Mobile and Web Engineering

Custom enterprise-grade mobile and web apps solutions from industry experts that will save you time and money, optimize business processes and bring revenue.

Looking to transform your enterprise and core business processes?

Using heavy and old-school ERP, CRM, Booking Management, Stock Management, Bug Tracking, Location Tracking, HR Management Systems, Marketing and Promotional Platforms, Accounts Management Systems, Logistic or Supply Chain Systems? You need to seriously consider your next steps because of the following mobile and web trends:


Chatbots are getting very popular. They are very helpful and will become even more popular when every enterprise creates an environment where a customer or a team member can interact with the company and get instant feedback. Gartner has predicted that by 2020 we will spend more time talking to chatbots than to our own families.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is moving from being an unfamiliar entity to a technology used to improve specific business processes. According to International Data Corporation, global spending on AI will reach $57.6 billion by 2021. Business owners already recognize how decision making can be improved by AI and other virtual reality applications and web solutions.

One-stop-shop applications

Connect all your business platforms and create one-stop-shop apps or single page websites from where your target audience can start its journey. It is simple, it is fast, it is easy to navigate, and it is mobile friendly.

Progressive web applications

Progressive Web Apps are here. They can work offline, and this ability is undoubtedly their biggest advantage so far. This allows your target audience to save resources and interact with your apps and web platforms from everywhere without the need for an internet connection.

Voice search

Implement and optimize all your digital assets for the Voice search era. According to Andrew Ng, former Chief Scientist of Baidu, by 2020, 50% of all searches online will be carried out via voice.


Start using Blockchain. The technology will be widely adopted by mainstream companies, charities, and financial organizations according to Frank Wagner, Max Kordek and other CEOs and Co-Founders cited by Forbes

All Mobile App and Web Engineering Services that we offer:

Native Applications – Android apps, iOS apps, Windows apps and Web portals

  • Save time and improve communication workflows between company stake holders
  • Keep your target audience up to date on the latest news, products and services related to your enterprise
  • Receive important information from all of your enterprise platforms in real time and in one place
  • Optimize core business processes and get ahead of your competitors using the latest innovations in a mobile-first world.
  • Gain competitive advantage by leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, blockchain and more

Hybrid Applications – Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic

Looking to take advantage of the latest trends in our mobile-first world as soon as possible? Want to connect all your enterprise business platforms with one modern and scalable application for mobile and web devices? Searching for a partner that will deliver custom solution very fast?

ScaleFocus is your best shot! We will use Hybrid Applications like Apache Cordova or PhoneGap to meet all your expectations and deliver very fast tailor-made mobile and web apps that will connect your business entities, save you time, collect on your behalf valuable business data, allow you to communicate with your target audiences in real time and from one place. It is flexible and less resource consuming. Most importantly, choosing ScaleFocus as your preferred enterprise partner will allow you to focus on important things like people management, revenue optimization and business development.

Service and product marketing portals including relationship building, promotion and information management

  • Do you want to share your promotion as soon as possible from the back end of your CMS platform?
  • How about setting up email campaigns with several taps from your mobile device?
  • How about managing customer satisfaction programs directly from your web and mobile applications?
  • Do you want to communicate personalized promotions or any other important information easily and in real time from your mobile device?

If you do, you really need to create custom web or mobile applications that are feature rich, easy to customize and last but not least working as a charm. Applications that are secure for your customers and for your enterprise.

Have an interesting project in mind? We would love to discuss your ideas. Call us now! Our experienced application engineers would love to offer you the best-fit solution.

