Harness the power of a business protected with Scalefocus Secure Anywhere

Rely on a scalable solution that provides active remote-work awareness through real-time data visualization, threat prevention and alerting.


Now you can provide your organization with a more secure and trusted way of managing critical business systems and sensitive data. Many top companies are using Scalefocus Secure Anywhere to achieve a high level of cyber resilience, security compliance, visibility, and control that other security platforms fail to deliver.


The Rising Trend of Remote Work

  • 30 % increase in remote work is expected by 2030 as Generation Z enters employment.
  • New forms of attacks are emerging fast, pushing organizations to find ways to monitor and protect their sensitive data.
  • Without strict security processes in place, companies face risky employee behavior, ineffective perimeter security, business continuity gaps and compliance issues.

Out of the Box Solution

You’ve got assets.

We’ll keep them safe.

Examining your current infrastructure and preparing a design and architecture that responds to your unique business needs. Our Security Specialists perform security hardening based on best established industry practices on all workstations and servers that minimize risks up to 85%.

Protective Controls and Detection Policies

It’s your data. You control it.

Our out of the box protective controls are put in place to offer you the peace of mind to focus on reaching new milestones. Our solution is built on a cloud native SIEM, combined with correlations, custom scripts and parsers.

Advanced Threat Discovery

Fight threats.

Not your infrastructure.

Threat intelligence services, scenario-based playbooks and artificial intelligence are all implemented to investigate and kill threats at their core. To maximize visibility, Scalefocus Secure Anywhere provides custom dashboards visualizing the process in realtime, keeping you informed with alerts every step of the way.


Risk Scoring and Vulnerability Management

Prioritize the risks.

Risk scoring is based on MITRE ATT&CK® framework. You’ll be able to prioritize risks and improve post-compromise detection.

Compliance Maintenance

Want to obey the rules?

Follow our lead.

We make sure you maintain full compliance and meet all regulations in a remote work environment.

Full Onboarding and Training

We’ve got your back.

You may already have specialists who are able to work with our platform, and we’re happy to onboard them. If not, we can provide managed services as well.

Why Secure Anywhere

  • Fast setup cost, efficient and easy to use
  • Real-time threat detection, response and alerting
  • Complete control, visibility and monitoring in a remote environment
  • Threat prevention even when back in the office, so you won’t harm the company infrastructure
  • Custom built to reflect your business needs
  • Helps you stay fully compliant and meeting regulations

Our clients have spoken

“In one week, security risks decreased by 85% and our staff felt complete confidence working in a fully transparent and protected remote work environment. The ongoing support we receive from Scalefocus is exceptional.”

Cloud-Based Medical Solutions Provider


We were experiencing a lack of IT resources to move security to an endpoint. Choosing Scalefocus Secure Anywhere as a solution to the challenge was a no brainer. Readable quality logs were gathered from all servers in a centralized cloud platform and correlation rules were created. We achieved high cost effectiveness and an increase in productivity.

Personalized Gifts eCommerce Company

Why choose us

  • 500+ projects delivered for 300+ customers including Fortune 500
  • 25% referred customers from our client’s base
  • Scalefocus was recognized by Forbes Business Awards 2020 as Software Company of the Year
  • Our Cyber Security team was acclaimed a 2020 Industry Leader in AWS Consulting by Clutch.

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