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  • Scalefocus Collaborates with Coupa to Drive Success in Business Spend Management

    Scalefocus is excited to announce the news of our new collaboration with the world’s leading BSM (Business Spend Management) company, Coupa. Coupa empowers all businesses – from Fortune 1000 companies to the world’s fastest-growing organizations–to unify their supply chain design and planning, procurement, payments, and treasury processes in one comprehensive, cloud-based Business Spend Management platform. Coupa’s community of 2,000+ customers use the platform to maximize the value of more than $2.3T of spend to date. The Coupa platform gives businesses visibility and control over their resources through spend management solutions and has been the only company recognized twice as Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Procure-to-Pay Suites. Why Coupa? So what makes Coupa and Scalefocus an extraordinary combination? Well, for starters both Coupa and Scalefocus share a similar innovation philosophy: delivering real value through the creation of unique, new capabilities that respond to business needs. Coupa embraces co-innovation and community, directly reaping the benefits of working together with partners as a team towards a common goal. A leader in BSM management, we believe that Coupa will further extend our capabilities to provide high value-added resolutions to our clients’ problems, making their business stand out among competitors. Procurement Made Simple By implementing Coupa’s procurement suite, manual and non-standardized processes are replaced with ease of use and scaling for growth. Businesses are able to make smart decisions based on real-time purchase requisition and order tracking, quick reporting and effective supply base management. To put things into perspective, companies are able to achieve upwards of 80% addressable spend after successful implementation. “Scalefocus is always looking for ways to expand our expertise in technologies that can bring value to our clients which we believe is the case with Coupa. We look forward to this partnership that will enable us to simplify, give full transparency and control of the procurement process for our customers.” Ivan Ivanov, CEO, Scalefocus What’s Next? Our efforts in the months ahead will be to work together with Coupa to leverage their procurement software suite, in order to provide maximum savings, optimizations and measurable business results to both our clients and partners.

