Big Data Technology Consulting Training

You’ve definitely heard Big Data and read 10 ways to implement it, but do you actually have the big picture behind Big Data? Have you setup the structured practices and approaches?


Onsite at your premises


3 work days


Up to 15 attendees

The focused Big Data training and consultancy sessions give you complete birds-view of a Big Data landscape with a solid drill-down combined with a “best practices in practice” customized enablement. The sessions are fine-tuned, depending on your existing knowledge, Big Data initiatives, strategic vision, levels of familiarity of attendees, etc. We built this service based on real-life case studies and accumulated experience in multinational complex environments.

This service is ideal to set a steady foundation on Big Data concepts, knowledge and practices or dig-in into a specific area, where you have your current focus.



Initial overview part

IT Directors, IT Managers


Initial and focused part

DWH Architects, Big Data Project Managers, Data Scientists, Business and Data Analysts, Database/ETL Developers



Knowledge in the IT domain

Knowledge of English

Hands-on sessions are delivered upon initial agreement

A mixture of consultancy, training and workshop is possible in order to kick-off your Big Data initiatives with a jumpstart.

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