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  • Scalefocus’ LEAD Program: The Art of Building Great Leaders

    In 2020, Scalefocus introduced one of its most important internal programs with the goal to stimulate and prompt people with leadership inclinations to grow that proclivity into action. The initiative, called LEAD, is a 15-week course, that brings together and supports new managers in their first steps in leading and building effective teams, helping them avoid the most common management mistakes, and set them on a successful course for becoming fabulous leaders. The program, led by Scalefocus mentors with support from the co-creator and external expert Mihail Stefanov, was met with resounding success and is now starting its second iteration within the company. We wanted to share some of that success with a quick overview of LEAD and the art of building powerful teams and effective leaders. LEAD as an equipment tool The initiative was specially designed to dive deeply into essential leadership topics: for example, how to build effective teams, how to communicate with different behavior types, how to create trust quickly, how to moderate team meetings for maximum results, how to do efficient one-on-one, how to give constructive feedback, and many more. Those are the most sought-after skills a manager should have, but not everyone is able to use them so effortlessly. In other words, you can know the theory but without having the necessary confidence - you will not be properly equipped for your manager role. LEAD is an interactive training and not at all boring theory, going through 6 modules with video lessons, quizzes, and practical assignments, with step-by-step guidelines. At the end of each training module, the trainees were assigned a task in a real-life Scalefocus situation so that they can implement their knowledge and see how it works firsthand. Each module, on the other hand, was focused on developing a different facet of the new manager’s knowledge and skills, like: How to avoid the most common management mistakes Understanding basic human behavior, motivation and developing tactical empathy Developing high-trust teams Developing common-value teams and conversation management Inspiring and creating high-efficiency teams Exceptional Response and Second Iteration Six experienced managers from the Scalefocus ranks joined the program as hosts, to train and help the new managers within the company thrive. With a blended learning approach, LEAD is a unique combination of several components pertaining to theory and practice. Here is what some of the people who completed the program successfully (resulting in their changed positions later) shared. "LEAD is about bringing people together, no matter how different they are. For me, it was the experience that made me rethink the concept of teams and gave a stronger meaning to the word." Tsvetan Smardanski, .NET Technology Team Lead "The LEAD program helped me upgrade myself as a leader, learn about different techniques, and identify which style is best to apply depending on the goals I want to achieve. I believe that the program helps people learn different ways and approaches to successfully lead, unite and engage others so that you can create teams that are ready for any challenge." Tushka Dermendzhieva, previously - Java Technology Team Lead, currently - Java Technology Manager The LEAD program helped me strengthen the trust index within the team. I learned how crucial psychology safety is for a successful collaboration and received many great tips on working better and more efficiently together with my peers. Borislav Chomonev, previously Technology Team Lead, currently - Technology Manager The second iteration of the program is currently starting in the spring of 2021, once again uniting hosts and trainees in the quest for getting into the best leadership mindset possible. Creating great teams, building up leaders, and cultivating growth have always been and will be among the main purposes of Scalefocus as a company and we are proud to say the potential of our amazing team and their abilities have been mind-blowing. LEAD will continue to nurture and build stronger and stronger leaders in the IT sector, help people believe in themselves, and inspire them to become more.