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Intranet portals, connecting dispersed teams and bridging communities with your enterprise

Everything you need to communicate with your teams from one place. No hidden fees and missing functionality. High-Tech Enterprise-Grade Solutions Backed by Long Industry Experience. We offer platforms of unlimited possibilities. From drag and drop, to no-coding and document co-authoring, with a feature list consisting of:

  • Search bar – To search for anything you want.
  • Polls – To listen, take notes, analyze and act accordingly to your employees voice
  • Announcements – To give your inbox a little break and engage with your target audience directly inside your intranet.
  • Custom themes, layouts, modules, widgets and extensions – to update, improve and deliver better experience.
  • User management – To manage individual profiles, pull data in from your active directory, and assign permissions based on roles, teams, and workgroups.
  • Contend editor – To manage different types of content and empower your organization. No coding needed.
  • Photos – A picture says a thousand words.
  • Calendars – To connect, categorize, create and show up on company events.
  • Employee Directory – To create and customize a directory based on your organization’s needs.
  • Teams and Workgroups – To collaborate and communicate across projects. Find the information relevant for your role.
  • Rooms and Reservations – To connect to your outlook and other platforms and to reserve room for your next meeting.
  • Discussions and Conversations – A forum for anyone to discuss important company topics, ask questions, gain input, to showoff, brag about hitting your goals.
  • Blogs – To share with your colleagues important information and create an open environment within the organization.
  • Lists – To organize documents, information and other important things.
  • Document Management – To protect, organize and manage all documents having deep and high-tech solutions by your side.
  • Content Carousels – Keep what’s important front and center, cycling through your pages. No coding needed.
  • Alerts – To keep you connected to events that are relevant to you within your intranet.
  • Reports and Analytics – To provide you with the metrics you need to understand the performance of your organization, to track goals, and set strategic objectives.

It is all there, right out of the box. If it’s not enough, consider the following additional connections and integrations:

  • Share Point
  • Office 365
  • Outlook
  • Active Directory
  • Shared Drives

To get work done and to grow your enterprise you need an intranet portal that employees will love and actually use. A one-stop shop from where to chat, track goals, discover the latest company news, and collaborate anywhere on any device! Platform that connects your different business systems and your people. Responsive, mobile, fast, reliable and easy to use.

Contact us now and let’s empower your organization with a tailor-made intranet solution that will exceed your expectations and that will provide you with positive results from day one.

World-Class Web and Mobile Applications

Keeping close to our proven operational excellence, agile based and constantly evolving processes, we deliver world-class web and mobile applications.

Our custom delivery framework is based on more than 300 successfully accomplished, world-class projects, more than 200 happy customers all over the World, and more than 50+ industry awards. It is simple and effective!

Project Discovery

Requirements Analysis

UI/UX Defining

Development and Testing


Live Ops

Technologies in use

If you looking to build, implement and successfully use the latest mobile and web application trends to build your Mobile and Web apps and to grow your enterprise we are here to talk.

We deliver success to our customers via the following technologies:

  • Custom portals – HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, NodeJS, Java EE, AngularJS, FLEX, GWT, VBScript, ASP.NET, Java EE, PERL, Ruby on Rails, WS (XML, SOAP, HTTP etc.), TCP/IP, Struts, Vaadin, jBoss, etc.
  • Commercial and Open Source projects – IBM WebSphere, Microsoft SharePoint, Liferay, WordPress, etc.
  • Native Applications – Android, iOS and Windows
  • Hybrid Applications – Apache Cordova, PhoneGap

Why do we use all these technologies?

The right tech stack is the key to your project’s success. A simple, but wrong choice of web development technologies may be a reason for failure.

The choice of relevant tech stack is particularly challenging for different size businesses. Usually every decision is based on a criteria list. Type of application, time to market share, development cost, security and stability are among the most important criteria.

If you really want to scale your business you need an experienced partner that will provide you with the most suitable tech stack. Will deliver your app fast, and will provide you with the highest level of security and stability, selecting the right tech stack just for you. We are a partner that will offer you a fair price coupled with a lean and agile approach. ScaleFocus is a company with proven experience in mobile apps engineering and many successful projects in various industries.

Now, it’s your turn. Share with us your ideas using the contact form below. Our customer satisfaction representative will contact you to discuss your growth opportunities.