  • How Eastern Europe Excels in RPA Technology 

    The only constant in life is change. And this couldn't be truer for the IT community in Eastern Europe. Powered by a professional work ethic and the motivation to excel, the region’s IT sector is experiencing a boom of qualified specialists eager to solve the challenges of tomorrow. RPA is one of the technologies which is gaining traction in transforming businesses by automating processes and eliminating repetitive, redundant tasks to save valuable resources. So let’s see what places Eastern Europe at an advantage in advancing RPA technology, and why more companies are choosing to invest in the region. Location. Location. Location. Serving as a gateway for Asia and the Middle East, Eastern Europe exists as a melting pot of different cultures, influences, and ideas. It is known for its turbulent history and dynamic social environment. The people’s fervent hope for betterment and actionable mindset have allowed the region to overcome many business challenges and rise up strong. In the last decades, Eastern Europe transitioned from the confines of socialism towards open and accessible markets, welcoming in economic and political liberalization processes. This background knowledge is necessary for understanding the region’s present favorable economic state. Meet the Locals The region's ever-changing landscape makes most countries highly adaptable and creative in pioneering new ways to outperform the competition. Despite a declining population, and the region's workforce being tested on every industry level, other regions like South and Southeast Asia can't compare with what Eastern Europe can bring in quality and skill. Innovate, Transform, Accelerate The pandemic and its consequences are complex for everyone, and the IT industry is no exception. It received some of the milder effects during and after the Covid-19 first arrival and peak but managed to adapt as fast as few other sectors. In a matter of days, they went from office workplace to work from everywhere solutions throughout every company department. These quick decisions immediately impacted and even improved the performance, timely delivery, and overall client satisfaction for many companies. An essential part of the outcome is based on integrating Robotic Process Automation (RPA): a licensed software tool to integrate any application via user interface to automate routine, predictable tasks using structured digital data. These products save time and eliminate human employees' need to conduct time-consuming, repetitive, and tedious tasks. Robots are means to secure business continuity for companies in times of pandemic when humans are exposed to restrictions outside of their control. Using such tools in automating routine tasks increases the company's predictability, ensuring that a certain task should and will be delivered on time and within the budget. RPA solutions provide development environments which are usually codeless, drag-and-drop systems, so they are accessible enough that non-developers can build necessary processes. As an alternative method of making workflows manually, many tools also provide the ability to record actions performed by a human within a software tool that can translate into workflows within the RPA product. The virtual agents perform actions following these workflows both with and without human supervision or intervention. It is common for RPA solutions to bring key business drivers as  business growth and resilience and operational efficiency to new heights. RPA allows an organization to take complete control over tasks it would have once outsourced. This is ideal for peace of mind as it ensures full oversight of how your data is used and processed. It also has the added benefits of reduced costs and scalability. The second point is particularly important as it’s what allows RPA to move from one task to the next seamlessly. Rather than having to find half a dozen different humans with overlapping skills, you can now outsource everything to one system. It also keeps your overheads lean as you can cost up your projects on an as-needed basis without having to retain staff. You can implement RPA software in any facet of an organization where manual processes are in place but are most commonly used in finance and operations, sales, and supply chain departments. The New Normal The pre-Covid stats say that 8% of the businesses have started to use automation extensively (i.e., more than 50 instances), which is double the percentage from the year before. It's 2021 now, and these solutions have become the bread and butter of many companies that seek optimization of their processes. Therefore everything that includes deploying bots into third-party applications to automate employees' tasks, both with and without human intervention, is becoming the gold standard for numerous companies. Because of its easily noticeable financial benefits (i.e., cost reductions and productivity boosts) and the more intricate, qualitative ones like employees' increased job satisfaction, robotic process automation has become the perfect illustration of disruptive technology. Last but not least, guidance from subject matter experts throughout the way increases the likelihood of profitable outcomes. So plan wisely and realistically, testing thoroughly, maintaining a good pace, involving all the right people in the project are some of the recommended ways to go with RPA. A Kind Reminder Our take-home message is that neither past failures nor the anticipation of future ones should hinder your progress towards automation gains. It is crucial to keep your feet on the ground and acknowledge that, as is usually the case with innovative technologies, implementing RPA can be rather challenging. And yet, this sounds like nothing new for Eastern Europe. Companies like Scalefocus in Bulgaria and others in the region are implementing and growing their work with this technology, reaching new client satisfaction levels and a reputation as brave innovators. We can honestly say that if the area had a motto, it would probably be "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and do the impossible in the meantime." So bring it on. Scalefocus can help you build, support, and expand your business as an experienced RPA partner, guiding you throughout the entire journey. Contact us to learn how.

