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  • How Is Machine Learning Transforming Healthcare?

    Table of contents How is Machine Learning Transforming Healthcare? Medical Diagnostics Epidemic Control Drug Discovery and Clinical Research Treatment Recommendations Chatbots Internet of Medical Things Transforming Healthcare the Scalefocus Way Conclusions How Is Machine Learning Transforming Healthcare? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning might have been considered the future of healthcare not that long ago, but things have changed. What was once considered futuristic is the real world we inhabit now, and the rate the industry is being transformed by these powerful drivers is astonishing to witness. Let’s explore some of the areas being revolutionized before our eyes. Medical Diagnostics Mаchine Learning is very effective in diagnostics and recognizing different types of diseases that are typically very difficult to detect, especially in the initial stages, when early diagnostics could be life-saving. Such technology can be deployed in various healthcare sectors to detect different types of cancer, neurological conditions, pathogens, etc. Machine Learning models can be widely deployed and very effective. They could be based on physiological, environmental, and genetic data that helps discover risk factors and improve the diagnostic accuracy. This results in better treatment efficiency and reduction of unnecessary hospital visits whenever remote examination is possible. Epidemic Control The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that Artificial Intelligence could be key to limiting the infection spread. ML facilitates the processing of satellite information, social media trends, and news websites to make conclusions on epidemic outbreaks around the globe to gain better control of them. Unlike random testing, ML comprehensive testing strategies allow researchers to predict the possible scope of the epidemic at its very start. They can also reduce the infection spread when specific age groups or geographic areas are recognized to be potentially at risk, and necessary measures are taken as a precaution. Drug Discovery and Clinical Research Machine Learning algorithms can model drug components that treat similar diseases, using existing records of their effect on patients. This would facilitate personal medication for individuals with certain combinations of illnesses and unique requirements. Machine Learning helps researchers leverage past and present research to make the preclinical process more efficient and Deep Learning facilitates finding new patterns in relatively unexplored data sets. Clinical research and trials of new medications are an arduous and costly process. However, sometimes the time to market for a specific drug or vaccine needs to be accelerated to the maximum. You really do not need to look further than the COVID-19 vaccines and the unprecedented speed they became available. Luckily, ML algorithms reduce data-based errors by detecting the best samples and analysing the ongoing data from the trial participants. Treatment Recommendations Accurate diagnostics is critical for effective treatment. That is why treatment recommendation AI can play a significant role in improving healthcare quality. Reinforcement Learning (RL) is Machine Learning that makes decisions based on analysing experience. This means Reinforcement Learning practically emulates the decision-making process of knowledgeable physicians. While not fully deployed in replacing actual doctors, Reinforcement Learning has been used for clinical trial dosing in simulation settings and determining the medication dosage. Chatbots Robots are not here to take our jobs away. But they can replace or augment human operators and do 24/7 routine work that does not require emotional intelligence, creativity, or critical thinking. Healthcare organizations typically utilize them to free up resources, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs and deliver better business value. Chatbots and automated surveys facilitate patients to resolve issues without the help of a physician. They collect and use patient interaction data to improve service quality and provide reminders and motivational messages. This way, the automation of repetitive tasks lets healthcare specialists concentrate on emergencies or more complicated cases. Chatbots are evolving and getting easily accessible and inexpensive, so the industry is expected to be taking even more advantage of them. The Scalefocus remote software development centers have extensive experience building chatbot solutions that are tailor-made to our partners’ business models. Internet of Medical Things Smartwatches, bio patches, smart hearing aids, smart pills – these wearables are also known as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and make healthcare more connected than ever. They finetune treatment programs by using precise statistics on the patients’ sleep and nutrition habits or average activity level and sending real-time information on their health state to their doctors. Patients increasingly prefer contacting physicians remotely and getting actual treatment only if necessary. That means at least two things – self-care is a trend that is here to stay, and the wearables’ role is only getting more significant. They detect tendencies or anomalies in the patients’ regime and suggest possible modifications for a healthier lifestyle and disease prevention. Scalefocus has gained solid experience working with healthcare organizations, including anindustry leader that utilizes our offshore development centers as service providers. Such expertise has allowed us to develop end-to-end platforms and wearables like the award-winning SoFit device – a scalable integrated system for patients who need remote Physical Therapy or Kinesiotherapy. It provides on-demand Telehealth services, allowing for complete rehabilitation treatment even without a physician’s presence. Read on to find out more about another one of our finest healthcare solutions. SAAM - Transforming healthcare the Scalefocus Way SAAM stands for Supporting Active Ageing Through Multimodal Coaching and is basically a virtual assistant platform. It tackles the feeling of isolation and depression among ageing people by boosting their well-being and supporting a more active and connected lifestyle. The platform uses unobtrusive personal and smart home sensors to enhance human interaction and help the elderly stay mobile and socialised. The platform utilizes Machine Learning, user profiling and interfaces, affective computing, and modal coaching. As a result, SAAM enables caregivers to: Coach the social circle of elderly people and get in touch and support them when needed; Suggest social and cultural events based on the preferences and interests of the users; Support the seniors’ group activities; Embrace a platform for telemedicine, telework, and integrated social services. What SAAM does to assist older persons in their everyday tasks and well-being at home: Collects health, emotional and cognitive data from sensors, smart meters, video, and audio receivers; Monitors vital functions and medication take-in; Detects mood and behavior changes; Provides recommendations for healthy diets and hobbies; Detects injuries and prevent risk situations (falls, burning, illness) by monitoring their domestic environment. SAAM is a Scalefocus proprietary project and its concept is derives from our vast Machine learning and healthcare experience. Through the years we have turned into an innovation partner to numerous industry disruptors and have helped them utilize the latest technologies to improve customer experience and digitalization. Conclusion Medical Diagnostics, Epidemic Control, Drug Discovery, and Clinical Research are among the areas Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are putting their stamp on while driving modern healthcare forward. The Internet of Medical Things has made self-medication more accessible and reliable than ever, and Chatbots now provide 24/7 support while healthcare organizations free up resources. Choosing Scalefocus for a trusted technology and IT outsourcing partner has helped our partners leverage cutting-edge technology and a world-class team of software engineers, data scientists, and project managers to stay at the forefront of innovation. We are passionate about all things healthcare, so why not contact us and have a chat about your projects and how we can assist?