  • Accelerating Startups the Scalefocus Way

    One of the most common challenges startups have to solve is the product-market fit. In the early stages, every founder is exploring the demand for their product and wondering whether there will be paying customers. Another important question to ask is what resources are needed and whether they will be effective. The truth is that the answers do not come instantly, and the product-market fit does not happen by accident. In order to be successful, startups need to employ a process-driven mindset, and acknowledge that there will be product tweaks and maybe a pivotal re-planning of target markets, as well as new sales and marketing tactics and other adjustments. More than ever before, startups need the expertise, guidance and support of a trusted technology partner. At Scalefocus, high-quality execution is in our DNA. Our nine years of experience delivering software solutions and services has resulted in many success stories for companies of all sizes and industries. When it comes specifically to innovation-driven startups, Scalefocus prides itself in offering consultation services from the early stage, preventing businesses from failing with a product lacking demand, by setting aggressive MVPs, or by designing overly complex architecture. In this blog post, we’ll shine the light on successful startups we have consulted, and the projects we have completed to help them grow competitively in their respective industries. Keep reading, to see if the benefits of partnering with us match your future goals and if they do, don’t hesitate to reach out to form an action plan together! Consultation and Creation of a Mobile Healthcare App The German-based startup Myo wanted to bridge the communication gap between seniors and their caregivers through a user-friendly Android app. Through it, seniors can describe their own experiences so their relatives are informed about the caregiving process, while the caregivers themselves are given much-deserved appreciation. Scalefocus was responsible for the entire development of the mobile app, focusing on creating transparency and engagement between seniors, their caregivers and relatives, ultimately strengthening their bond. Felix Cuna, Co-Founder of Myo, describes the role of Scalefocus from the initial business analysis to the actual development: “We wanted a sophisticated business analysis, so we could better understand what we were facing. All we had was an idea, so we wanted to find a consulting partner to bring it to life and assist us in implementing the technical part of our solution. Later, we asked them to develop a dedicated mobile app as well.” After the delivery of the app from our side, Myo was able to raise 1.5M seed round. Developing an All in One Language Services Platform What if businesses could transcend borders and expand their international reach by relying on a single platform to manage translation, transcription and interpreting? Scalefocus managed to develop a multi-device language platform that does just that for a British startup enabling it to realize its potential and surpass the initial business goals. Today, the platform has over 60,000 active users around the globe and receives around 1240 appointments each day, supporting 250 languages. The platform allows for the translation of roughly 9740 words every minute. Building an Asset Verification Platform aXedras, a precious metals company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, chose Scalefocus as its strategic partner to help solve a major challenge they were facing: the need to digitalize and connect assets on a global level. Digitalizing important compliance processes and managing documentation easily and with transparency were also critical goals that needed to be met. Scalefocus developed a verification platform in which each member joining that platform has access to verified assets and can follow their entire life cycle. Here’s what Urs Röösli, CEO of aXedras had to say about partnering with Scalefocus: “What we value most about our partnership with Scalefocus is their wide pool of expertise in terms of tech people, their experience of running global projects, the fast reaction and the open communication attitude to not only deliver a solution but take ownership of developing it with us.” Check out the conversation with Urs to learn more about the work Scalefocus and aXedras are doing together. Developing an Engaging Mortgage CRM App A mortgage startup was looking for a partner to help develop an app that would take the hassle out of creating powerful CRM and automated marketing materials and campaigns. They needed a system that would allow top producers to close large amounts of loans, receive referrals and make profits quickly and easily. Scalefocus built a CRM mobile app to give users complete ease of access to complete and update mortgages on the go, avoid missing important tasks with notifications, and use in-app texting to always stay in contact with borrowers and partners. A Mobile Solution that Disrupts the Fintech Industry Rubarb, a German fintech startup, was looking for a way to disrupt the fintech industry with a next-gen financial service mobile application that would take the stress out of finance and investments. They chose Scalefocus as a technology partner that would design and develop a feature-rich app with engaging and intuitive UX, combined with easy onboarding and robust data protection.  Scalefocus delivered an app that rounds up what users pay online, with the digital “change” going directly into their savings account. Additionally, a user can choose a specific savings plan or select one-time pay-ins. Users can choose from three investment strategies depending on their risk appetite, with all investments made in ETFs. As a result of our efforts, the company reduced software development costs and reported a 29% retention rate. Check out the case study for more details. Creating a Fintech From Scratch From the ground up, Scalefocus helped create a brand-new digital insurer. Starting from establishing the idea’s x-factor and how it stands out from the competition, to defining the startup’s goals and creating a proof of concept. Then, forming a budget plan to achieve revenue targets and reviewing regulations. Scalefocus was tasked with creating an end-to-end platform including implementation of one of the leading insurance Core systems, customer portals, multiple integrations with third-party systems and continuous support. We were also responsible for creating a scaling strategy that would enable the startup to maintain a strong customer base and grow steadily in the long run. Prior to the launch, the software and entire process were tested, helping get valuable feedback on fixes and improvements before reaching the end customers. Accelerate Your Startup with Scalefocus Have these success stories motivated you to take your business to the next level? We'd love to have a chat, to discuss your ideas and how to bring them to life without stress and the waste of valuable resources. Are you already in the development phase, but are stuck and need guidance? Reach out for a free consultation and our experts will gladly assist you in solving the challenges ahead or entirely take over. We've got your back throughout the entire journey.

