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  • Milan, Head of SBU Solutions that loves fixing and cooking things up

    On his background My fascination with computers began when I started meddling with the DOS operating system of my PC back in the 90s. I wanted to understand how everything worked, one thing led to another, and I ultimately graduated with a degree in Computer Science. After that is has been a quiet journey where I had the opportunity to work with many smart people and build great products and services. I have spent about 12 years in Sofia, but now I have settled down with my family in my hometown of Plovdiv. On his role at Scalefocus I have been with Scelefocus for more than a year now. As Head of SBU Solutions, I am responsible for our newest business division, where we seek to promote innovative ideas for new business lines using the principles of the so-called intrapreneurship. You can think of it as a sandbox for startup-like endeavours which break the mould of our existing offerings and existing business models. On his team I have the honor to work with some of the brightest minds in the company. It is amazing to work with people who constantly strive to give their best while aiming for some pretty ambitious goals. On dealing with doubt Read, think, talk with people, consult your inner voice. On music, hobbies, family, pets, and everything in between My current hobbies are cooking and trying to fix things around the house. Both keep the stress down and I enjoy them a lot. On his life outside of work I try to spend time as much as possible with my amazing wife Mariya and our young munchkin Simeon outside of work. We love nature, so we hike around Plovdiv quite frequently. On the best advice for new software specialists Always be hungry to learn new ideas and technologies. Have a plan on what you would like to achieve personally/professionally and execute it – always have a vision, do not just go with the flow. On his everyday work life My workday starts at around 9:00 AM, when I usually go through the daily plan I have prepared the night before. My tasks/goals for each day are quite varied, ranging from speaking with potential customers to discussing technical and business roadmaps for our solutions. At the end of the day, I try to spare some time for personal development by reading or watching some exciting content. On what’s the most important since you started at Scalefocus То makе sure that people understand I have got their backs and I am there to resolve issues and help navigate their career paths.

  • Top 4 Reasons to Implement RPA

    According to a recent Gartner survey, by 2022 90% of companies will have started implementing RPA. So why is an increasing number of businesses relying on the technology and should this be your next step towards accelerating your business growth? There are many benefits to consider and we’ve selected the top ones for you. More time for businesses to focus on expansion Can you imagine saving your finance department 25,000 hours of avoidable work? Gartner reports that it is possible to save this amount of time with RPA, while also saving $878,000 a year. Of course, you will need to select the right processes to automate in the first place. As a start, you need to get a buy-in from your internal stakeholders. To that end, work with them and identify the main pain points each department has and create an initial RPA action plan of no more than 7-10 steps to address them. Fast and long-term results on ROI Depending on the scale, complexity and exceptions of the process, your business should see a return on investment in 6 to 9 months after the RPA implementation. On the one hand, the time you free from manual processes is expected to have a direct positive impact on revenue. On the other hand, it will allow employees to adopt a more logical and strategic mindset. This is a valuable long-term benefit since managers can focus on building the skillset of their teams instead of hiring new people to get repetitive, mundane tasks done. Easy, seamless integrations One of the best things about RPA are its limitless customizations and the ability to be implemented for various solutions and technologies, such as document automation and invoice capture. Business Process Management (BPM) is another great example. While BPM is used for optimizing processes, paired with RPA it can fully automate them. It also allows for connecting legacy and new systems. Building internal trust Once employees realize that RPA does not pose a threat to their jobs but instead is likely to make them more enjoyable, they can reach their full professional potential by focusing on exciting new projects and developing new skills. RPA also boosts cross-team collaboration by stimulating teams to share ideas and best practices about optimizing processes. At the end of the day, RPA sparks discussions about the best ways to prioritize the unique demands from each department and this is a real game changer. If you want to learn more practical tips and insights on how RPA can accelerate your business, register to watch our webinar, Achieve More with RPA: The Path to Digital Transformation. Make sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date with coming events, company news and exciting initiatives!

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  • CaseStudies

    Case Studies We let our clients speak for our success. Check out the results of our work from Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities. Home / Our Work All Technology Strategy Insurance Finance & Banking Energy & Utilities Healthcare & Life Science E-Commerce & Retail Logistics Telecom & Media arrow&v Healthcare & Life Science Next Level DevOps Maturity and Data Security with Azure DevOps Server Read more Healthcare & Life Science Building Resilience with Offshore Software Development Center Read more Healthcare & Life Science 40% Cost Reduction Via Private Cloud-Based Platform Development Read more Healthcare & Life Science Automated Claim Settlement Cuts Down Processing Time in Half Read more Healthcare & Life Science Achieving Two Times Higher Productivity with Fully Redesigned UI/UX Read more Finance & Banking A Future-Ready Platform Connects and Digitalizes the Precious Metal Market Read more Logistics InTime Logistics Achieves 14% Revenue Growth Through Innovation Read more Healthcare & Life Science An Automated Test Framework Improves Process Effectiveness Read more Finance & Banking Changing the World, One Socially Conscious Banking App at a Time Read more Load more

