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Lay Out a Blueprint for Success

Lay Out a Blueprint for Success

It’s no news that enterprise software architecture requires continuous maintenance and improvement. Some common challenges businesses experience include expensive legacy architecture maintenance, architectural technical debt, fast adaption to emerging technologies, and employing a new mindset towards cloud migration.

Scalefocus uses a holistic approach in addressing the needs of a robust and modern enterprise through legacy system modernization, development process optimization, custom integrations, and cloud-native architecture solutions.


Legacy System Modernization

We will start off with a technology assessment, perform a value analysis, and create a future state roadmap that ensures a smooth transition.

DevOps Process Optimizations

DevOps processes can be costly and inefficient when not tied correctly with the underlying system architecture. We lower development cost and delivery time by defining and technologically backing development processes optimized to the architecture they reside in.

Custom Integrations

Scalefocus is specialized in complex integration scenarios in heterogeneous environments and deliver robust, easy to maintain solutions. We are experienced with a variety of proprietary platforms as well as standardized and open solutions.

Cloud-Native Architecture Solutions

Scalefocus offers cloud-native solutions ranging from IaaS, PaaS to SaaS. We cover them entirely, starting from code-defined infrastructure to cloud-native development with automated deployments to elastically scalable environments, finishing with proactive health monitoring and operational support.

Scalefocus is a technology-agnostic solutions provider experienced with a wide range of tools, systems, and platforms.

  • We are not bound to specific technology vendors and pick the optimal solution for a particular problem without bias


  • We range from cost-efficient open-source frameworks to complex proprietary enterprise platforms to meet different technological and financial frames


  • We deliver on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-native solutions, also supporting re-structuring and migrating existing solutions between infrastructures


  • We go full circle (from analysis, through conceptual prototypes to robust production systems and operational support)

Our Work

We have a global client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, innovative startups, and industry leaders in Information Technology, E-Commerce, Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, and Energy & Utilities.

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