  • Business Acceleration With SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturers: A Webinar Recap

    We talk a lot about the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and how manufacturers meet the pandemic's difficulties. But what if we zoomed in on those difficulties through another prism and see what concrete and effective measures technology offers to go through challenging times with flying colors? In Scalefocus' last webinar from the Topics of Scale series called "Business Acceleration with SAP S/4HANA: A Winning Strategy for Manufacturers in Challenging Times", we offered a peek into just these effective measures. Led by Pavlin Dyankov, Chief Business Development Officer at Scalefocus, who was joined by experts from SAP, Microsoft, and Ariete, on the 31st of March, the webinar provided insights into how the adoption of SAP S/4HANA helps manufacturers adapt and accelerate business growth in turbulent times. You can read the highlights of the talk or go directly to the video of the webinar below. SAP S/4HANA And The Challenges First, the stage took Pavlin Dyankov, who spoke about the fundamental challenges manufacturing businesses face during this time and the expertise of Scalefocus as an SAP Gold Partner for the last six years. "Over 78% of manufacturing businesses report a negative financial impact, more than 53% a change in operations and more than 35% supply chain disruptions", shares Pavlin. The disrupted supply chain, closed borders, and lockdowns are just part of many industries' issues in the last year. But even during those trying times, the opportunities for manufacturers are there. SAP S/4HANA comes not only as an optimization tool but also as a huge chance to expand, improve supplier diversification, and a lot more. So who are the big winners after such an event? The simple answer is those who adapt. Using tools and software like SAP S/4HANA to automate processes, find new terms of action, and innovate in terms of business modules and productivity. "SAP S/4HANA gives the platform to implement such changes and adapt", says Pavlin. "As a business strategy, it supports the business-driven transformation and gives a framework for organizational change and optimization." Key Impact Points by SAP The expert speaker from SAP on the webinar was Dmitry Kokarev, а Senior Consultant who spoke about the S4/HANA solution аs the intelligent ERP tool that "enables companies to capture every opportunity in today's digital world." Dmitry elaborated on the main functions S4/HANA has for the manufacturing line of business and its primary functions. "SAP S4/HANA is the first intelligent ERP that enables companies to capture every opportunity in today's digital world, whatever your company size, business complexity, industry need", shares Dmitry. "It's the ERP of the 21st century." He also spoke about moving from the traditional ERP to intelligent business automation to provide immediate business insights at any time and level. For the companies using SAP S/4HANA: "The key values are reduction days of inventory, reduced manufacturing total cycle time, and revenue reduction due to stock-outs." "SAP S4/HANA has brilliant performance in each scenario because of its complexity. It deals with production execution - the key idea is to release and monitor production and process efficiently, to confirm production process, and trigger production finalization tasks. It's tightly connected with production control, and it's intended to coordinate, to manage better procurement, production operations, stock transfers, and deliveries." Dmitry also spoke at length about the key functions of each company's journey by implementing this solution - you can check out his part of the talk HERE. Ariete and an SAP S/4 HANA Success Story Bogdan Kabasanov is the Logistics Manager at Ariete Logistics who took part in the webinar to share the true success story of implementing SAP S/4 HANA with the help of Scalefocus. He shared the pain points that were solved and how the company moved ahead in a turbulent year with the help of exactly this solution. Ariete, a company created to provide advanced and customized warehousing, logistics, and production solutions, is in a partnership with Scalerocus since 2018. Bogdan shares: "Managing the inventories is quite impossible without a solution SAP S4/HANA. It's hard to imagine that you ever run business processes without SAP S4/HANA. We did the first implementation in Smolyan in January 2020 and the second successful implementation in Pazardzhik. In August 2020 was the third successful implementation of SAP S4/HANA." Bogdan also spoke about the Covid-19 impact and the turbulent times the company went through, going into detail about how SAP S4/HANA was a big part of solving the issues. As a result - Ariete has expanded its customer portfolio, been more flexible, optimized its supply chain, and kept its core team. You can hear Bogdan's part of the talk HERE. SAP S4/HANA Adoption with Azure In the next part of the webinar, Ondrej Sedlacek, a Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft, spoke about accelerating the SAP S4/HANA adoption with Azure and its benefits. "When we think about running SAP S4/HANA on Azure, we sort of break it down into four different pillars: the cloud platform itself (the infrastructure), the second is how to enrich that infrastructure with additional value (security or compliance), the third one is immediate insights and innovation, extending it even further, add data services in Azure to extend the value of the SAP landscape, and the fourth is the partnership with SAP.", says Ondrej. According to him, the usage of Azure is growing rapidly, and the adoption is "because of the customers seeing the value of the cloud. "Customers have minimized their cost and use SAP on Azure predominantly because they find our rapid changes in their downtime, the lower costs". Ondrej went into detail about the Azure management for SAP - the built-in options, the on-premise resources, the security, and management without force. He also spoke about how much easier disaster recovery is with Azure setup and why. Ondrej's part of the talk can be accessed HERE. . Don't forget to follow our Facebook page to stay informed about more upcoming webinars on hot topics in the technology world.