  • Telco in 2021: From Transformation to Triumph

    On April 27, 2021 Scalefocus hosted the webinar, Telco in 2021: From Transformation to Triumph, focusing on how to gain an advantаge over the competition in data segmentation, efficiency and operational costs, and expanding R&D capabilities in the telecom industry. In the panel discussion, Scalefocus teamed up to hear from the experts in the field. The panel included Spas Velinov, Chief Technology Officer at Telenor, Stanislav Georgiev, Chief Executive Offer at Bulsatcom, Vlad Patenko, Google Cloud Customer Engineer, and Rosen Tonchev, IT Director at Vivacom. Covid’s Effects on Data Usage and Entertainment We’re currently witnessing an increase in various tools and technologies being implemented, that are helping us adapt to the work from home environment. For mobile network providers, ensuring constant connectivity at high speeds, while tailoring their services to respond to the unique needs of customers is the strongest effort being made. Spas comments, on the rising data usage: “Throughout the Covid pandemic, we have seen a big increase and change in the traffic demand, as well as a change in our customers’ behavior. We were joking before the start of the meeting, about the best tool to use for such an event. The webinar we’re in right now is being hosted on Zoom, but I can share, that for any Voice Over IP platforms, which we can support with our data network, we hit an increase, which was three times more, compared to the usual data traffic increase. And for Zoom and Teams, it was 15 times greater.” In terms of entertainment, according to Stanislav, not much has changed since the pandemic. And it seems reasonably easy to agree, that people will always seek entertainment in its various forms. What has increased, is the amount of hours families typically sit in front of their TV sets. In Bulgaria, that figure jumped from three hours pre-Covid, to around six hours per day. Stanislav adds: “We also did a little bit of surveys in summer, when we were building our new strategies as an entertainment company, and one of the very interesting findings was that households actually consider TV a crucial service and they have redundancies. So practically, more than 60% of the households that we interviewed said that they are either having or considering a redundant service.” Meanwhile, Vlad comments that his team at Google was fully prepared for the rise in traffic brought by Covid. Much of Google’s staff have chosen to work from home using Google Workplace and Google Meet to communicate and collaborate. Vlad notices a trend of customers who are making the switch to use these same technologies, with an increase of 10 times the traffic compared to what the company has seen last year. Challenges in Managing Data Understanding which data can be used and in what ways, is one challenge which Rosen admits is still relevant for telecom companies. There are various regulations, such as GDPR, which ensure the privacy rights of users, and reminds us that the law must be respected and followed. The next challenge comes in, when deciding on what to actually do with the data. How can data be transformed into something useful, to help make more informed decisions that eventually lead to greater monetization? At Vivacom, Rosen explains that for them, this means conducting deep and accurate analysis, data transformation and investing time and money in data processing. He comments: "At the end of the day we're a revenue focused company, so the way we manage data, should lead to increase in the revenue. The point here is to define, to find the appropriate data that is needed from the whole amount of data and let's say, to focus only on it in order to make it revenue." Spas shares, that at Telecom, once the data passes the GDPR stage, they try to focus on creating an effective model that will unlock new opportunities that extend cash, whether alone or through partnerships. Achieving Efficiency through Chatbots and AI Are chatbots and AI tools effective in optimizing efficiency and decreasing costs, and do they give companies a competitive advantage? Well, there seems to be some divided opinion on that. Here’s what Vlad had to say: “I don’t know any company that isn’t trying to invest and isn’t trying to build a solution like a payment chatbot or voice bot. What we see at Google, from different research, is that people like it. More than 60% of subscribers prefer to interact with self-management channels for communication and more than 70% like personalized communication.” In contrast, many of Vivacom’s customers, as Rosen points out, actually prefer talking to and receiving assistance from real people. Logically, the company automates processes that target specifically a smaller group of customers who are more technologically keen and prefer being served automatically. Rosen adds: “Replacing the personal communication with chatbots is a way to reduce the CapEx and OpEx, but at the end of the day, it turns out that for our customer, the personal communication is very important. And this is one of the reasons why we do not push in that direction that much.” R&D and The Future of 5G Although a complex and fast-developing network that has already gained a lot of buzz, 5G still remains a positive step for the future of telecom. All of our panellists agree on that, with Stanislav sharing a personal experience in which he was a part of the first live broadcast of 5G in Tokyo, describing it as amazing. The great thing about the new network as Stanislav points out, is that the broadcast of a live event through 5G will significantly bring down the costs of equipment and its transportation to the events – with everything necessary just fitting into a backpack. Meanwhile, Spas is a bit sceptical on when exactly the major rollout of 5G services will arrive – “perhaps it will take some time”, as he shares, yet he is eager to see the benefits the network will bring to healthcare companies and the general improvement to society. To gain further insight into the discussion and listen in on the Q&A session of the event, check out the recording of the live webinar here. If you feel like reading some more on the topic instead, glance over Top 5 Critical Pain Points for Telecom in 2021. Make sure you follow us on social media, to keep up to date with upcoming events, company news and exciting initiatives!

