Customer Analytics Solutions

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers and maximize customer lifetime value by leveraging our customer analytics solutions.

Why do customer analytics matter?

Customer analytics help you make the right strategic and tactical decisions for your business. No matter if it is online or offline, customer analytics help businesses to analyze large data pools, find hidden buying patterns and relationships, and predict customer behavior.

Your customer data is the most precious asset of your company. We use customer analytics software to turn your data into actionable insights and personalized customer experience. Our customer analytics consultants empower businesses to provide greater value for each step of the customer lifecycle by using a rich diverse set of information captured from a variety of sources. Get data-driven insights and take action with our customer analytics solutions.

Maximize profits by hitting optimal margins

Increase ROI through effective customer lifecycle management

Lower business risks through more accurate forecasts

Acquire new customers faster and at better cost

Build lifelong customer relationships

Identify and retain high-value added customers

When should you consider customer analytics?

Customer centricity requires a constant 360-degree view of your customers. Therefore, paying the right attention to the data they provide is essential. However, here is a list of common cases that might need your immediate action:

  • It is hard to reach major business KPIs
  • Good amount of total revenue but low Net Profit
  • Unsatisfactory ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • Low engagement rates of your email marketing campaigns
  • Low conversion rates of your online business
  • High customer churn rates
  • Large amount of unstructured and misleading data
  • To expand to new markets.
  • To reduce costs
  • Insufficient inventory management

Our approach of delivering customer analytics solutions

Tailored customer analytics for your business

Your specific business case determines how we are going to cooperate and tailor our customer analytics solution in order to deliver the best possible outcomes for your business. Our primary goal is to provide you with a solid background for informed decisions across every stage of your customer lifecycle management. Our business and data consultants will gain deep understanding of your problem, clarify the objectives and desired outcome, and set specific goals for our engagement. We want to be sure that our customer analytics solution helps you get closer to your customers and turns your data into powerful competitive advantage.

Data integration and transformation

Our customer analytics consultants ensure the most relevant data is put in place. We integrate your structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources to load the consolidated data in a single repository. It may include data from CRM systems, analytics platforms, social media, customer-facing applications, and more. Collecting data from a variety of sources requires a precise ETL development (data ingestion, data cleansing, data mapping, etc.) by our software engineers to build a data repository which makes sense for your specific business case.

Turn your data into actionable insights

We transform your data into intelligence through software. Our data analysts bring to the surface previously unseen insights by using the best customer analytics platforms or custom advanced analytics solutions. We apply data algorithms to analyze customer behavior, detect hidden buying patterns, and find relationships between product lines and revenue. We build predictive models on the fly through the power of machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. You will be able to create and modify versions of your planning models, data-driven budgets, forecasts and analyses.

Take advantage of enterprise-grade visualizations of your data

You will be able to create a rich, insightful visual representation of your data in interactive dashboards. All insights, relationships and predictions can be displayed in easy-to-understand charts and smart visualizations. Our customer analytics solutions provide automated reporting capabilities so that you can gain a deep understanding of your business in real time and make smarter decisions faster.

Secured customer analytics solution

We put the right technologies and data platforms securely in place to protect your data and ensure compliancy with all regulations. You can take advantage of either an on-premise or a cloud-based customer analytics solution. Not sure which one fits your needs?


Customer analytics services provided

We cover all stages within your customer data analytics lifecycle, from describing past buying behaviors through prescribing new ways of influencing purchasing decisions.

Descriptive customer analytics

We summarize raw data into easily understandable and explainable reports. We analyze what has already happened and recognize trends.

  • Loyalty program effectiveness
  • Behavior and engagement analytics
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Lead management and scoring techniques
  • Customer service analytics
  • Product performance analysis

Predictive customer analytics

Predictive analytics help you turn descriptive metrics into insights through BI and data mining techniques. They help you find hidden patterns or relationships and apply models to predict outcomes.

  • 360-degree customer analytics
  • Pricing simulations
  • Look-alike modeling and response modeling
  • Predictive customer behavior modeling
  • Propensity modeling
  • Sentiment analysis and social media analytics

Prescriptive customer analytics

Prescriptive analytics leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. They help you make the best decisions among numerous possibilities to achieve optimal outcomes.

  • Customer lifetime value modeling
  • Campaign and promotion modeling
  • Cross-sell and upsell modeling
  • Next-best-action models
  • Loyalty and churn modeling

Customer analytics software and platforms in use

IBM Cognos Analytics


SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and SAP Analytics Cloud


Qlik View, Qlik Sense

Microsoft Power BI, SSAS, SSRS, SSIS


TIBCO Spotfire

Oracle BI


Information Builders WebFOCUS


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