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    Efficient today, resilient tomorrow Your technology partner on your journey to maximising business results Get in touch Why we stand out Top talent At the heart of every successful technological enterprise lies top talent passionate about what they do. Our team of IT professionals apply their know-how in a culture of open communication focused on one thing: tangible results. Cutting edge technology By leveraging the power of advanced technologies and providing high quality software development and digital services, we enable organizations to operate, innovate, scale their business and drive sustainable, long-term results. Cross-industry expertise Building on our experience delivering technology-driven solutions across a variety of industries, we transfer successful experiences, processes and tools to each project helping our clients gain competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world. Agility Our greatest pride at Scalefocus is our agility. It’s this ability to change and adapt that drives sustainable business results for our clients much faster. Our team is always on top of the latest technology trends to accommodate your changing needs in today’s dynamic world through a highly flexible project management approach. Scalefocus in numbers In our 9 years of passion for technology and innovation, we have brought hundreds of businesses to the next level. 2012 Year founded 9.2 Client Net Promoter Score 300+ Satisfied Clients 500+ Successful Projects Our Services Our consultancy capabilities combined with the best engineering practices will transform your business sustainably and make you stand out from the competition. Software Engineering Reach your business goals with software solutions that ensure stability today and guarantee resilience in the future. Big Data & Advanced Analytics Enable sharper across-the-board decision-making through data-driven insights monetizing your most valuable asset. Cybersecurity Gain full visibility and control over threats and vulnerabilities of assets to facilitate informed business decisions. IoT Take advantage of real-time analytical insights from existing devices and accelerate value creation from your IoT data. Mobile Everything Increase your business reach exponentially with an integrated mobile strategy crucial in today’s mobile-first world. Integrations Let your systems communicate flawlessly with each other by entrusting our system integration experts. Cloud Improve scalability and reduce costs through our cloud expertise backed by partnerships with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Robotic Process Automation Improve efficiencies, reduce costs and lower operational risks by eliminating human errors and leveraging AI to continue to drive innovation. Platforms Scalefocus partners with the world’s industry leading platform providers because we understand that your success depends on the top quality and high usability of the underlying technology. SAP As a Certified SAP Gold Partner, we will improve your production planning, reduce operational expenses and gain transparency of all processes by consulting, implementing, customizing and managing SAP systems. Apttus Our team of Apttus CPQ & CLM Certified professionals will help you manage the complete customer lifecycle and optimize the acquisition of revenue by implementing and supporting Apttus Middle Office Platform. Salesforce By leveraging the power of Salesforce—the fastest-growing CRM platform in the world, we will transform your business processes and improve customer experience exponentially, giving you limitless flexibility. INSIS As your technology partner, we will empower your digital transformation by utilizing Insis –the most advanced insurance platform on the market, driving better digital engagement with customers. Solutions We deliver technology driven solutions that help organizations solve complex business challenges and accelerate innovation by utilizing our pre-built frameworks and domain specific know-how. CsRM Our Cyber Security Risk Manager (CsRM) solution is a single platform that brings continuous awareness of your security posture through live monitoring and proactive alerting empowering you to achieve sustainable results. ACC We created our Application Continuity Center (ACC) to ensure your digital services are continuously up and running, enable transparent and cost-efficient operations and allow faster and more effective responses to resiliency issues. E-commerce Our cloud-native omni-channel solution and marketplace provides functionalities that grow businesses by reducing costs and time-to- market and unifying content and messaging for customers on any channel they use. "At our core, we are an engineering company – passionate about designing and building solutions that harness cutting-edge technologies and enable businesses to operate, innovate and scale within a truly digital world. Our strength and advantage lie in our agility, cross-industry expertise and top talent pool.” Ivan Ivanov, CEO Scalefocus Our Valued Partners We are partnering with the Leading Technology Companies Salesforce Apttus Microsoft Azure Coupa Google Cloud Amazon Web Services SAP Microsoft Get in Touch Please select the reason for your inquiry: Sales & Marketing Careers General Information I confirm that I have read and understood ScaleFocus’ Privacy Policy I would like to receive the latest business and technical insights by email. 