  • DMEA 2022 – Innovation Pulse Check for the Digital Health

    DMEA 2022, Europe's largest Digital Health Event, returned to Berlin after two years of virtual events due to the pandemic. It brought together the thought and industry leaders transforming healthcare through technology innovation, such as connected smart medical devices and AI-driven software platforms. During the three-day event, experts from politics, science, and the healthcare industry presented what moves health IT today and what technology promises for tomorrow. More than 500 exhibitors presented their innovations at DMEA – with topics ranging from telemedicine, AI applications, medical information systems, operating theatre technology, and digital health applications to IT infrastructure and hardware. Scalefocus had the pleasure to be one of them. At our booth, right next to our peers from Fraunhofer, we showcased our collaboration with cutting-edge providers of diagnostic solutions, healthcare management platforms, and AI-driven innovation. Team Scalefocus was delighted to meet German and European healthcare experts and exchange ideas about innovative ways to boost collaboration between business and technology and reduce time to market for critical functionalities. We also discussed new digital capabilities breaking down siloes and rigid ways of providing healthcare services.

  • The summer season of SFA is here

    After an amazing Go iteration, it's time for Java and Front-End! About the Java track If you already have a fundamental understanding of programming, this technical program of Scalefocus Academy is the perfect place for you to grow. In 90 days, you will polish your skills while working on real Java-based projects in a sandbox environment. Through the duration of technical program Java, you will practice PostgreSQL and Spring boot. About the Front-End track JavaScript has become the most popular programming language worldwide. If you already understand programming fundamentals, this technical program of Scalefocus Academy will help you delve deep into JavaScript. With the rise of popularity of JavaScript, libraries were created to help mainstream the development of highly scalable component-based applications. The library that this iteration of the academy will focus on is ReactJS. ReactJS is one of the most popular libraries for building highly scalable web applications with an emphasis on highly efficient DOM manipulations and easy to maintain declarative views. ReactJS offers graceful solutions to some of Front-end programming’s most persistent issues, allowing you to build dynamic and interactive web apps with ease. It’s fast, scalable, flexible, powerful, and has a robust developer community that’s rapidly growing. There’s never been a better time to learn React. In 90 intensive days, you will polish your skills while working on real JavaScript-based projects in a sandbox environment. Through the duration of Technical Program JavaScript, you will practice JavaScript/Typescript, HTML, CSS, React and Redux. About the application process It’s pretty straightforward – you can apply here until the 31st of May. Then, on the 1st of June you have to take a technical and an English exam. You will receive your results on the next day, and if you have passed you will be invited to a Q&A meeting where our team will explain in detail what to expect and you can book your interview. If all goes well, you will start your IT journey on the 20th of June! You can have a look at the full schedule here. About the tuition The whole course is entirely free and online. Lectures are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 18:00 to 21:00 Practice Labs are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00 to 21:00. This means that lectures will take you about 10 hours a week, while practice and time spent with your mentor is up to you. After successfully graduating from the Academy, students will have the opportunity to start their IT career immediately at Scalefocus. Have any questions? Feel free to check our FAQ page for more information. If you need additional information, feel free to drop us an e-mail at