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    Applications Continuity Center Liberate yourself from support and maintenance issues by adopting our solution. LEARN MORE Our Services We provide software development and digital services that enable organizations to operate, innovate and scale their business, by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, top talent and cross-industry expertise. Strategy & Advisory View More Technology Strategy / Software Architecture / Project Management / Business Analysis / Security Consulting Digital Engineering View More Software Engineering / UI Engineering / Mobile Everything / Data & Analytics / Quality Engineering Intelligent Automation View More Robotic Process Automation / ML & AI / Application Integration / Business Process Management / Internet of Things Infrastructure & Operations View More Cloud & DevOps / Security Operations Center / Application Support / Infrastructure Support This is Mobile only Strip Strategy & Advisory Technology Strategy / Software Architecture / Project Management / Business Analysis / Security Consulting Digital Engineering Software Engineering / UI Engineering / Mobile Everything / Data & Analytics / Quality Engineering View More Intelligent Automation Robotic Process Automation / ML & AI / Application Integration / Business Process Management / Internet of Things View More Infrastructure & Operations Cloud & DevOps / Security Operations Center / Application Support / Infrastructure Support View More We are partnering with the world’s Leading Technology Companies Our Solutions We deliver technology driven solutions that help organizations to solve complex business challenges and accelerate innovation, by utilizing our pre-built frameworks and domain specific know-how. Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. Application Continuity Center Guarantee the continuity of all your critical systems Enabling organizations to overcome incidents by leveraging data-driven incremental improvements, AI and swarm intelligence. LEARN MORE LEARN MORE Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. Cybersecurity Risk Manager Continuously assess your Cyber Threats Empowering organizations to quantify and address the ever-increasing cyber threats. LEARN MORE LEARN MORE Samantha May Marketing Executive I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me. E-Commerce ​ Omnichannel commerce for the large enterprise Helping enterprises create unified customer journey and reduce total cost of ownership with Cloud-native eCommerce omni-channel solution and marketplace. LEARN MORE LEARN MORE We deliver solutions with Industry Leading Platforms Our Achievements Founded in 2012, today Scalefocus is the biggest Bulgarian owned software engineering company. 500+ Completed Projects 300+ Customers Net Promoter Score “At our core, we are an engineering company - passionate about designing and building solutions that harness cutting-edge technologies, and enable businesses to operate, innovate and scale within a truly digital world. Our strength and advantage lies in our agility, cross-industry expertise and top talent pool.” ​ Ivan Ivanov CEO, Scalefocus Clients around the World 9.2 /10 100+ Awards & Recognitions Our Achievements Founded in 2012, today Scalefocus is the biggest Bulgarian owned software engineering company. Our Work We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance and Energy & Utilities. Healthcare & Life Science Private Cloud-Based Application Development READ MORE Telecom & Media End-to-End Digital Solutions for Over-the-Top Video Provider READ MORE Finance & Banking Disrupting the FinTech Industry with a Mobile Solution READ MORE EXPLORE ALL What our clients say about us “We have been partnering with ScaleFocus for a number of our projects since 2016. Working together, our engineering teams have helped position Paysafe as a leading payment solutions provider powered by great technology within the fast-paced payments industry.” Miroslav Bojilov General Manager, Paysafe READ ALL Our Stories See how we are transforming businesses and delivering digital innovation by reading client success stories, staying up to date on our current endeavors, virtual events and more. Scalefocus Partners with Coupa to Drive Success in Business 13 май 2021 г. READ MORE How Eastern Europe Excels in RPA Technology 12 май 2021 г. READ MORE Telco in 2021: From Transformation to Triumph 29 април 2021 г. READ MORE READ ALL Get in Touch Please select the reason for your inquiry: Sales & Marketing Careers General Information I confirm that I have read and understood ScaleFocus’ Privacy Policy I would like to receive the latest business and technical insights by email. LET’S TALK! * Indicates required fields

