Middleware Migration Services

Rely on open source on your way to middleware independence and increase your middleware flexibility.

“Is it time to renew that 7 figure licenses contract for that thing that was supposed to make your business more productive?”

Ivan Ivanov | VP of Business Integration Solutions | ScaleFocus

Why our Enterprise customers migrate middleware towards Open Source?

  • Avoid vendor lock-in, technology capacity risks, and related financial exposure
  • Mitigate the risk and consequences of legacy products reaching their end of life
  • Cut on licensing, support fees, maintenance and hidden costs
  • Transform CAPEX (licenses, hardware) into OPEX (cloud and engineering subscriptions)
  • Achieve total automation of the end-to-end lifecycle of your middleware solutions, allowing for shorter time-to-market of new releases, upgrades and updates
  • Leverage all of the advantages of cloud and container ready lightweight middleware
  • Open source technologies, compliant with modern architecture and design principles, supported by a vast community of engineers, offer more flexibility and a more tailored approach to a variety of business problems

How will ScaleFocus help you?

Perform Analysis

We will perform deep analysis of your current middleware landscape and crossmatch the existing platforms, architecture and implementation with modern technology approaches.

Select the Platform

Our enterprise architects will present a brief list of open source middleware platform options, best suited to your custom needs.

Implement a Proof of Concept

We will perform the initial setup of the chosen middleware platform, and we will implement a PoC solution, using a bundle of modules and capabilities, we’ve developed after years of experience in delivery of custom middleware solutions with a variety of technologies.

Tailor Your Middleware Architecture

We will lay down a high-level project plan for the overall transition and we will propose and define the reference architecture for your middleware layer tailored to your specific business and technology needs.

Propose a Middleware Migration Strategy

Based on our preliminary findings, we will outline and identify key industry, business and technical specifics to execute as part of the Middleware Migration at Stage II.

Excellence in Business Integration

Decades of domain knowledge accumulated across our team

Proven and efficient middleware migration methodology

Comprehensive expertise in a wide range of integration platforms

Start your middleware migration journey