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  • Apttus | Scalefocus

    Apttus Home / Platforms Standing between the front-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and back-office Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the Apttus Middle Office Platform covers the whole process starting from when a customer expresses a desire to purchase your product or service all the way through to the completed transaction. Scalefocus helps business get out of the continous loop of revenue loss with a complete set of solutions that boost sales and optimize the quote-to-cash process shifting it into high gear. Our team fills the gap between traditional CRM and ERP systems while: ​ Reducing sales cycles and quoting errors Increasing deal size and win rates Simplifying order capture and fulfilment of complex products Offering self-service options and improving multi-channel performance Raising customer retention and loyalty Our implementation team is not only adept in the Salesforce platform itself but has excellent technical know-how and industry knowledge. Our consultants can audit and help you optimize your sales process by applying best practices and business specific knowledge. We have more than a century of combined experience in delivering Apttus solutions to world leaders in healthcare, logistics, energy and manufacturing. Contract Lifecycle Management Businesses not only waste a lot of time handling large volumes of contracts but make simple preventable errors which could cost them a pretty penny. They may also risk liability if compliance and legal requirements are not followed through and met. By employing Apttus’ CLM, automated Contract Lifecycle Management system, organizations can easily streamline quoting, contracting and revenue processes seamlessly and ensure that all information passing through is being treated correctly at every step. ​ The CLM solution acts as a centralized and secure repository for all company contracts. Its capabilities include: Full text search across words, terms and clauses Detailed audit history per user Filtering and saved searches Benefits of adopting this industry-leading solution include: ​ 45% higher contract accuracy 43% higher contract renewal 42% speed-up contracting speed and volume 43% higher contract compliance 51% better deal flow visibility 44% speed-up in approvals Configure Price Quote Welcoming in CPQ implementation brings in several benefits for a business, that include but are not limited to: rapid testing and deployment of pricing models, flexibility when dealing to solve complex business challenges, easy customizations, operational comfort and instant inventory access. Apttus’ CPQ solution reduces the time spent in creating and sending quotes from weeks to minutes. Built on the Salesforce cloud platform, the CPQ solution enables and motivates your pre-sales and sales teams to quickly turn opportunities into deals. Apttus CPQ Software Benefits: Deliver fast, error-free quotes to customers Create complex and mixed contracts within minutes Make smart decisions, based on accurate sales forecasts Apart from boosting sales effectiveness by up to 25%, CPQ implementation achieves: ​ 51% better proposal quality 38% faster time-to-quote 30% better deal win rate 22% increased deal size 44% speed-up in approvals ​ Find out how our Remote Delivery Center developed a low-code configurable solution that could easily scale up, depending on the business needs of a global leader in the quote-to-cash solutions. Read now Start your technology transformation today Scalefocus exists to bring innovative tech-centric software solutions, which exceed client expectations and bring excellent, scalable results. Get in touch

