Secure your IT infrastructure and business-critical assets by preventing access breaches by cyber attackers.

Why penetration testing is vital for your organization?

Penetration testing services help you bridge the security gaps in your organization. Let our security experts perform comprehensive vulnerability assessments to explore weaknesses and identify exactly how secure your IT infrastructure is.

Determine whether your business-critical assets are at risk

Prevent cyber attacks which could ruin your business

Stay compliant to ever-changing security requirements

Keep your IT infrastructure highly available all the time

Ensure business continuity

Embrace data-driven vulnerability management

When do you need to consider penetration testing?

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments are essential features that needs to be performed regularly for securing the entire software infrastructure. Here is a list of common vulnerable moments which might need your attention:

Network overload detected

When changing the end-user policy

Update/upgrade part of your software infrastructure

Inconsistencies in systems’ performance

For compliance purposes

When doing mergers/acquisitions

Office relocation

When launching a new service to the market

Our Penetration Testing Approach in a Nutshell

White Box (external penetration testing)

Grey Box (internal penetration testing)

Black Box (a combination of both internal and external testing)

Penetration Testing Flow

Our security consultants follow OWASP penetration testing methodologies to exploit vulnerabilities in your software infrastructure. In addition to the checks and analysis, which are defined in OWASP, additional checks in accordance with newest trends and techniques are performed to deliver the most extensive pentest service possible.

Identify your internet-facing systems.

First, we need to get to know your IT landscape and identify internet-facing systems that might be at risk. It helps us patch existing vulnerabilities before they attract real cyber-attackers.

Exploit all security vulnerabilities related to your software infrastructure.

We conduct a configuration review of your software infrastructure using a variety of commercial tools for vulnerability and configuration analysis. Initially we perform an automated vulnerability scanning of your internet-faced systems in scope, followed by manual verification of the discovered threats and vulnerabilities.

Associate all vulnerabilities with a risk level.

Knowing your security breaches is not enough. Handling the riskiest threats is essential for keeping your organization secure. That is why we associate every threat found with a risk level to let you handle the most business-critical vulnerabilities first.

Provide recommendations for effective vulnerability mitigation.

Our security team will propose a tailored remediation action plan to prevent unwanted disruption of systems’ stability and avoid security breaches. Eventually, you will be able to you proactively prevent real-world cyber attacks, which could lead to strategic compromise.

Prepare a comprehensive penetration testing report.

The report includes a high-level executive summary, short explanation of penetration testing methodology, detailed explanation of the findings and their business impact with proof of exploitation, and recommendations for bridging the security gaps. Attempts without “success” and some attachments and screenshots will also be provided.

Our Portfolio of Penetration Testing Services

Web Application Penetration Testing

    • Dynamic web penetration testing (both automated and manual) to prevent SQL injection attacks and DOS attacks
    • Static code analysis to exploit vulnerabilities by checking global variables and configurations.
    • Architecture security analysis
    • Test for XSS/CSRF/SSRF/CGI generic cross-site scripting vulnerabilities
    • Test for file upload vulnerabilities (if applicable)

Our security experts identify security weakness across your web applications and their components. We use tailored web application penetration testing techniques depending on your software architecture.

Network and Infrastructure Penetration testing

    • External Infrastructure Penetration Testing
    • Internal Infrastructure Penetration Testing
    • Cloud and virtualization penetration testing
    • Wireless security penetration testing
    • AWS penetration testing
    • Port scanning

API Penetration Testing

    • Mobile application penetration testing
    • Application layer assessments
    • OS and architecture assessments
    • SOAP UI web services penetration testing
    • Attack surface analysis
    • Systems integration security tests
    • Continuous integration analysis

Organizational and Process Security penetration testing

Our security consultants exploit a variety of organizational security gaps because many security threats lay on specific intrateam knowledge or insecure cross-team collaboration processes. We also check how the development and deployment processes have been set up. Our team assesses security vulnerabilities in post deployment scripts, artefacts in configurations and source code.


IBM Security AppScan, OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP), Wireshark, Kali Linux, LOIC/HOIC, Fiddler, etc.

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