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    Applications Continuity Center Liberate yourself from support and maintenance issues by adopting our solution. LEARN MORE Our Services We provide software development and digital services that enable organizations to operate, innovate and scale their business, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, top talent and cross-industry expertise. Strategy & Advisory View More Technology Strategy / Software Architecture / Project Management / Business Analysis / Security Consulting Digital Engineering View More Software Engineering / UI Engineering / Mobile Everything / Data & Analytics / Quality Engineering Intelligent Automation View More Robotic Process Automation / ML & AI / Application Integration / Business Process Management / Internet of Things Infrastructure & Operations View More Cloud & DevOps / Security Operations Center / Application Support / Infrastructure Support This is Mobile Strip only Strategy & Advisory Technology Strategy / Software Architecture / Project Management / Business Analysis / Security Consulting Digital Engineering Software Engineering / UI Engineering / Mobile Everything / Data & Analytics / Quality Engineering View More Intelligent Automation Robotic Process Automation / ML & AI / Application Integration / Business Process Management / Internet of Things View More Infrastructure & Operations Cloud & DevOps / Security Operations Center / Application Support / Infrastructure Support View More We are partnering with the world’s Leading Technology Companies Our Solutions We deliver technology driven solutions that help organizations to solve complex business challenges and accelerate innovation, by utilizing our pre-built frameworks and domain specific know-how. Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. Application Continuity Center Guarantee the continuity of all your critical systems Enabling organizations to overcome incidents by leveraging data-driven incremental improvements, AI and swarm intelligence. LEARN MORE LEARN MORE Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. Cybersecurity Risk Manager Continuously assess your Cyber Threats Empowering organizations to quantify and address the ever-increasing cyber threats. LEARN MORE LEARN MORE Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. E-Commerce ​ Omnichannel commerce for the large enterprise Helping enterprises create unified customer journey and reduce total cost of ownership with Cloud-native eCommerce omni-channel solution and marketplace. LEARN MORE LEARN MORE We deliver solutions with Industry Leading Platforms Our Achievements Founded in 2012, today Scalefocus is the biggest Bulgarian owned software engineering company. 500+ Completed Projects 300+ Customers Net Promoter Score “At our core, we are an engineering company - passionate about designing and building solutions that harness cutting-edge technologies, and enable businesses to operate, innovate and scale within a truly digital world. Our strength and advantage lies in our agility, cross-industry expertise and top talent pool.” ​ Ivan Ivanov CEO, Scalefocus Clients around the World 9.2 /10 100+ Awards & Recognitions Our Achievements Founded in 2012, today Scalefocus is the biggest Bulgarian owned software engineering company. Our Work We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities. Healthcare & Life Science Private Cloud-Based Application Development READ MORE Telecom & Media End-to-End Digital Solutions for Over-the-Top Video Provider READ MORE Finance & Banking Disrupting the FinTech Industry with a Mobile Solution READ MORE EXPLORE ALL What our clients say about us “We have been partnering with ScaleFocus for a number of our projects since 2016. Working together, our engineering teams have helped position Paysafe as a leading payment solutions provider powered by great technology within the fast-paced payments industry.” Miroslav Bojilov General Manager, Paysafe READ ALL Our Stories See how we are transforming businesses and delivering digital innovation by reading client success stories, staying up to date on our current endeavors, virtual events and more. Business Acceleration With SAP S/4HANA for Manufacturers: A 7 април 2021 г. READ MORE Angel, a Senior DevOps Engineer with a Taste for Yoga and In 5 април 2021 г. READ MORE 4 Problems Solved by Implementing Nearshore Development 2 април 2021 г. READ MORE READ ALL Get in Touch Please select the reason for your inquiry: Sales & Marketing Careers General Information I confirm that I have read and understood ScaleFocus’ Privacy Policy I would like to receive the latest business and technical insights by email. 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