  • Scalefocus | Software Development & Digital Services

    Bringing Award-Winning Innovation Innovative Company of the Year, Forbes Business Awards 2022 Learn more Our Services We provide software development and digital services that enable organizations to operate, innovate and scale their business, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, top talent and cross-industry expertise. Strategy & Advisory Technology Strategy Software Architecture Program Management Business Analysis Security Consulting View More Digital Engineering Software Engineering UI Engineering Mobile Everything Data & Analytics View More Intelligent Automation ML & AI Application Integration Internet of Things View More Infrastructure & Operations Cloud & DevOps Cybersecurity Application Support Infrastructure Support View More This is Mobile only Strip Strategy & Advisory Technology Strategy / Software Architecture / Project Management / Business Analysis / Security Consulting Digital Engineering Software Engineering / UI Engineering / Mobile Everything / Data & Analytics / Quality Engineering View More Intelligent Automation Robotic Process Automation / ML & AI / Application Integration / Business Process Management / Internet of Things View More Infrastructure & Operations Cloud & DevOps / Security Operations Center / Application Support / Infrastructure Support View More We are partnering with the world’s Leading Technology Companies Our Solutions We deliver technology driven solutions that help organizations to solve complex business challenges and accelerate innovation, by utilizing our pre-built frameworks and domain specific know-how. Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. Application Continuity Center Guarantee the continuity of all your critical systems Enabling organizations to overcome incidents by leveraging data-driven incremental improvements, AI and swarm intelligence. Learn more Learn more Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. Cybersecurity Risk Manager Continuously assess your Cyber Threats Empowering organizations to quantify and address the ever-increasing cyber threats. Learn more Learn more Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. E-Commerce Omnichannel commerce for the large enterprise Helping enterprises create unified customer journey and reduce total cost of ownership with Cloud-native eCommerce omni-channel solution and marketplace. Learn more Learn more We deliver solutions with Industry Leading Platforms Our Achievements Founded in 2012, today Scalefocus is the biggest Bulgarian owned software engineering company. 500+ Completed Projects 300+ Clients Worldwide 100+ Awards & Recognitions 9.2 /10 Customer Net Promoter Score “At our core, we are an engineering company - passionate about designing and building solutions that harness cutting-edge technologies, and enable businesses to operate, innovate and scale within a truly digital world. Our strength and advantage lies in our agility, cross-industry expertise and top talent pool.” Ivan Ivanov CEO, Scalefocus Our Work We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities. Finance & Banking Remote Delivery Center for Global Leader in Quote-to-Cash Solutions Read more Telecom & Media Premium Video App Development Read more Technology Strategy Mobile Solution for Geospatial Activities Read more Explore all What our clients say about us “We have been partnering with Scalefocus for a number of our projects since 2016. Working together, our engineering teams have helped position Paysafe as a leading payment solutions provider powered by great technology within the fast-paced payments industry.” – Miroslav Bojilov, Paysafe Our Stories See how we are transforming businesses and delivering digital innovation by reading client success stories, staying up to date on our current endeavors, virtual events and more. DMEA 2022 – Innovation Pulse Check for the Digital Health 19.05.2022 г. Read more The summer season of SFA is here 18.05.2022 г. Read more Celebrating the Scalefocus Way! 3.05.2022 г. Read more Read all Get in Touch Please select the reason for your inquiry: Sales Careers General Information I confirm that I have read and understood ScaleFocus’ Privacy Policy I would like to receive the latest business and technical insights by email. Let’s talk! * Indicates required fields createLead

