FinTech Services and Solutions

Constantly grow your market share by enabling frictionless and secure payments, fintech apps and financial services solutions!

Explore new business cases and models. Fork new fintech products. Streamline processing operations and risk management. Let ScaleFocus become your Digital Technology provider!

ScaleFocus offers tailormade FinTech solutions including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Big Data to keep your financial services up to date and empower your business. With more than 6 years of experience and proven track record in the financial industry, ScaleFocus is helping financial institutions, payment service providers, banks, lending providers, insurance companies and the fintech industry to grow exponentially. Our R&D team delivers innovations in payment products and various fintech solutions by swiftly turning your competitive business ideas into real Digital Products. We reshape the burden of operations and continuous engineering of core platforms into a reliable commodity, which fuels the exciting new revenue-focused finance web and mobile apps.

When do you need our FinTech expertise?

You have an online E-commerce store or Marketplace and want to integrate it with third-party payment services

You are selling digital products or services and want to provide your customers with cashless and cardless payments

You want to create a user-friendly web and mobile app for your target audience to access your financial services from anywhere

You need integration of a Treasury Management Systems and other “monitoring” solutions to control risk

You are having multiple fintech projects and want to manage them efficiently

You want to undergo a digital transformation of your financial systems, and leverage the latest fintech solutions and technologies

Tailormade software development services for the financial industry

Payments and Remittance

Integrate and offer new fast and secure payment options to your customers and exchange in a secure way valuable assets. Rollout domestic and international remittance services through cost-effective and cashless models. Implement KYC and anti-money laundering features. Reduce the risk of employee theft and payments fraud.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Implement a Data-Driven approach and get business insights to lead your enterprise.
Improve digital customer interactions and drive business growth by delivering data integration and data management. Ensure performance, reliability, and security as you scale in the cloud, in the data center, and in the Internet of Things. Unlock data-driven decision making with Artificial Intelligence. Turn Insights into Action steps with Machine Learning algorithms.


Get a competitive advantage and accelerate your business operations securely. Develop web and mobile fintech apps and exchange any asset of value online, peer to peer, without the need of intermediaries. Provide cryptographic security, tokenization of illiquid assets, and fully automated microinsurance to your customers.

Security and Risk Management

Keep up with the latest security regulations and reduce the risk. Secure your financial services from vulnerabilities with well written-written code algorithms. Protect your servers in the Cloud against any unauthorized users. Apply transport layer security (TLS) to all traffic and provide additional security thanks to the use of a virtual private network, or VPN. Offer Two-factor and Biometric authentications. Encrypt your mobile databases. Set up a user management engine.

More Financial Services

Fintech Solutions

  • World-class Native Mobile SuperApps
  • PSD2 & Open Banking Solutions
  • High-conversion KYC Solutions
  • Distributed Ledger Solutions

Payment Service Provider Solutions

  • All-in Mobile Wallets
  • Specialized Niche Native Mobile and Web Apps
  • Advanced ML-Driven Processing
  • Core Platforms Development and Integration
  • Continuous Digital Products Delivery Platforms
  • White-Label and Multi-Tenant Solutions
  • Governance (Treasury) Systems Integration
  • Compliance & Reporting Solutions
  • Complex B2B Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Complex Merchants Integrations

Finance Services Solutions

  • Insurance Portals for Employees, Intermediates, and Agents
  • Integration Facades for Traditional Core Platforms
  • Loyalty, Cashback, Tax Refund Portals
  • Peer-to-peer Lending Platforms
  • Small Loans Self-Service Portals
  • Intranets & Internal Social Portals for Finance Companies
  • Hire Purchase/Leasing CRMs
  • Hire Purchase/Leasing BI Platforms
  • Debt Collection CRMs
  • Debt Collection Core Platforms
  • Debt Collection Planning and Forecasting Applications

We will help you to comply with

Why choose us?

We will provide you with custom fintech software engineering solutions and platform development services to help you grow your business. Our expert fintech developers will deliver to you latest fintech updates to develop your personalized service offerings. The final result will increase the productivity of internal processes, transparency of financial services and the real-time visibility of your business.

You will also get

  • Support: from the idea to deployment and beyond
  • Know-how: a deep understanding of regulations and compliance
  • Domain-specific expertise
  • Managers with a financial background
  • Award-winning services and solutions