centers have established processes for test automation and development quality. Prototypes and experiments are left in the hands of technology experts. Multidisciplinary teams fill in the gaps in your organization with technology & professional services expertise across the board.

Long-term budget predictability

Long-term commitment from both client and vendor enables further savings for the former. A predictable cost service is tied to outcomes that allow you to stay within your budgetary and time constraints.

How Does the Remote Delivery Center Work?

Scalefocus has developed the Remote Software Development Center as a special operational model to provide
value-added services beyond staff augmentation.

This engagement employs a comprehensive agile multi-level communication and operational matrix. This enables our teams to act as an extended self-sufficient department of your business. We take full ownership of your digital initiatives. You can focus on your core business and be confident that everything will be delivered on time and in scope.

Offshore Software Development vs. Other Service Models
In-house team

You get more control when you hire an in-house development team. But you can grow only as fast as your hiring process allows. It is more challenging to scale up and down and access all the latest trending technologies.

Onshore software development

Onshoring happens when you hire your tech partner within the borders of your own country. Because both companies operate in an environment with the same cost of living, onshore development is often the more expensive option.

Nearshore software development

Nearshore outsourcing is when the development partner is near their client. Usually companies choose a nearshore partner when they seek a similar time zone with fewer cultural differences and lower language barrier.

Offshore software development

Offshoring is partnering with a provider, usually overseas, with access to a vast talent pool. Offshoring partners enable greater cost optimizations, operational efficiency, and extended business coverage after working hours.

Choose Between Different Service Engagement Models

Offshore and nearshore development outsourcing partners provide flexibility with different engagement models, based on your business model, desired outcomes, and control preferences. 


Consultancy & Technology Advisory

Leverage end-to-end tech solutions that are agile and user-centric, designed for flexibility & speed. This engagement model solves complex business challenges and follows your business goals from strategy through execution.

Staff Augmentation

An efficient way to get rapid access to missing capabilities and skills and accommodate staff shortages due to unexpected events. Staff augmentation is a low complexity engagement model with no impact on the existing operations structure. Transparent cost model that is scalable on demand.

Offshore and Nearshore Delivery Center

A predictable cost service tied to outcomes, where your provider assumes the delivery risks. Yielding the benefits of flexibility and skill access, focusing on value creation and delivery of desired results. The offshore partner commits to scope, terms, and service delivery.

Solution Implementation and Development

Building scalable, resilient, and secure software solutions based on a detailed project implementation plan containing business objectives, technology architecture, and detailed solution requirements.

Dedicated Teams

This engagement model provides a team of professionals chosen according to your demand for experience and skillset. Control over team structure and project management remains with the offshore provider. The scope may not be fixed, and change requests can be accommodated at short notice.

Managed Services

Managed services come with specific KPIs and deliverables. The service provider takes full responsibility for the team composition and performance while the client focuses only on the end results without any administrative and management hassles.

Why Choose Scalefocus?

Driving Customer Success Through Technology & Innovation

Scalefocus is a trusted partner with over 250 people dedicated to remote delivery centers worldwide and an average NPS of 70. We help businesses innovate and scale effectively in a truly digital world. 

Major Benefits

  • Best-in-class infrastructure
    Class A office space, two data centers with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

  • Innovation program
    Specially designed innovation program to help clients find creative solutions to their technology challenges.

  • Strong security
    Centralized access controls, layered physical security, and centralized remote control of systems, devices, and facilities.

  • Knowledge management
    Keep all existing knowledge in client systems and environment.

  • Resources upskilling
    Enhanced training programs for all delivery resources aligned with client priorities and demand. 

  • Hands-on managers
    All RDC dedicated managers are hands-on and participate actively in the team development on a micro level.

Up to 50% faster resource onboarding

Established governance and engagement model since 2016

Low resource attrition
(<7%) compared to mainstream engagement models

High employee satisfaction with a long-term outlook

Career progression within the engagement

Outstanding one-team culture of execution and excellence

Office Locations

Business Development & Sales Location

Business Development & Sales Location

Business Development & Sales Location

Ready to scale and meet the
technology challenges of tomorrow?

We help business grow by bringing together a world-class
engineering team, industry expertise and technology excellence.

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