  • Remote Software Development Center | Scalefocus

    Remote Delivery Center Set up your extended offshore and nearshore software development operations from framework to kick-off in just 45 days Get in Touch Services How it works? Engagement Models Why Scalefocus? Our Work Reimagine the way you have been doing offshore and nearshore software development. Whether market-driven or triggered by internal operational needs, the development and provision of modern and reliable digital services and products is increasingly becoming a core competence for many companies. And more and more of them are opting for offshore or nearshore software development services in order to: Bridge the talent gap The global IT talent shortage isn’t going away! The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that by 2026, the shortage of software engineers in the US will exceed 1.2M. Europe is currently facing a shortfall of 600 000 unfulfilled IT positions. Restrain rising costs for development When setting up a remote delivery center, businesses can expect a detailed analysis of their digital landscape, of the specific value drivers, as well as of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Accelerate time-to-market for new products To scale their business in the digital world, companies need to accelerate software development lifecycles and rely on innovation in new product development and upgrades. Remote software delivery teams are used to agile development, consolidated way of working and ease of management. Gain access to the latest technologies Offshore and nearshore software service providers have vast experience across different industry verticals and will help you to apply the latest technologies and best practices, backed up by world-class engineering team. Offshore and nearshore development services can help you locate the right talent, extend your expertise and reduce risks Access to top talent Finding and locking down tech talent takes time and money. Offshore and nearshore development partners enable companies to tap into a top-notch engineering talent pool, using latest technologies, and to take advantage of software development innovations. Flexibility in responsibility & control With a remote development center, you can take as much control and responsibility as you feel comfortable with. From extended teams to consultancy and technology advisory, your provider assumes the risks and continuous accountability from offshore while you focus on your core business strategy. Agile technology adoption Offshore and nearshore development centers have established processes for test automation and development quality. Prototypes and experiments are left in the hands of technology experts. Multidisciplinary teams fill in the gaps in your organization with technology & professional services expertise across the board. Quickly scale up or down Whether you need just a few developers or are under pressure to scale up your operations quickly, offshore and nearshore development centers provide the flexibility to easily scale up or down as projects come and go, without worries about HR processes, under-utilised office space, and IT assets. Accelerated time-to-market The offshore and nearshore development center quickly aligns with your strategy, long-term objectives and mimics the structure of your organization. The adjustable team composition matches varying project needs and accelerates the pace of development and tools to deliver services at high velocity. Long-term budget predictability Long-term commitment from both client and vendor enables further savings for the former. A predictable cost service is tied to outcomes that allow you to stay within your budgetary and time constraints. How Does the Remote Delivery Center Work? Scalefocus has developed the Remote Software Delivery Center as a special operational model to address the growing need for software development partners with a mature approach and the right setup to provide value beyond staff augmentation. This engagement employs a comprehensive agile multi-level communication and operational matrix that ensures our teams act as an extended self-sufficient department of your business. We take full ownership of the timeline and deliverables of your digital initiatives or even roadmap, so you can focus on your core business and be confident that everything will be delivered on time and in scope. Offshore Software Development vs. Other Service Models In-house team You get more control when you hire an in-house team, but you can grow only as fast as your hiring process allows. It is more challenging to scale up and down and access all the latest, trending technologies. Nearshore software development Nearshore outsourcing is when the development partner is near their client. Usually in a similar time zone or region with fewer linguistic and cultural differences. Onshore software development Onshoring happens when you hire your tech partner within the borders of your own country. Because both companies operate in an environment with the same cost of living, this is often the more expensive option. Offshore software development Offshoring is partnering with a provider usually overseas that has access to a vast talent pool. Offshoring partners enable greater cost optimizations, operational efficiency, and extended business coverage after working hours. Choose Between Different Service Engagement Models Offshore and nearshore development partners provide flexibility with different engagement models that you can select based on your desired business outcomes, control preferences, and the type of resources you need. Consultancy and Technology Advisory Solution Development Staff Augmentation Return on Investment Engagement Complexity High Low High Dedicated Teams Offshore Delivery Center Managed Services Consultancy & Technology Advisory Staff Augmentation Offshore and Nearshore Delivery Center Solution Implementation and Development Dedicated Teams Managed Services How to Choose the Offshore or Nearshore Partner That Is Right for You Offshoring development should be a long-term relationship. The right partner will accelerate your market strategy while selecting the wrong one can wreak havoc on your business operations. It’s always better to set clear expectations from the beginning and to have a clear view of what you expect, such as expertise, communication style, security procedures, talent availability, and proactiveness. Proactiveness, paired with industry-specific experience and ability to deliver, is one of the best qualities an offshore development partner might have. Why Choose Scalefocus? Driving Customer Success Through Technology & Innovation With over 250 people dedicated in remote delivery centers across the globe and an average NPS of 9.3 among all of those engagements, Scalefocus is a trusted remote delivery partner who helps businesses innovate, operate and scale effectively in a truly digital world. Major Benefits Best in class infrastructure Class A office space, two data centers with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. Innovation program Specially designed innovation program to help clients find creative solutions to their technology challenges. Strong security Centralized access controls, layered physical security, and centralized remote control of systems, devices, and facilities. Knowledge management Keep all existing knowledge in client systems and environment. Resources upskilling Enhance training programs for all delivery resources aligned with client priorities and demand. Hands-on managers All RDC dedicated managers are hands-on and participate actively in the team development on a micro level. Up to 50% faster resource onboarding Established governance and engagement model since 2016 Low resource attrition (< 7%) compared to mainstream engagement models High employee satisfaction with a long-term outlook Career progression within the engagement Outstanding one-team culture of execution and excellence Office Locations USA Business Development & Sales Location Delivery Location North Macedonia Business Development & Sales Location Delivery Location Bulgaria Business Development & Sales Location Delivery Location Turkey New Delivery Location Skopje Bitola Varna Sofia Burgas Plovdiv Istanbul Our Work Healthcare & Life Science Building Resilience with Offshore Software Development Center Read more E-Commerce & Retail Deploying a Remote Delivery Center for a Digital Retailer Read more Finance & Banking Remote Delivery Center for Global Leader in Quote-to-Cash Solutions Read more Ready to scale and meet the technology challenges of tomorrow? We help business grow by bringing together a world-class engineering team, industry expertise and technology excellence. Contact us today

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