Blockchain Services and Solutions

Improve the operational costs of your business. Be more efficient by reducing time and errors in logged events. Process transactions with great ease. Automate and utilize smart contracts.

Why do you need Blockchain?

One technology. Endless business solutions.

  • Integrate the blockchain technology in your existing business platforms.
  • Create new apps, platforms, services and solutions for your internal and external business needs.
  • Accelerate your business performance and empower the Smart Economy.
  • Enhance your security, improve your traceability, increase your efficiency and speed with blockchain.

ScaleFocus offers end-to-end tailor-made blockchain services and solutions that cover the entire software development lifecycle – scoping, design, development and long-term support. We are focused on blockchain solutions like dApp development based on either public (Ethereum) or private (Hyperledger Fabric) blockchain technologies, as well as smart contract development and auditing.

Beat your competitors and challenge the current legacy industries by providing faster and cheaper ways for your customers and users to transact directly. Some of the industries that already benefit from Blockchain solutions are FinTech, Insurance, Health Care, Retail, Crowd and Venture Capital Funding, Government Services, Charity, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, Energy Management Supply Chain Management, Data Management, and Device and System Management.

Blockchain Development Services

Accelerate your business performance and power the Smart Economy with a wide range of Blockchain services.

DApps Development

Develop your business from a centralized to decentralized network with p2p DApp’s development. Be more resilient, autonomous, and secure. Boost dramatically the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by exposing more people to it.

Reasons to build your own DApps are:

  • DApps can run autonomously in perpetuity
  • DApps can incorporate verifiably-unique data entities (one-of-a-kind digital “things”)
  • DApps have (optional) built-in multi-party authentication mechanisms
  • DApps are borderless by nature and can be used by anyone capable of memorizing twelve words
  • DApps can (in theory) create the cheapest possible labor/service markets via peer-to-peer interactions
  • DApps encourage structured data which, in turn, may create or popularize global standards for industries that have otherwise used proprietary data (ex. a single global MLS service for real estate, global security markets, etc.)

Private Blockchain Development

Make your business transaction faster and secure with private blockchain development. Benefit from a variety of features like permission entry and confidential transactions.

Reasons to build your private blockchain solutions:

  • Private Blockchains are decentralized peer-to-peer networks
  • Participation in the network is allowed only to members
  • Membership is totally controlled by the central consortium
  • Fundamentally you will know with whom you are working with
  • Execution of the protocol requires an invitation
  • Maintenance of the ledger needs validation
  • Transactions are quick and highly confidential
  • Transactions are operated by the controlling organization
  • Strength varies according to the use
  • Increased stability and scalability
  • They are permissioned
  • Transactions are censorable

Crypto Wallet Development

Create multi cryptocurrency wallets with 2-factor authentication and transactions supported by end-to-end encryption. Build your crypto wallets and allow the users to earn, monitor and transfer virtual currencies.

Reasons to build your multi cryptocurrency wallet:

  • Faster and Cost-Effective Transactions
  • Decentralized Operations
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Recurrent Payments
  • Whitelisting/Blacklisting Addresses
  • Merchant Services
  • QR Code Scanners
  • Multisig Wallets for Enhanced Security
  • Address Regeneration for Enhanced Security
  • Payment Gateway Integrations

Exchange Platform Development

Develop your complete crypto exchange software with features like order sharing and multi cryptocurrencies trading. Provide scalable, secure, flawless, functional and easily configurable blockchain exchange platform to your customers.

Reasons to build your multi cryptocurrency exchange platform are:

  • Instant Settlement
  • Lower Fees
  • Access To Everyone
  • Identity Theft

Smart Contract Development

Benefit from Ethereum smart contracts development and replace the traditional contracts with latest smart contracts technologies to reduce money and cost. Facilitate the exchange of money, content, shares, property, or anything of value.

Reasons to use smart contracts to grow your business are:

  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Clear Communication
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Paper Free
  • Storage & Backup
  • Savings
  • Trust

Smart Contract Audit

Verify that your smart contracts work as intended to work by performing a smart contract audit and provide feedback for every issue. Hackers can pull digital currencies too. Such hacks create significant implications for the cryptocurrency world. Therefore, smart contracts need to be audited too.

Some advantages why you need to audit your smart contracts:

  • To call methods on the smart contract
  • To optimize the code
  • To run the code efficiently
  • To re-enforce authorization

Supply chain Blockchain Development

Lack of transparency and accountability are two major factors of the supply chain. Create your own Supply chain management solution with blockchain technology and benefit from the latest technology trends.

Reasons to use blockchain technology for your supply chain business:

  • Automating the purchase process
  • Improving transaction flow
  • Securing the supply chain
  • Ensuring integral traceability
  • Being more reactive
  • Streamlining internal documents

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)

Create your own cryptocurrency with decentralized governance and budgeting such as Dash. Build digital investor-directed venture capital funds that provide much higher transparency levels and allow for greater overall cost efficiencies.

Additional ways that DAOs benefit consumers:

  • Ability to invest freely into the various DAOs that you believe are most useful to you.
  • Complete ownership of the investments that you take part in
  • Provide individuals all over the world equal playing ground when deciding what businesses/organizations to invest in.
  • Complete transparency means that consumers investments are less at risk, and individuals can be more informed of the strategic business decisions as they’re made in real-time.
  • Ability to trade and sell your unique DAO tokens to others peer-to-peer without the need for complex technical/financial knowledge.
  • DAO investors can take part in a project from inception, to exit — all without ever having to go thru complex regulatory hurdles, or fill out complicated paperwork.

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Blockchain Applications

Divers solutions for any industry. Blockchain can support a wide range of applications.

Blockchain Applications and Solutions for the Fintech Industry

Blockchain Applications and Solutions for the Supply Chain Industry

Blockchain Applications and Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Blockchain Applications and Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Blockchain Applications and Solutions for the Gaming Industry

Blockchain Applications and Solutions for the E-commerce Industry

Blockchain Applications and Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Blockchain Applications and Solutions for Digital Identity

Benefits From the Blockchain Technology for Your Business

Enhanced Data Security

Improved Traceability

Greater Transparency

Reduced risk


Increased Efficiency and Speed

Reduced data storage cost

Verification without having to be dependent on third-parties

The data cannot be altered or deleted

Distributed ledger

Trackable origin of any ledger

No risk of duplicate entry or fraud

Blockchain Tools and Technologies

The main technology stack that we use







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Additional blockchain tools and technologies that we use



Why Choose Us for Your Blockchain Project?

We will provide you with custom blockchain software engineering services and solutions to help you grow your business. Our expert blockchain developers will deliver to your latest personalized blockchain solutions and service offerings. The final result will increase the productivity of your internal processes, transparency of your services, enhance your security and increase the efficiency and speed of your business.

You will also get:

  • Continuous Support from idea to deployment and beyond
  • Know-how as deep technology understanding
  • Domain-Specific Expertise
  • Project managers with a blockchain background
  • An expert team of highly-experienced blockchain developers
  • Customizable and highly-scalable blockchain solutions based on your business requirements
  • Proven track record of developing business solutions based on disruptive blockchain technologies
  • Highly-responsive team and faster turnaround time for quick blockchain project development
  • End-to-end business solutions including migration of existing processes and development of new blockchain solutions.