Enterprise Insights – Actions Platform

Are you getting the most of your enterprise analytics tools and able to act upon the insights?

Leverage your current investments in traditional Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse deployments and start benefiting from your Big Data initiatives. Take advantage of the plethora of industry-specific and task-specific tools and as-a-service cloud solutions.

Why do you need an enterprise insights – actions platform?

An enterprise Insights – Actions platform allows companies to transform data into valuable insights and execute action based upon these insights. Such a platform encapsulates analytics, business rule management, process / operations management, machine learning and/or artificial intelligence. Some common business reasons to invest in enterprise insights – actions platform are:

Make sure you have set the right price to the right people for the right product. Segmentation in enterprise analytics goes beyond price data.

Store, process and make use of your operational, financial, sales and marketing data in a more effective way.

Solve the enterprise paradigm of data to information to knowledge. Facilitate the extraction of knowledge from your cross-enterprise data.

Analyze customers, employees, vendors, production, operational and other type of data that your systems generate.

Decrease the overall decision complexity, achieve a higher ROI for past investments and target the right market niches.

Apply a rule-based analytics approach to managing and enforcing all process and operational decisions. Streamline relationship management with employees, suppliers and customers.

When should you consider implementing an enterprise insights-actions platform?

If your business is in an environment of increasing complexity.

When you struggle with making sense of your organizational data.

hen you want to automate a large portion of daily business-critical decisions.

When your processes have a lot of variability.

When you have a large amount of transactional data.

When you want to focus more on strategic endeavors and minimize operational focus.

Our approach of delivering an enterprise insights - actions platform

We follow a simple high-level adoption strategy. We drill-down to the root of each step, but keep your journey quick and efficient. Here is how we’ve organized the adoption process:

We look at your IT landscape and systems (core systems, CRMs, ERPs, financial etc.)

We track the flow of your data and generally assess your data

We assess your current analytics solutions and how to use their output

We analyze together where are the starting points of insights automation

Together we set up an action plan with sustainable insights improvement as a centerpiece of your setup

After implementing your enterprise Insights – Actions solution we continue to iterate improvements as your business grows and changes

We are addressing your needs by growing a Hybrid Enterprise Data Store approach to deliver the Enterprise Insights – Actions Platform your desire.

We will deploy your enterprise analytics framework focusing on the current and future business needs. Here are the core components of the Platform:

  • Hybrid Enterprise Data Store: Enterprise Data Warehouse plus Data Lakes
  • Next-generation data integration: ETL, ELT, Streaming Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics: Predictive Analytics, Cognitive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics
  • Massively Parallel Processing Engines (Teradata, Netezza, etc.)
  • On-premise, hybrid and cloud-based Big Data deployments
  • Cloud/XaaS analytics services, such as IBM Watson
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence
  • Data intelligent systems: AI & ML embedded

Get in touch with our Data Architects and Business Analysts to start your data-driven transformation the right way.

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