Software Security Engineering

Your security is as strong as your weakest link! Let’s turn those weaknesses into strengths, together!

Why is security important for your organization?

It is more important now than ever to run a business in a secure way, yet with threats becoming more complex and cyber attackers being more persistent, it can be difficult to build and maintain a secure IT environment. Well-developed security brings you the comfort of running your business, without letting external factors disrupt it in any way.

The Modern Threat landscape exposes businesses to both physical and digital information security threats. Our security experts will help you to:

Protect your company assets

Comply with Laws and Industry Regulations

Stay secure from sophisticated cyber attacks

Protect you physical and digital information and data

Enable the safe operation of all systems and applications

Protect your organization’s ability to function sustainably

When should you consider security engineering services?

Security is not a one-time deal. It aims to complement your existing systems and work together with them to bring the best business performance. Both physical and digital information security should balance protection with usability.

You should consider security engineering services to:


  • Maintain Legal and Regulatory compliance
  • Comply with Information Security Frameworks (ISO, ITIL, COBIT)
  • Identify threats and vulnerabilities
  • Measure and assess risk
  • Enforce consistent policies
  • Increase employees’ security awareness
  • Develop and apply security countermeasures
  • Build a secure IT Infrastructure to support your business

Our security engineering approach

Identify physical and digital assets

Analyze all business processes in order to identify confidential and sensitive information, to make sure everything is both secure and usable.

Identify threats

Identify both internal and external threats to evaluate their potential impact on your organization.

Identify vulnerabilities

Classify your vulnerabilities per their potential impact on your business operations.

Assess risk

Assess and categorize risk by assigning percentage values to better understand its effect and be able to start implementing security measures where they are most needed.

Develop and apply countermeasures

Develop a risk mitigation plan and apply all necessary countermeasures to secure the sustainable progress of your business.

Risk mitigation plan

After understanding your strengths and weaknesses, our security engineers will prepare an extensive risk mitigation plan, tailored per your business needs. Here are the steps we will take to help your business.

Internal Governmental Steps

  • Collect consent for processed personal data
  • Create policy set – Data Protection, Acceptable use of corporate assets and resources (incl BYOD concept), Data Breach, Incident Response Plan etc.
  • Integrate Solution Design and Security Architecture and Secure Coding practices in Software development policies and procedures
  • Employees Security Awareness trainings

Internal Technical Steps

  • Access rights revision for all data repositories and IT systems
  • Apply logging and monitoring of security events
  • Apply retention schedule across all repositories for obsolete data
  • Create decommissioning process for obsolete access rights
  • Inventory list for all corporate devices
  • Improve endpoint security posture
  • Redesign of corporate network segments

External Relationships Steps

  • Sign data processing agreements with joint controllers and data processors
  • Assess Security posture of all third parties connected to your environments

Our Security Engineering Services Portfolio

  • Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Security Audits
  • Risk Management
  • Executive Protection
  • Security Trainings
  • Penetration Testing Services
  • Security Monitoring and Response
  • Secure architecture and secure coding best practices
  • Annual Reevaluation of your security posture

To secure for peace is to prepare for war, so get ready by contacting us now.