Custom E-commerce Enterprise Solutions

Trusted E-commerce solutions from industry experts that will save you time and money, optimize business processes and bring revenue.

You need to seriously consider your next steps because of the following e-commerce data and trends:

  • By 2021 global retail E-commerce Sales will reach $4.5 trillion.
  • B2B E-commerce Sales will hit over $10 trillion.
  • With vast E-commerce markets such as China, USA, UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Japan, South Korea and Russia, expanding your Business there is a must.
  • By 2021 the center of E-commerce will move beyond the western world.
  • According to a recent Nielsen study, on average 57% of online shoppers made an online purchase in the past six months from an overseas retailer.
  • Online payments getting more secure and easy to accomplish globally.
  • Going native will give you an unfair advantage, because most shoppers will purchase more on sites that price in their local currency and display content in their language.

Choosing ScaleFocus as your Custom E-commerce Enterprise Partner will give you the opportunity to increase your sales globally and take advantage of these trends. ScaleFocus can also assist you with complex and risky E-commerce endeavors such as Replatforming and  End-to-End Integrations with third party Enterprise-grade CRM, ERP and Data Management platforms like SAP Hybris, IBM WebSphere Commerce, SalesForce, Marketo, etc.

Don’t worry. There are many solutions, and this is why we are here to help. We would love to provide you with the best possible personalized solution, so that you can focus on more important things such as marketing, sales and people management, and to achieve your business objectives.


It is time for Replatforming of your e-Commerce Enterprise:

  • If you are looking to improve stability, scalability, maintainability and upgradeability or move away from heavy customizations affecting major releases or deployments.
  • If your E-commerce Business is not able to get new feature requirements or even backlog work delivered fast enough, coupled with too much of a reliance on integration partners.
  • If the ongoing cost of ownership of your e-commerce platform is much higher than competitive platforms that offer similar or even better solutions at a lower cost.
  • If you are experiencing a lot of vulnerabilities and breaches.
  • If your E-commerce Enterprise needs to scale to the next level and your recent solutions, team and infrastructure do not allow you to achieve this.

Custom end-to-end E-commerce Enterprise customer experience solutions via an open-technology proprietary framework.

It is time for custom end-to-end E-commerce solutions:

  • If you want to protect your enterprise and prevent data leaks.
  • If you need to know better your online clients and take data-driven business development decisions.
  • If your business has grown to the point where security is something more than a word discussed in the boardroom.
  • If you want to build a personalized experience for your online customers using the latest technologies and trends such as chat bots, crypto currency payments, machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things, customer intimacy programs, customer engaging platforms, and omnichannel solutions.

Lightweight E-commerce Solution Implementation – Magento, PrestaShop, etc.

  • Do you experience problems with your old fashioned and out-of-date e-commerce platform?
  • Do you spend too much time fixing bugs and other website usability issues?
  • Do you have security problems?
  • Is it hard for you and your team to maintain your online order speed?

All of these issues are just a fraction of the problems that Enterprise E-commerce Giants are dealing with on a daily basis. They are a sure sign that you need to consider changing your e-commerce retail platform with a modern, fast, secure, easy to use, easy to update and scale platform.

Enterprise-grade e-commerce platforms – SAP Hybris, IBM WebSphere Commerce etc.

  • Ready for the next step of your Global E-commerce Growth?
  • Looking for an Enterprise-grade platform that will meet the specific needs of your business?
  • Want to outperform your biggest competitors internationally?
  • Do you want to gain market share?

Let us help you select the best Enterprise-grade platform to meet your business needs. We will save you hassle and recommend the right choice among SAP Hybris, IBM WebSphere, Magento and other leading e-commerce platforms. Then we will integrate the chosen one into your business activities. This way you will save time and other precious resources. You will be able to focus on more important things such as growing your business, selecting the best products to sell to the right audience, building and managing your teams, and optimizing and increasing your company revenue.

How hard is it to achieve e-commerce excellence?

As easy as one, two, three. Contact us and our consultants will call you in no time. Then we will establish a dedicated team of e-commerce experts that will meet your expectations and build your custom end-to-end enterprise-grade solutions.

With more than 200+ successfully accomplished projects, more than 150+ happy customers all over the world, more than 50+ industry awards, we guarantee that we will lhelp your business get ahead of competitors.



Here is a sample list of e-commerce features that you need to grow:

You can trust us if you are looking to build, implement and successfully use some of the following features to grow your online sales:

Content management systems that will provide you with:

  1. Easy to use but tech savvy administrator dashboard
  2. User management modules
  3. Multi-Store Management solutions
  4. Set and manage product and category options
  5. Create and use product and category attributes
  6. Build affiliate network using affiliate marketing programs
  7. Create discounts, coupon codes and special offers
  8. Back-up and restore options
  9. Create and manage unlimited Categories & Products
  10. Create downloadable products
  11. Offer product reviews & ratings for your customers
  1. Give reward points to your customers
  2. Set filters for fast and easy navigation
  3. Offer multi-currency experience
  4. Offer multi-lingual experience
  5. Turn email to your advantage
  6. Offer payment gateways and different ways to receive payments
  7. Offer recurring payments
  8. Provide different shipping methods
  9. Create sales reports
  10. Responsive & SEO friendly platform
  11. Create and execute marketing programs
  12. Create product feeds
  13. Provide guest and registered user checkout options

You can trust our e-commerce services if you are looking for Middleware and Enterprise Service Bus to provide:

Payment gateways with 3D and SSL encryption

Analytics and testing modules and environments

Integration with international shipping and warehouse providers

Email marketing to increase your average order value and return on investment

Geolocation experience

Sophisticated merchandise search

Complex tax calculations

Customer reviews and social media

Sophisticated affiliate management

Contact us if you need to get your e-commerce business to the next level of Enterprise Management and are looking for:

Integration and implementation of Financial Processing Systems

Integration and implementation of HR Management Systems

Integration and implementation of Customer Relationship Management Systems

Integration and implementation of Budgeting Systems

Integration and implementation of Sales Activities and Platforms (order management systems)

Integration and implementation of Logistic Systems

Integration and implementation of Supply Chain Management Systems

Integration and implementation of Real-Time Marketing Systems

Integration and implementation of Loyalty Systems

Most important value-adds of our E-commerce services:

  • Flexible Price
  • Domains Industry Experts
  • Modules and Extensions
  • Faster Time to market
  • Scalability
  • Value-oriented Approach
  • Third Party Integration Flexibility
  • Client-oriented Interactions (Agile)
  • High Security Standards
  • Usability-first Approach

Most important benefits of each of our E-commerce services:

Save time

Save money

Save valuable intellectual capacity

Grow revenue

Leverage our custom eCommerce enterprise solutions to drive business growth.