Custom Solutions Development

Every organization is different. We understand that and have been delivering custom solutions, tailored to businesses’ bespoke needs for the past 7 years!

Why would you need custom solutions development?

Businesses have different needs, requirements and goals. We at ScaleFocus have hands-on experience and know-how with providing custom solutions development for companies ranging from Telcos, FinTech, eCommerce all the way to education and healthcare.

Every organization has its own conditions and necessities and thus needs technically advanced solutions to obtain a competitive advantage in the market. ScaleFocus, as a custom solutions development company can build any type of customized software on demand.

Off-the-shelf solutions are often too complex, heavy and expensive. There is a 90% chance your company will not use all features of a commercial software solution and some of your needs will not be met. Custom software solutions avoid this scenario and bring exactly what you need. Custom solutions are made to ensure all preferences and business requirements are met via a top-notch technology solution.

Here are some key benefits of choosing custom solutions development:

Enhanced resource management

Full utilization of the solution and its features

Improved security


Lower risk

Support at every stage

Increased ROI

Elimination of license fees, upgrade and maintenance costs

When should you consider custom solutions development?

Most organizations derive huge benefits from pursuing custom solution development, instead of going with an off-the-shelf one. Start-ups and small companies can easily identify their needs for growth and leverage the opportunity to become competitive via tailored software solutions. Big companies and enterprises sometimes experience inefficiencies in terms of burdensome, slow processes. ScaleFocus will help you identify these processes and turn those inefficiencies into gains via custom solutions development.

You should consider turning to a custom solution development if:

You are an emerging startup and want to gain a competitive advantage via leveraging the power of top-notch technology

You are a mid-sized company and need to optimize some of your existing processes to increase process effectiveness

You are a big enterprise and are experiencing inefficiencies with heavy processes, which are causing losses, instead of gains.

You want to increase your ROI via investing in something usable, which is tailored to your specific needs

You want your organization to operate in a more effective and efficient way

You want to achieve shorter time-to-market of new releases, upgrades and updates

Our custom software solutions development approach

We have been part of many digital transformation journeys. During our 7 years of operations in the EMEA and North American markets, we have played a key role in optimizing and transforming many businesses via bespoke software solutions that brought success and increased ROI to our customers. Our consultants can help with:

  • Evaluating your current state and suggesting high-value solution scope.
  • Outlining and identifying key industry, business and technical specifics.
  • Creating a high-level project plan for the overall transformation and implementing a bundle of solution features, modules and interfaces as a proof of concept.
  • Selecting the best technical toolset to fit your business goals.
  • Crafting a top-notch bespoke solution to meet your requirements within the target timelines.
  • Testing the solution from an end-to-end perspective to ensure the highest quality. Check our Quality Engineering Services and approach.
  • Support and maintain the solution after the successful deployment to give you the freedom to focus on your core business and strategic plans.

Types of custom software solutions

ScaleFocus has played a key role in many business process transformations over the years. We have seen the glory of those who chose to adapt software to their specific needs and the downfall of those, who failed to embrace their future, settling down for mediocre solutions. Our portfolio of custom software solutions can be adapted to your company’s specific needs, requirements and goals.

We successfully craft and deliver the following custom software solutions:

CRM, ERP, Core and HRM systems

Business Process Automation solutions

Bespoke customer-facing web portals and mobile apps

eCommerce, Online Stores

Robotic Process Automation solutions

Compliance and Risk Reporting solutions

Enterprise Decision platforms

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions

This is only fraction of what we can deliver as custom solutions development. Let us optimize your processes and increase your efficiency.

Let’s bring your business to the next level with our custom software solutions!