Robotic Process Automation

Empower business process efficiency with smart Robotic Process Automation. Let’s bring Systems Process Automation to a new level, together!

Why is Robotic Process Automation vital for any organization?

In the era of Digitalization and Digital Transformation, eliminating trivial operational tasks through smart process automation is becoming vital for growing businesses. Robotic Process Automation presents a way to eliminate burdensome, straight-forward processes through smart, light-weight system automation. ScaleFocus has played a key role in a number of clients’ automation journeys over the past 6+ years.

Some of the realized benefits have been:

Annual cost savings

Enhanced efficiency

Increased productivity

Efficient use of time and materials

Lower operational risk

Improved outputs

Reduced cyber risks

Higher service quality

When should you consider Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation brings many benefits to organizations, which makes it a desired top-notch solution for increased productivity levels. A number of institutions are already generating value by adopting this smart system automation. Your business is ready to adopt robotic process automation if:

  • Your employees work with many systems to input the same information
  • Your processes are being delayed by opening and closing times
  • Some of your processes are prone to human error
  • Employees can create higher value by focusing on more challenging tasks
  • You need fast and accurate reporting
  • You want to stay focused on core strategic and business activities
  • You want to integrate existing applications and systems without creating custom APIs or using expensive integration software

How does Robotic Process Automation work?

Think of Robotic Process Automation as a virtual employee, who works on your existing IT infrastructure and systems to take time-consuming tasks off your shoulders. Below is a simple example of how RPA works:

  • Invoice arrives
  • The robot reads it
  • Extracts relevant information
  • Logs info into all existing systems under the corresponding section
  • Sends users an email to inform, if necessary

This is just one of the example processes, which can be easily managed through system automation. Together, we will identify your burdensome processes and build a strategy to deploy Robotic Process Automation to your benefit.

Our Robotic Process Automation Approach

ScaleFocus offers both custom-built solutions, tailored to specific business needs as well as off-the-shelf Robotic Process Automation software. We will help you with:


  • Identifying work flows, systems and processes that are fit for Robotic Process Automation.
  • Building a company-wide approach to obtain the best results and benefits from systems automation.
  • Choosing the best software, tailored per your system and business needs, required to achieve the benefits of the Robotic Process Automation.
  • Define and implement the structure and controls for your systems.
  • Managing your entire Robotic Process Automation journey with our custom Project Management services.

Custom Robotic Process Automation Solutions

Based on our accumulated technology expertise and business acumen, ScaleFocus offers custom-built system automation solutions, tailored to our clients’ specific business needs to match the company’s goals with the most convenient technical solutions. We use Agile and Waterfall development methodologies to deliver the best results on time.

Our custom automation solutions consist of an executable application, which is installed on one of the clients’ existing systems and runs according to a planned schedule. Our Robotic Process Automation solutions do not require changes in your existing Infrastructure and Software Architecture.

Robotic Process Automation helps organizations transform their digital operations and put content to work across multiple activities such as task management, content management, workflow collaboration, data capture or drawing insights for complex decision making. Your systems will seamlessly integrate with RPA, allowing you to choose any area of automation as an entry point and then expand into new capabilities to realize the benefits of scalability, productivity and an enhanced customer experience.

Improve your business efficiency with Robotic Process Automation now!