Software Infrastructure Reengineering

Stay at the forefront by reengineering your IT infrastructure to support the constantly changing business environment!

Enable high business growth through scalable IT Infrastructure.

Organizations are constantly striving to grow and develop their capabilities and services. Have you checked your infrastructure readiness prior to implementing or upgrading your systems? In other words, is your IT infrastructure prepared to handle those changes?

Why would you need IT infrastructure reengineering?

The constantly changing business environment has driven businesses to redesign some of their existing processes to meet the market’s needs. Changing or upgrading your business processes requires changing your underlying infrastructure, which serves as the foundation of all systems. Having a sustainable IT infrastructure is a must in the era of digital transformation.

Here are some of the key benefits IT infrastructure reengineering brings:

Low-risk system implementations and migrations

Improved security

Seamless improvement and upgrade of existing business processes

Better resource and hardware utilization

Easy software maintenance

Sustainable business continuity

Faster mean time to recovery

Faster, more frequent releases of new features

When do you need to consider IT infrastructure reengineering?

Your business needs a solid, sustainable IT Infrastructure to serve as a well-developed foundation to further support business systems changes over time. Here are some scenarios in which your established infrastructure may need further support and reengineering:

  • Migrating from legacy systems, which are lagging and not working properly for your business to modern ones, which empower efficiency.
  • Redesigning some of your existing business processes to bring more added value to your services.
  • Improving and making your existing systems work better.
  • Making sure your systems’ operations are working in a secure manner and under proven best-practices. We can provide collateral security services to best support your IT environment.
  • Undergoing an organizational change and adding new systems or replacing the old ones.

Leverage our Infrastructure engineering expertise and benefit from a world-class service quality.

ScaleFocus is ISO 20000-1 certified for IT service management. Each project we deliver and provide support for is defined and managed under the ISO standard’s paradigms. Our ISO system ensures structured approach efficiency, effectiveness and quality of services provided.

Your business will benefit from enterprise-grade support:

ISO-based processes

ITIL certified infrastructure engineers

Enterprise-grade automated incident management

Time overlapping with remote teams

Process automation focus

Solid escalation management

Infrastructure (system operations) and software support - 2nd and 3rd level

Customized Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Focus on your core business and strategic processes, while our Infrastructure team takes care of:

  • Systems and infrastructure monitoring, troubleshooting, escalation and reactive measures
  • Prophylactic activities and review of setup, proposing corrective and remediation actions
  • Ad-hoc alignment with changing business requirements and fixes, monitoring
  • Service Delivery, Best Practices, Service Quality, Optimization and Continuous Service Improvement; KPIs and SLAs
  • Developing an infrastructure strategy and IT operational policies, standards, and processes aligned with your organization’s vision, mission and goals
  • Developing infrastructure and operational requirements in all phases of the system development lifecycle
  • System operations, including monitoring, network, firewalls
  • Service level management through the development of processes, people, technology, and service level and operating level agreements
  • Technical strategy, architecture, and design concept building
  • Infrastructure and operations security, such as network and application firewalls, authentication

The two major infrastructure support scenarios we engage-in:

Your custom software is complemented by both software and infrastructure support services.

Our teams can step-in to take over your existing systems, regardless of complexity and state.

Empower your systems through a stable Software Infrastructure. Let’s talk!