  • Careers North Macedonia | Scalefocus

    Efficient today, resilient tomorrow Your career growth is the driver of innovation, digital transformation and business acceleration, not only for us, but for our customers' customers Get in touch Join us and become an integral part of our team Top talent At the heart of every successful technological enterprise lies top talent passionate about what they do. Our team of IT professionals apply their know-how in a culture of open communication focused on one thing: tangible results. Cutting edge technology By leveraging the power of advanced technologies and providing high quality software development and digital services, we enable organizations to operate, innovate, scale their business and drive sustainable, long-term results. Cross-industry expertise Building on our experience delivering technology-driven solutions across a variety of industries, we transfer successful experiences, processes and tools to each project helping our clients gain competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world. Agility Our greatest pride at Scalefocus is our agility. It’s this ability to change and adapt that drives sustainable business results for our clients much faster. Our team is always on top of the latest technology trends to accommodate your changing needs in today’s dynamic world through a highly flexible project management approach. Positions with sign-on bonus Our technical team is expanding so join us and take part of the challenging international projects, follow the best practices for your growth and enjoy great number of benefits. If you accept your offer by the end of July and start by 30th of September 2021 you’re also going to receive a sign-on bonus. Sounds good. Drop us a line and let’s make it happen. Mid Java Developer View More Senior Java Developer View More .NET Developer View More Front-end Software Developer View More This is Mobile only Strip Mid Java Developer Senior Java Developer View More .NET Developer View More Front-end Software Developer View More Scalefocus in numbers In our 9 years of passion for technology and innovation, we have brought hundreds of businesses to the next level. 2012 Year founded 300+ Satisfied Clients 500+ Successful Projects 9.2 Client Net Promoter Score Our Services Our consultancy capabilities combined with the best engineering practices will transform your business sustainably and make you stand out from the competition. Software Engineering Reach your business goals with software solutions that ensure stability today and guarantee resilience in the future. Big Data & Advanced Analytics Enable sharper across-the-board decision-making through data-driven insights monetizing your most valuable asset. Cybersecurity Gain full visibility and control over threats and vulnerabilities of assets to facilitate informed business decisions. IoT Take advantage of real-time analytical insights from existing devices and accelerate value creation from your IoT data. Mobile Everything Increase your business reach exponentially with an integrated mobile strategy crucial in today’s mobile-first world. Integrations Let your systems communicate flawlessly with each other by entrusting our system integration experts. Cloud Improve scalability and reduce costs through our cloud expertise backed by partnerships with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Robotic Process Automation Improve efficiencies, reduce costs and lower operational risks by eliminating human errors and leveraging AI to continue to drive innovation. FAQ For additional information about current openings, bonus schemes and our referral program see the answers below. Can I get a sign on bonus if I’ve accepted the offer after the end of the campaign? Currently not. Can I get a sign on bonus if I’ve accepted the offer and I don’t start before 30.09.2021? No. Is the sign-on bonus eligibility linked with applying via the digital campaign? No, all future Scalefocus employees who've accepted an offer in the duration of the campaign are eligible for the Sign-on Bonus. Will my friend who referred me to this position with Scalefocus get a Referal bonus if they refer me in the period of the campaign? The Scalefocus employee will get the RAF bonus as per the RAF program policies. The Sign-on Bonus is paid to the new employee only. What’s the sign-on bonus amount? If you’re an experienced Software Engineer in Java, .Net or Front- end technologies and show your skills to our team, you’re going to receive a bonus for joining us by 30th of September 2021 for the amount of up to 4000 euro gross depending on your Seniority. “The best part of starting a professional journey in Scalefocus is the culture of fast growth, lifelong learning, and focus on personal development. We strongly believe that you can still learn more and move forward no matter where you are in your career path.” Goran Stojanovski, Site Manager Our Valued Partners We are partnering with the Leading Technology Companies Salesforce Apttus Microsoft Azure Coupa Google Cloud Amazon Web Services SAP Microsoft Contact Us I confirm that I have read and understood ScaleFocus’ Privacy Policy Submit

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