  • Next Level DevOps Maturity and Data Security with Azure DevOps Server

    Healthcare & Life Science Next Level DevOps Maturity and Data Security with Azure DevOps Server Home / Case Studies Success Story Our client, a leader in personalized healthcare, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, needed а technology partner who would migrate their heavily customized Team Management Foundation Server (TFS) to a next generation development management system. Scalefocus identified the required functionalities of the future system and created a roadmap for improving the organization’s DevOps maturity. Our team performed the migration to Azure DevOps Server resulting in a fully unified workflow, ultra-secure storage of information and a future-ready approach to code and software development management. Full control over update rollouts Enacted DevOps best practices Created a fully unified workflow The Client Our client is a biotech company specializing in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics to solve today’s healthcare’s challenges through innovation and targeted therapy for patients. A pioneer in the industry, the client is a leading provider of in vitro diagnostics and treatments across different disease areas, including oncology, neuroscience, immunology, ophthalmology and infectious diseases. Since it was founded over a century ago, the company has helped millions of people across the globe and has been at the forefront of cancer treatment and research for the last 50 years. Our client’s focus is on improving patients’ lives through science that provides better medicines and diagnostics. The Solution Our client needed a technology partner to guide a major transformation initiative—moving away from Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS) to a next-generation development management system. The client needed the ability to allow their people, their hardware and their process to work together without compromising effectiveness. The outdated approach TFS offered in terms of managing code and software development used a central depository and the client felt their business needs would be better met with a system that uses a distributed depository. Scalefocus proposed a phased migration approach to achieving the business goals the client had set out. The initial stage focused on setting up the migration’s priorities by determining environment readiness and identifying current gaps. Our team conducted extensive interviews with stakeholders across the entire organization which were followed by the delivery of a roadmap for transitioning to the new system and maximizing its benefits long term. Once our team had concluded the best system to transition to was Azure DevOps Server, the client’s management team was fully onboard, and we then executed the strategy we had mapped out. Due to the handling of large volumes of confidential medical information and based on the client’s budgetary requirements, our team decided to proceed with Azure DevOps Server as opposed to Azure DevOps Services. This ‘closed network’ implementation offered a level of security unrivalled by Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure DevOps. Since the essence of the client’s business required certain information to be stored onsite, Azure DevOps Server was the best choice. The migration allows for full control of how and where data can be accessed. Whenever the client decides they need to take full advantage of Azure DevOps Services, the transition will be easy and seamless—our team made sure the information stored in Azure DevOps Server is cloud-ready and it can be transferred at any time. Results Scalefocus delivered a detailed TFS migration and a DevOps roadmap on time and on budget. The client, who is biotech pioneer, was missing business opportunities due to the lack of DevOps practices. To amend that, we recommend the necessary tooling and automated processes coordinated with the migration strategy set of recommendations. The new Azure DevOps Server system helps the client with the organization of the work process and code management, as well as with quick and automated software deployment. Scalefocus stepped in as a technology partner who knows the steps required, the pitfalls and the tools that best match the needs of the client who now takes full advantage of tall that an advanced development management system like Azure DevOps offers. Up-to-date development management system implementing the current SDLC A fully unified workflow allowing faster software delivery and deployment Eliminated the need to synch data: Azure DevOps Server as the single source of truth Next level DevOps maturity that was non-existent in the client’s entire infrastructure Ability to create, share and consume useful code in the form of packages Full control over update rollouts and unrivalled levels of security Recommended broader DevOps best practices and organizational structure Defined per-program and cross-program metrics and reporting Our Work We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities. Healthcare & Life Science Automated Claim Settlement Cuts Down Processing Time in Half Read more Healthcare & Life Science Building Resilience with Offshore Software Development Center Read more Healthcare & Life Science Achieving Two Times Higher Productivity with Fully Redesigned UI/UX Read more Explore all Start your technology transformation today Scalefocus exists to bring innovative tech-centric software solutions, which exceed client expectations and bring excellent, scalable results. Get in touch

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    Services Services Consulting & Design Technology Strategy Software Architecture Program Management Business Analysis Security Consulting Digital Engineering Software Engineering UI Engineering Mobile Everything Data & Analytics Internet of Things Intelligent Automation Robotic Process Automation ML & AI Application Integration Business Process Management Infrastructure & Operations Cloud & DevOps Cybersecurity Application Support Infrastructure Support Solutions Solutions Solutions Application Continuity Center Cybersecurity Risk Manager E-Commerce Platforms Salesforce Apttus SAP INSIS Our work Our work How We Engage Full Lifecycle Delivery Managed Services Consultancy & Technological Services Case Studies Logistics Finance & Banking E-Commerce & Retail Insurance Healthcare & Life science Manufacturing Telecom & Media Energy & Utilities Technology About About Company Who We Are Leadership Team Board of Directors Awards & Recognitions Stories Customer Testimonials People Success Stories CSR News Press Releases Careers Contact us

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